Offering And Receiving Energy

1. Make a scooping motion with the right hand, turning the hand to the outside, and then palm up. The fingers are open and cupped. This motion is performed out in front of the right side of the chest.
2. Bring the cupped left hand, with fingers spread, palm down, across the top of the right hand, from right to left, then turn it palm up with a jerk in front of the left chest, with the left hand slightly higher than the right.
3. Place the left cupped hand on top of the right hand, then turn the hands over, still together, in front of the left chest, so that the left hand is now on top, palms touching.
4. Close fingers and straighten them out, so that the palms are flat against each other, left hand still on top, fingers pointing to the front.
5. Run the palm of the right hand up the top of the left arm to the shoulder, then bring the right hand across the chest to the right, and open the right arm so that it is pointing forward, palm up, elbow down and slightly bent.
6. Run the left palm up the right arm to the shoulder, and then bring the left arm in front with bent elbow and palm up. Arms are now parallel and out in front.
7. Raise arms straight above the head, fingers drooping, then raise left knee as high as you can. Now, thrust arms down and behind the back in a flicking motion, as if flicking water off your hands at the same time you lower your left leg with a stomping motion.
8. Raise arms again overhead, then raise right knee and repeat flicking motion, lowering arms and right leg.
9. Bring hands to either side of the waist, palms down. Now, bend forward with the upper trunk while reaching forward with the hands, palms up and together, as if offering something.
10. Flip palms out to the side [thumbs down] with a jerk, while still holding position.
11. Straighten up as you bring the arms straight out to the sides, parallel to floor, in a "T" position. Turn upper body to the left, keeping arms still stretched out to the sides.
12. Bring hands to waist, and repeat offering motion to the left, flip palms out as before, open arms out to sides, and now turn all the way to the right with the upper body. You are now facing 90 degrees to your original position.
13. Again offer arms, and then flip palms out.
14. Make a large circle with the right arm straight in a clockwise direction. At the end of the right hand circle, the left hand now makes a clockwise circle, and this is repeated 5 more times with each arm, as you gradually turn the upper body 180 degrees, until you are facing to the left once more.
15. Turn the left palm face up and the right palm face down. The two hands are about 6 inches apart, the right over the left.
16. Now make horizontal circles with both hands as you slowly turn the upper body to face front, beginning with the hand on top, i.e., the right hand. The right hand makes counter-clockwise circles, and the left hand makes clockwise circles. Each hand makes 3 circles.
17. You are now facing front. Continue the circling movement with both hands, making three tiny circles with the hands, one on top of the other.
18. Flip the hands over bringing the palms together, left hand on top.
19. Repeat steps 5 and 6, substituting left for right.
20. Bring hands to waist, bring feet parallel, then slowly lower arms straight down in front of the body, hands parallel to floor, palms facing forward.
21. Repeat steps 1 - 20 using the opposite side, starting with the left hand making the first scoop. E.g., when performing steps 7 and 8, raise the right leg first, then the left. When doing step 11, turn to the right first. When doing step 14 (you will be facing to the left), you will be making counter-clockwise circles. In step 18, when you flip the hands over, the right hand will be on top.

