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Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 11:34:30 -0700

A few personal observations on the Munich [May 23rd, 1998] workshop.

This time there seemed to be a general feeling of urgency among practitioners. There was very little in the way of 'passing the time' and idle chit chat in between sessions and the practice sessions themselves seemed to compress time.

Although, the relationships between people were harmonious there were some areas where behaviours got strained, in particular around the book stalls and the water canteens, but on the whole people were friendly and self composed.

In myself during the tensegrity sessions I noticed, particularely on the first day, a lot of negativity arising, yet at the same time I knew that it was not MY negativity. Rather it was like some kind of wind circulating around and that if I chose to get cought by it and indulge in my petty concerns I would be totally consumed by my self import. So instead I ignored it and just concentrated on doing the passes. Eventually, by day two things cleared up and I got the sense of doing tensegrity with others rather than by myself. For a brief moment towards the end of the workshop I felt that 'all of me' was there present at the Munich workshop.

The genaral consensus seems to be that the new passes which were taught to us... 'the tensegrity of affection?' were exactly what was needed at this point in time.

It seems to me now that the large Energy body of tensegrity (made up of all the practitioners across the world) has an unbending purpose and that it is up to us individually to put aside our petty individual preferences to walk the path with a heart without holding back anything. That may allow the Tensegrity energy body to unfold its wings and fly onto infinity. There is not much time left.

The joy that was present in that hall as the clock struck noon was something I'll always remember.

My thanks go to the Nagual , the Witches, the tensegrity teachers, my fellow practitioners, the organisers and the city of Munich too which I found very hospitable and beautiful.

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Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 19:53:28 +0200

Notes on Munich workshop, 23-24 May 1998

Saturday morning 05-23

Gavin took the stage and gave a lecture. He introduced himself as part of a team called "the elements", a group of men who are trained by C.C. Then, he said, there is a team of women called "The Energy Trackers" who are trained, each of them, by one of the three witches. Gavin is also part of a team called "Awareness through the harmony" with Darien Donner (ex Darien Alexander). Working in a couple allows them to have much more energy that they would have if working alone. He announced that the purpose of the seminar was : to move the wheel of time. Time, for shamans, is not abstact; it's something that can be touched and mived.

Instead of looking at the past, one can look at the future as it advances. He said that the universe is composed by an infinite number of threadlike energyfields . Although they spring in every direction each one is separated by the others. He added that a pratictioner can learn many movements very quickly at a seminar, because of the mass. But how long will the pratictioner remember those movements after the seminar? It depends on his/her intent. If the interest was superficial, he/she will forget them very soon. He also said that anyone is responsible for his-her relationship with infinity-your journey towards infinity is just your business.

Saturday Afternoon - Darien Donner

She talked about recapitulation. It's important, at the end of the day, to look back at what you did, what you said. The recapitulation at the end of the day will help you with the main recapitulation.  It's easy to be impeccable when you are by yourself, doing tensegrity with the help of the book, or recapitulating on your own. The most important thing is to be impeccable when you are interacting with other people. You have to apply impeccability to your daily life. How to recapitulate: first you recall the event, the scene, the feelings, then you inhale.

With the recapitulation you will find out that there is something that you repeat over and over: you want to be loved, to be liked. Carol told Darien that she used to complain with don Juan: "Nobody loves me!" And Don Juan once asked her: "But, Carol, are you in love with somebody?" She retorted:"This is not the point!" Instead, Carol told Darien, this is the point. Darien said that she herself used to worry a lot because nobody loved her. This is what makes us incapable of feeling love. Darien said that, before the seminar, she was worrying about what to say at the seminar.

She asked the witches's help, but they didn't really helped her. Finally, one of the witches (Taisha?) gave her some advice, by telling her that each word that a shaman pronounce is a promise to infinity. Sorcerers read the wall of infinity, this is not a metaphor. There are no metaphor in the sorcerer's world. Then Darien said that human beings are luminous balls with the a.p. at an arm lenght behind. (She actually extended her arm behind her, as Florinda did many times).

She said that they repeat this concept over and over because, until and unless our body understand it, we will not be able to take back our energy through the magical passes. At the end of her lecture Darien performed a few passes from "The heat series" while explaining: you grab the energy as it flows in the universe and you bring it back to your vital centers. She ended up her lecture saying that the only way we have to pay back our debt to those who made available those magical passes to us is to perform them with delight. (It seemed to me that she was moved at this point)

Saturday evening

Lecture by Zaia Alexander on "The essence of not doings"

When Zaia and Miles perform the code together they are called Zaio and Maila Trapezio. IF their concentration fails, they are lost. They feel a true affection for each other. Until not much time ago the 4 apprentices of Don Juan used to believe that not doings were the weird and funny things they did. For example, Carlos used to wear the left shoe on his right foot and the right shoe on his left foot and walk in the streets like that. Carlos remembers going around Mexico with Don Juan dressed in the most funny way; and the astounding thing is that nobody noticed that! But recently they realized that not doings is something else.

We can enjoy ourselves performing such funny behaviours, but the essence of not doings is interrupting the flow of (?) And this is an effect of the magical passes for the not-doings. The passes will give us the energy to change our behavioural patterns. At a point, during the lecture, Zaia took the plastic bottle on her right side and placed it on her left side, adding: "this was a not doing" The day after the seminar, I talked to a friend of mine who was at the lecture and he told me that he was very impressed by her gesture. In fact, a few minutes before she did it, he had this thought: "Move that fucking bottle, shit!" (because the bottle was covering Zaia's face, from my friend's point of view)

Sunday 5-24

Zaia mentioned that the new team of this morning (the four of them together) was very powerful. It enabled us not only to cross the abyss between man and woman, but also between persons of the same gender. She said that we reached the goal of this seminar: we indeed moved the wheel of time. She said that the mass of this seminar was so generous with affection that they decided to change the schedule and teach us a new pass: the pass of affection.

Then Darien Donner took the stage for a short lecture. She said that a warrior gives a blank check of affection to the other person, who can write down the desired amount (of money). That's the sorcerer's affection. Then she called on the stage Reni Murez, who was in the staff. She said that it was Reni who taught this pass to the Energy Trackers, so she wanted that Reni showed it to us. They performed it twice together, then Darien and Zaia showed it to us, together with Miles and Gavin. It was funny and moving at the same time.