Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 00:57:16 +6

A brief recap of the events of this weekend's workshop in Phoenix. Apologies in advance for errors in my memory. Some of this is "old"  material, having been explained before at previous workshops, but hopefully people will find some new "nuggets" in here as well.

The workshop was held in the grand ballroom of the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Scottsdale (part of the greater Phoenix area). The  room's decor was that of a Roman villa--carpet patterned in a  geometric tile mosaic, stuccoed walls and colonades textured like blocks of stone, and faux arched windows containing painted  Mediteranian landscapes. Rather an odd motif considering the  circumstances, but perhaps one that provided a nice cognitive  dissonance.

Miles Reed and Brandon Scott were the instructors for the weekend. Miles was the first to speak, giving a brief introduction to the magical passes and setting the tone for the weekend which was one of enthusiastic movement. From the other attendees I listened to later, it  was clear that people very much liked the way Miles and Brandon were  so light and winning.

In his brief talks, some of the points Miles made were that the  shamans of ancient Mexico had discovered that the magical passes gave  them the same sense of well-being that they experienced in their dreaming. The shamans of ancient Mexico had setup an intent and that it was the goal of Tensegrity practitioners to lightly "tap" that intent without getting caught in it. He said that it was not necessary for us to have intent of our own before doing the passes.  By just doing them we would "tap" the intent that had been setup by  the shamans of ancient Mexico.

He explained also that the shamans of ancient Mexico called the  related sets of magical passes "groups", but that for them it made  more sense to call them "series". He gave the example of the name "Westwood Series" as opposed to the "Westwood Group".

Miles said that in doing the magical passes we should not expect big,  drastic changes. He said the effects are subtle and that when one practices for a while one notices one day that they no longer have  the concerns that they once did.

He said that in doing the passes, especially in these workshops, time  becomes compressed. A day will seem like a week. And the pressure  of focusing on the movements will force the practitioner to become silent in order to continually execute the passes.

Brandon spoke later. He explained that Nyei and Reni were to have  been there that weekend but they were busy instead preparing for the Shamanistic Theater for the upcoming 5-day workshop.

Brandon said that they (Cleargreen) were not a group in the sense of the social order. They did not all live together or organize  themselves as a group normally would. For efficiency they formed  teams. He said there was a "German" team and an "American" team. He  (Brandon) and Miles were the "Spanish-speaking" team.

Later he said that from doing Tensegrity and the Recapitulation he found that they had changed. (He indicated he and Miles, but this could probably be said for others as well.) The concerns of the  daily world no longer plagued them as they had before. Instead of always looking backward at things, they were instead now facing forward and involved intensively with the present moment as it arose.

This kind of attention is extremely difficult because takes  complete focus to maintain. This is one of the effects of doing the  movements for it forces one to fully pay attention in order to  execute them properly. He said the fact that they (Brandon and Miles) made mistakes from time to time while they were teaching the passes was indicative of the difficulty in maintaining this exclusive  focus on the movements being performed.

Brandon reviewd the principles of the Recapitulation. He explained that the  shamans of ancient Mexico had found that the Eagle bestowed organisms with awareness that was enriched by the experiences of a lifetime. The Eagle then reclaimed the awareness which usually resulted in the death of the organism. What the shamans of ancient Mexico had found  was that there are two parts to this awareness: the life-force and  the life-experiences. And that the life experiences could be given back to the Eagle without resulting in the death of the organism's awareness.

Brandon explained that the Recapitulation was really an exercise that  would separate the life-force from one's experiences so that when the  Eagle reclaimed the experience-laden awareness, that the sorcerer would be left with the life-force, free to continue the journey. He  again reiterated that it did not matter which way the head turned  during the inhale and exhale, that one should just do it.

They also announced the new book "Tensegrity: The Magical Passes of  the Shamans of Ancient Mexico" (same title as purple book) will be  published by Harper-Collins sometime around the end of the year. Apparently it includes pictures of Kyle and Miles demonstrating the  passes.

In a separate email I will include a list of passes taught in Phoenix.

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 00:57:16 +6

There were 7 groups or series of passes taught in this brief and intensive workshop. Two of these were "long forms", one of which is a compilation of 15 of the passes previously presented in the three  Tensegrity videos.

