Shoulder rolls

This is a warm up move. Let your arms hang loosely. roll your shoulders up, forward, and drop keep going for a long time. Then reverse. roll your shoulders up, back, and drop.

Arm Swings

Another warm up move. Raise your right arm high above your head. let it drop forward. Swing it back and up again. let it drop. Very slowly accellerate. Keep adding velocity. Keep going until you are going as fast as you can stand. Let the arm swing freely and loosely. use the shoulder to do the swinging. then relax. Shake the arm out. Then reverse, again slowly, raise up the arm, let it fall back, swing around. Continue. After reaching full speed, quit, shake it out. Then go to the left arm. Forward first, then reverse.

Hip Strikes

Stand feet apart, toes in, knees out, and slight squat in Horse Position. (in a proper horse position the feet should be out of sight)
Face the hips angled left, torso angled right, arms out to the right, facing right. Snap the arms in to the left hip while the hips shift w/strong force from left to right. Face left, arms left, and snap arms in to right hip while hips snap swivel to left. Keep going for a long time. The key to the move is the hip motion, not the arm motion.

Fluidity Foot ver1

stand left foot forward, knee bent. Right foot out sideways, knee straight, heel on ground, toes pointed to the sky. Twist the toes to the left, and insole up (so you can see arch), while turning torso full to the right. Hold for count of ten. Relax. Shake the leg out. Repeat a minimum of three times, 5 to 10 reps prefered. Then switch feet. Keep hips facing forward.

Fluidity Foot ver2

Stand left foot forward, knee bent. Right foot forward, knee straight, heel on ground, toes pointed to the sky. Twist the toes to the left, and insole up (so you can see arch), while turning torso full to the left. stretch and hold for count of ten. Relax. Shake out leg. Repeat three times minimum, 5 to 10 reps prefered, and then switch feet. Keep hips facing forward.
The intent of these moves is to raise the awareness out of the feet by using the toes to reach for the sky. They are specifically for repairing the depredations of the "flyers".
Kylie said while turning the torso in variation 1 & 2, to make sure you keep the hips facing forward.

Heel Toe

Start from horse position. Shift entire weight to left leg and balance. Place right leg out in front, heel to ground. Shift right leg to rear, touching toes to ground. Keep shifting back and forth. Go for maximum reach. Raise knee and foot high during the transition. Keep body steady. The left leg and torso should remain motionless. Don’t bob up and down. The arms may swing for balance, with the opposite arm following the moving leg. Do minimum of 5-10 reps, 20 front/back reps per side preferred. Count it 1,1,2,2,...20,20. Then switch.

Sweep Foot

Start from horse position. Shift entire weight to left leg and balance. Sweep the right foot in an arc back and forth. Keep the foot flat to the ground. Keep sweeping for a long time, minimum of 10 full swings back and forth. Shake the legs out. Then switch sides.

Gathering Energy

Similar to sweep foot, except now the foot sweeps in a circle. Sweep "in" first with the right foot (CCW direction). This gathers energy. Then disperse it by sweeping out (CW direction for right foot). continue for a long time before switching directions. Then switch to left foot. Sweep in first (CW) and then later, out (CCW). Foot should remain flat to the ground.

Axing Energy

Hands at side. Swing arms and slap the hands together. Clasp hands together with right hand under and leading, and squeeze hard. Raise clasped hands up to right shoulder. Sweep down to lower left, like swinging an axe (seemed to me more like swinging a samurai sword). Then swing full circle counter clock wise. Finish with a thrust straight out to strike the energy body. Keep elbows bent. Repeat a few times. accellerate as you repeat.

Hit Slap

Start in Horse Position. One hand strikes palm out straight in front. The other hand strikes down flat in front. Place one hand in front, face level, palm out, and the other in front, hip level, palm down. The top hand turns over, and slaps down to the symmetric postion that the other hand was just in. Kylie explained that more force is generated if the hand is turned over as part of the slap. At the same time, the lower hand also rotates, swings around, back, and slaps into the symmetric position the other hand was just in. the slaps are first up hand to down (the "hit"), and then down hand to up (the "slap"). It should go as the title suggests: "hit slap, hit slap, hit slap, hit slap, ..." Keep going. both hands move at the same time. This takes some coordination. (my mind definately wants to confuse me into not doing the move.) As you do it, accelerate. The elbows stay bent on the hit. the intent is to wake up and alert the energy body. (also, sudden moves like this are alleged to frighten away flyers...)

