The View from an Energetic Bridge

1. Start with the legs straight, feet close together, arms at the sides, elbows slightly bent.
2. Relax arms, shake out hands as if ruffling feathers, then flex hands tightly into the shape of talons -- fingers bent at the first and second joints, thumb bent and tucked in, palm flat. (Talons are maintained till the end of the pass.)
3. Simultaneously swing arms out horizontally at shoulder level to a position where the right arm is 45 degrees from center to the left front side of the body and the left arm is in line with it to the right back side of the body, twisting the torso as needed.
During this movement rise up slightly with the feet, then dip down till the knees are bent into a standard Tensegrity posture (this stance is maintained till the last part of the pass). The face and knees remain pointing forward throughout.
4. Swing the arms around clockwise (horizontally) till the left arm is 45 degrees from center to the right front side of the body and the right arm is in line with it to the left back side of the body.           
5. In one smooth motion, swivel the arms back around horizontally and let first the right arm and then, reversing direction, the left arm dip gracefully down and around describing a broad open-ended infinity symbol (sideways figure 8) in front of the body, the open end being on the side whose arm is describing the movement.
This alternating sequence of movements should be very flowing. At the end of the left arm's infinity symbol, return to the position of step number 3, following through with the natural momentum of the movement in a counter-clockwise direction.
6. Swivel the arms clockwise till they are straight out to the sides (body facing forward).
7. Move the arms in 3 small forward circles, then 3 larger forward circles, using more of the shoulders in the movement (winging forward).
8. Bring arms back out to the sides and do 9 small forward circles.
9. On the ninth circle, gracefully swing the hands up, shoulder-width apart away from the body to the front, and claw down, talons/palms facing forward, till the arms swing down and back a few inches behind the body at butt level, talons facing back.
10. Straighten up the torso AND LEGS while pushing out the chest, raising up the chin, and pulling back the shoulders. Hold for a moment, keeping arms and talons tense. (This strengthens the 'cloak of confidence', the bar across the chest which is used as a shield.)
11. Relax talons, opening the hands, and let arms slowly move back to the sides as the rest of the body also relaxes.

A story that Taish related regarding this pass

We live our lives in the tonal.
And we strive for freedom, to live our lives
in the nagual.

But between the two
is a chasm ...

It can be spanned by an energetic bridge.
But we have to walk that bridge,
across the bottomless space.

And with enormous personal power, Taisha
and all the other sorcerers of our lineage ...
could stop in the middle of the bridge
and feast their eyes on the stupendous view.

This pass is of the being seeing the view from the energetic bridge.

The bridge is narrow,
so this is one of the few passes with the feet together.
The being has left the tonal, heading for the nagual.
The being alternately grabs on with the talons,
then delicately balances
and stirs energy.

At the end,
with the talons, energy is pushed downwards
and the body stretches upwards
to see forward into the nagual ..

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