The Running Man Passes, Pomona (английский язык, с картинками)

During the workshop in Pomona, CA, the series called The Running Man was performed to the music of The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

1. The Independent Rotation of Each Foot:

Legs outstretched on mat, begin outward circle with right foot. When about half of the right leg's circle is completed, begin an outward circle with left foot. Keep on the independent rotations.

2. Pointing Forward With the Tips of the Toes:

Extend right foot while flexing left one, then alternate in a continuous movement. Legs keep straight on the mat. Alternating.

3. The Inward Circle:

Legs outstretched on mat, both feet perform inward rotations. Unison.

4. The Outward Circle:

Legs outstretched on mat, both feet perform outward rotations. Unison.

5. Dropping the Tips of the Toes Toward the Center of the Space Between Them:

Legs outstretched on mat, each foot situated at the edge of the mat (meaning there is more distance between them than in the other passes). Drop the tips of the toes by moving the feet inwards from the ankle and contracting the muscles of the thighs. Unison.

6. The Side-to-Side Movement of Both Feet:

Legs outstretched on mat close together. Begin by dropping both feet to the right from the ankle, then to the left. Unison.

7. The Dog's Tail:

Legs slightly retracted, knees slightly bent so that the outer edge of the legs and feet are in contact with the mat. Vertically raise both feet from the ankle using a sudden contraction of the muscles of the thighs. Unison.

8. Drawing the Feet Together:

Legs outstretched on mat. Flex both feet, toes pulled backwards and move legs laterally, first to the outer sides then to the center of the mat. Unison.

9. Pulling the Armstrings:

Legs outstretched on mat, flex both feet, toes pulled backwards, for a short time then release. Unison.

10. The Pedal:

Begin with legs outstretched on mat, then retract one leg at about knee level, the sole always pointing forward (not on the mat). Straighten the leg while the other one is retracted. Alternating.

11. Splashing the Other Foot with the Soles of the Feet:

Legs outstretched on mat. Very slightly raise right foot and with a jerking motion splash energy over the left foot (up to ankle level) using the sole of the right one. Alternating.

12. Rubber Feet:

In a certain way it looks like a reversed 'frog kick'. Start with both legs outstretched on mat, the feet slightly pointing to the sides. Both feet flip out to the sides while they are retracted by bending the knees. I think the outer sides of the legs and feet are always on the mat. Unison.

13. The Lull:

Lay perfectly still and turn off your internal dialog. Let the 'lull' guide your awareness into dreaming and/or recapitulation.