Video Long Form 2
- passes from the three videos, culminating with "The Male And Female Winged Beings"

1. Perform "A Structure Made Out Of Energy". Immediately bring the edges of the palms together to perform "The Seer's Window". Arm with "Intent!" Immediately perform "Rallying Dispersed Energy" (no step back).

2. Perform "Rolling Energy", three small circles, three large, and three outward sweeps of the arms to end the movement. At the end of the movement, the palms drop to face the floor by the hips. Perform "The Infinity Breath".

3. With the hands still overhead from 2., they sweep out and then together in front of the body to begin "Awakening The Center Of Feeling".

4. With the hands still together at the end of 3., immediately begin "Breaking The Alignment Of The Left And Right Bodies". Arm as usual with "Intent!"

5. With the right foot still in the air from 4., make initial small kick to begin "Realigning The Left And Right Bodies". Arm as usual with "Intent!"

6. Perform "Pulling And Wrapping The Internal fibers Of Energy". Finish by bringing the left palm up to the right shoulder with the right arm extended, palm up.

7. Immediately perform "Opening Oneself To Intent", arming as usual, followed by "Pouring Intent Into Two Pouches Of The Body".

8. As you walk away to the left at the end of 7., jump with left foot forward to begin "Stabbing Energy In Search Of A New Position Of The Assemblage Point". Jump to face the original direction before the stab behind both knees.

9. With the hands still at the solar plexus at the end of 8., inhale for "The Female Winged Being".

10. Perform "The Male Winged Being".

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