Two Circles Of Energy

1. Left hand, palm up, makes an inward circle in front of the body at chest level. The right hand, palm down makes an inward circle about 6 inches above the left hand. [the left hand is making clockwise circles, and the right hand, counter-clockwise circles.] Make 3 circles with each arm.
2. Make one tiny circle with the left hand.
3. Straighten the right arm, bring hand up, around to the side back down to the right front of the body at waist level, with the hand flexed sharply at the wrist so that the palm (facing forward) is about at waist level.
4. Make 3 large forward circles with the left arm, going first down and behind the back, then up, around and down in front, with the arm straight. The palm is open on the backstroke, and a fist is made on the downstroke in front of the body. End with the fist about at waist level in front of the left side of the body, with a jerk.
5. Turn the right palm up, the left palm down, and repeat the 3 inward circles, starting with the right hand.
6. Do steps 3 and 4 substituting left for right and vice versa.
7. Bring left arm and hand across and behind the body to the left, making a fist and 'hitting' to the back to the right as if there were a punching bag slightly behind you at arm's length. Hit with the little finger side of the fist, palm down. Do this 3 times with each arm, alternating sides. The hand in front is held palm open, fingers pointing upward. You should end up with the right hand in a fist in back and the left hand in front on the right side of the body, palm flat and fingers up.
8. Make large backward circle with left arm, hand cupped, taking hand back and out to left side, then forward and in, next to the waist. Continue, making another circle, bringing left hand, thumb up, across to the right in front of you, then the hand swoops down, fingers pointed to the ground, in front of the left side of the waist. Now turn the hand to face the body, elbow out to the left, and bend the arm so that the hand is curled in the armpit, and elbow is out.
9. Do this same maneuver in mirror image with the right arm.
10. You now have both arms curled around large "balls" held in the area of the armpits. Now, cock the left arm just a little bit, and "dump" this ball of energy over the right shoulder, by bringing the left arm up in front of the face and placing the left hand over the right shoulder. Now bring the right rm down "very elegantly" out from the left side of the body.
11. Repeat step 10 with the right arm.
12. Keeping the arms down at the sides, make a large inward circle in the air with the left foot, and put the foot down. Do the same with the right foot. Repeat circles with each foot twice more.
13. Keeping the arms down, make a double circular movement starting with the left foot. It is a large circle with a tiny circle inside the bigger one (or a backward "6"), if looked at from above. Repeat twice more on each side.
14. Still keeping arms at sides, make six scraping/lifting movements with the feet, starting with the left. Use the instep and lift up with the inside of the foot.
15. Place hands at either side, waist level, palms down. With palms down, make a large outward circle to the back, then to the front, and repeat both circles two more times.
16. The hands are now palm down in front of the body. Turn the palms up and bring the hands down in front of the body, scooping up energy and circling back up to dump it on the middle of the torso. Repeat this scooping, and dumping, this time to the area of the neck and upper chest.
17. Make one more scoop down and bring hands all the way up and over the top of the head, not touching the head, forearms parallel to ground. Pause. Now bring hands back further over the shoulders and lean back slightly. Shake out the fingers for a few seconds.
18. Snap hands up over the head while stretching upward on your toes. Pause. Bring the hands down, palms facing forward, to about the shin level, then bring them back up above the head while stretching upward on the toes.
19. Slowly bring hands back down with the palms facing out toward the front.

Additional notes to Two circles of energy

Left palm up/Rt. palm down (Rt. above left) perform three alternating inward circles in front of the body (hands held between navel and solar plexus level), starting with left hand.
Perform one more small circle with left hand in close to the body (on left side @ hip level).
Circle Rt. hand down back around and up over right shoulder ending in front about navel to sloar plexus height wrist flexed, palm flat.
As soon as right hand stops moving, circle left hand down back, around and up to front. When arm is in back, hand is open but as soon as you bring it down in front, clench fist. Open hand again on backward portion of circle. Perform this circle three times ending with fist clenched in front, elbow slightly bent at same height as right hand.
Flip right palm up, left palm down and repeat sequence above to opposite side. (start circles with right hand).
Starting with left, scoop, swing arm parallel to floor from right side around to back. As arm gets to approx. fully extended to left side, straight out from left shoulder, begin clenching fist as arc begins to move to back. The fist is fully clenched by the time the time the arm has finished the swing to the back, ending about the level of the adrenals. Fist is parallel to floor, fingers facing the floor.
Alternating arms, repeat this movement three times with each arm.
Figure eight scoop--scoop with left arm right to left, parallel to floor (hand in claw position). Continue scooping motion around to back. When arm is fully extended to back (elbow still slightly bent) rotate palm forward and bring arm back to the front in close to the body. As arm gets to front, rotate hand up and over clockwise until it's in the position you started from. Continue scooping around to left, bending elbow and rotating hand around so that wrist is bent, fingers pointing back at the body, palm pointed up. You are standing as if holding a large boulder under your left arm about at your hip, elbow pointing straight out away from body.
Repeat this figure eight scoop with the right hand, leaving the left as it is holding the boulder of energy.
Standing straight, with energy boulders under each arm, twist slightly to the left and heft the boulder under your left arm in preparation for gently throwing it over your right shoulder. As you twist to the right, gently hoist the left energy boulder over right shoulder (should feel pressure on the adrenals here) and let the energy run down your back. Slowly bring the left hand back down diagonally across the torso ending with left palm flat, facing the floor, hand extended out away from the body on the left side about hip height.
Repeat this boulder hoist move with the boulder under your right arm.
With both hands held palms flat, facing the floor, extended out away from the body about hip height, begin foot movements.
Raise left knee almost parallel to floor and perform a snap rotation of the lower leg/foot 1 1/2 times clockwise.
Repeat this motion on right side (counter-clockwise rotation). Alternating legs, perform three rotations with each leg/foot.
Raise left knee again almost parallel to floor and perform a snap rotation of the lower leg/foot 1 1/2 times counter-clockwise (inscribe the number six in the air with your left foot).
Repeat this motion on right side (clockwise rotation, inscribe an inverted number six with your right foot.)
Alternating legs, perform three rotations with each leg/foot.
Scoop-kick inward toward groin three times each foot starting with left.
Foot is kept pointing straight forward, pivot bottom 1/2 of leg inward raising knee slightly. Try to keep this motion under the body as much s possible, not out in front. Inside edge of foot aims for area between anus and genitals.
With palms flat, facing floor against body at the hips, circle both palms out together and around to back (counter-clockwise for left, clockwise for right) and back to starting position. Circle both hands out and around to front and back to starting position (clockwise left, counter-clockwise right).
Alternating back/front, repeat three times each direction.
Scoop hands up in front of body up to about shoulder level and back down front of body, palms facing body. Repeat scoop up to face level and down again.
Repeat scoop up to top of head, wrists limp and bent, palms facing top of head, elbows pointing forward.
Pause with hands dangling over head then lean back (elbows still pointing straight ahead) and shake hands with fingers pointing down the back as tho you were shaking water off your fingertips down your back. Continue for ~3-5 seconds.
From this position, shoot hands straight up over head, palms flat, facing front. Come up on tip toe as hands shoot up.
Bring hands down front of body (come off tip toe as hands start moving down). Circle hands around and up just in front of armpits and then shoot hands up over head again, coming up on tip toe as you do.
Bring hands down front of body (come off tip toe as hands start moving down), circle around and up just in front of armpits and then shoot hands up over head a third time, coming up on tip toe once again.
Bring hands slowly down the front of the body.