Turning Energy Up & Down

This move is similar to the hit slap. One hand is held out in front, at waist level, palm up, as if you are holding a ball. The other hand swings around and slaps down at the "ball", striking it. The point of strike is at an angle, about 45degrees, a foot above the open hand (maybe the size of a basketball or volley ball). The hands then reverse, the hand that just slapped, drops to flat palm up, while the other swings around and strikes. Keep going for a while, with steady acceleration.

Rip Stir

Stand in Horse Position. One arm forehead level, palm out, fingers clawed. The other arm held low, waist level, fingers clawed, palm up/out. Rotate the arms around into the opposite position. The hand moving near the top is "ripping" energy (like in the "Ball of Energy" move) and the arm moving low is "stirring" energy (like stirring chocolate). Keep going for awhile.

Building The Energy Body/House

(This move is to define & build the energy body)
Stand in Horse Position. The arms swing up, around, behind, and strike out in front, palms up, waist level. The hands then turn over (to palm down), come together crossed, and strike out sideways. The hands then turn over (to palm up), come together in the center, and strike up, to face level. The hands then turn over, come together crossed, and strike out sideways. again the hands come together in center, palms stay down, and strike down to center. The move then repeats with the arms swinging around, behind and striking out in front. Continue for awhile with steady acceleration.

Storing Energy

Stand in Horse Position. Deep breath in while you slap hands together. Right palm up, left palm down, and crossed (fingers at 90degree angle), and fingers wrapped around the other hand. Hands at chest level. Really squeeze the palms hard. You should shake/quiver with the force of the tension. The left shoulder will be pushed up by this. Strike straight out with exhale. Continue exhale with clockwise rotation of the hands in a circle in front. Strike (pull) inwards with exhale and the arms into gut level. Breath out any remaining air, and really squeeze hard. All concentration should go into the squeeze. Hold for a moment. The entire move is a breath out, after the initial inhale. Repeat several times.

Pawing Ground

Stand in Horse Position. Shift weight to the left leg, knee bent. with the other foot, paw the ground. The arms and body do nothing. Just keep pawing. Continue for a long time. When you start to feel foolish, keep going. When you start to feel tired, keep going. When you start to feel like it's taking forever, keep going. When you're internally silent, and have lost all hope, then switch to the other side.

The Last Move Of The Day

Stand relaxed. Start by vibrating the ankles. Get a good buzz going. Keep the feet on the ground. Continue by moving the shaking up the legs. Shake the knees, weaving them back and forth. (someone in the audience now asked, "shake like Elvis?". the Chac Mools didn't confirm this, but there was general consensus in the audience that we were all shaking like Elvis. just imagine a room full of Elvi). Keep shaking, and keep moving the shaking/vibrating up. Shake out all self-importance. Lose all concern about thinking how foolish it looks. Shake the hips. Shake the torso. Shake the arms. Flail about. Shake out all tension. Let go your worries. Laugh, cry, yell, let it all out. "We aren't self-important. We don't care what we look like" shake it out. Shake the entire body. Keep going for a long time.

Other non-linear notes

Horse Position

It was repeated many times that the feet are spread apart, the toes angled in, the knees bent and bowed out. You know you've got it if you can't see your feet.


Unless otherwise noted, breath in thru the nose and out thru the mouth. Many moves do not depend on breathing, so just breath normally. All strike/slaps do involve a breath out.

Major vs Minor moves

None of the new moves were described as major or minor. The "component" moves are neither major nor minor.

Elbows and Knees

All of the strikes & slaps should maintain bent elbows/knees. NEVER snap arms or legs out straight, as that could cause injury.

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