Silvio Manuel’s Passes

1. Stand in horse stance. Rapidly flick heels inwards, alternating sides. Use the stomach muscles, and swing shoulders at the same time.
2. Exaggerated walk forward, swinging feet out to sides, starting with the left foot. as the left foot moves forward, the right arm comes down  in front of the body with a jerk, as the palm turns quickly from facing the left side to face the right side, thumb down. The left arm moves with the right leg. To go backwards, do a braid walk, swinging the arms horizontally across the body at chest level, but this time it's the right arm with the right leg, etc.
3. Take a step forward with the left leg, then slide the right foot forward slightly; take a step with the right foot, and slide the left forward, etc. To go backwards, take a step backwards with the left foot and slide the right foot, etc. Swing the shoulders.
4. Horse stance; scrape the inside of the left foot along the ground to the right and lift the foot up about a foot high; repeat with the right foot, etc. Do this rapidly. A variation is to place the feet at about a 45 degree angle and do the scraping and lifting at this angle.
5. Make pawing motion with the left foot 3 times; then with left foot behind the right, bend left leg, keeping the right leg straight, and the right foot flexed upward. You are supposed to flex the foot so that you feel the pull of the muscles on the front of the shin area (one of the 5 points). Repeat with the right leg. A variation is to do the pawing quickly and pause only slightly with the foot flexed upward.
6. This is a very exaggerated braid-weave combo step [as in Recalling Dispersed Energy] forward. The backward step is a normal backward braid.
7. The Paisley Step, because the pattern it forms on the floor looks like a paisley. Start with the weight on the left foot, and bring the right foot up, out to the right and then back along the left foot and then toe down behind and 90 degrees to the left foot. Then bring the right foot up again and along the left foot to the front of the body and out to the right side and back, toes down, to the same position behind the left foot. A variation is to pivot the moving foot at the end of each set so that you are facing 90 degrees from your previous position.
8. The T-square step. Starting with the feet parallel and pointing forward, step out with the left foot, and then bring the right foot out in front of the left foot, making a "T," with the right foot pointing toward the right. Then bring the left foot parallel and slightly ahead of the right foot, and continue making 90 degree T's, until you end up at your starting point. You can add the paisley step to this one as well.

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