For those who were there, or who are attempting to learn from others, below is a list of the movements that will hopefully serve as a mnemonic aid. This is written in my own short-hand and is intended  only as a quick reference and not to provide a complete description or instruction. The nick names are my own interpretation. None of  the series were given official names by the two Elements.

Phoenix Workshop Passes, 8/9 - 8/10/97, part 1 of 2.

Initial "warm-ups" were done.
Miles pointed out that these were also passes in their own right:

1) Arms swings side to side, lightly touching each shoulder.

2) Vertical arms swings to losen shoulders. (Note: to avoid pain in the fingertips, I found it helps to curl the fingers either in a claw or fist.)

3) Slow shoulder rolls forward and backward.

First Series (nickname "The Tension Passes"):

1) With both palms facing up, strike down open, strike down fist.  Then with palms facing down strike down open, strike down fist.  Repeat 20x.

2) With both palms facing down: slice outward, grab, slice inward, grab. Repeat 20x.

3) Arm curls up as body "turns on". Engage stomach. 10x each arm.

4) Grab in front of opposite shoulder, then pull back (lots of tension) so arm is 90 degree angle pointing upward. Alternate each side 10x.

5) Start with arm extended forward with palm up, pull back to hip with grab, slowly rotate fist so palm is down, then extend out to side with lots of tension. Alternate each side, 10x.

6) As if lifting a heavy dumbell, grab down by knee, slowly lift up side as high as arm with reach (elbow points up), quickly flip up and push imaginary dumbell upward. Repeat 10x each arm.

The Second Series (nickname "The Elegant Passes"):

1) Start with hand palm facing up by hip, move hand in elegant loop up across body, over head (palm faces upward) and down to opposite hip, spread energy upward toward pouch. Alternate each side 10x.

2) Start with palm up by opposite hip, make large circle outward on horizontal plane returning to hip, turn flat hand so palm is facing body, cut down across body and up to side, then flip hand so palm is facing forward, and slice down behind body, spread energy 3x on opposite kidney. Alternate each side 10x.

3) Horse stance, grab with left in front of left thigh, right in front of right thigh, with lots of tension move fists around and back to kidneys, apply with downward swipe. Return to horse stance. Grab with left behind left thigh, right behind right thigh, bring around  to front with tension and apply with upward swipe from hip to pouches. Repeat each side 10x.

The Third Series (nickname "Pressure Point Passes"):

1) Place index and middle finger above eyebrow, place thumb under jawbone, lean forward and rest elbow on knee and hold for count of 10. Do other side same way.

2) Lean forward and place wrist bone of one hand behind elbow of opposite arm, vibrate wrist bone gently into soft spot there for count of 10. Do other side same way.

3) Curl hands inward and place back of wrists on either side of  ribcage under armpits, press and vibrate for count of 10.

4) Swing arm forward and backward 5x, as arm swings forward each time  "grab" opposite wrist in elbow, on 5th one catch wrist in crook of elbow and gently turn to side stretching the shoulder blade. Repeat other side.

5) Similar to #4 but this time you grab forearm in crook of elbow (instead of wrist), stretching things a bit further.

6) Similar again to #4, but this time you don't do 5 swings, you just grab one elbow inside the crook of the other elbow and pull just slightly to the side instead of twisting the torso.

The Fourth Series (nickname "The Release Passes")

1) Palms facing each other in front of abdomen, extend forward, grab, hold 5 count, open fists and release. Bring hands back to sides (up near pouch), grab, hold for count of 5, release.

2) Palms facing each other in front of abdomen, extend forward so arms are straight in front of you, flip hands so backs are facing each other, keep arms straight as they go around behind body again backs of hands face each other, then rotate hands so palms face down, raise fingers backward and grab, hold 5 count, release.

3) Hand open flat palm facing down under ribs, other hand behind facing up, reach to side with front hand (palm down), reach backward with back hand (palm up), grab with both, hold 5 count, release. Repeat on opposite side. Keep back arm as high as possible.

4) Hand open flat, palm facing down under ribs, other hand behind facing up, suddenly extend both arms to front and back and grab looking back, hold 5 count, release and rotate head to look forward. Repeat other side.

5) Fist in front of forehead, other fist behind head at same level, suddenly extend so front fist goes forward, back fist goes backward, and look to side, hold 5 count, release and let arms drop. Repeat other side.

6) Fist in front of forehead, other fist behind at same level, extend  and rotate fists out to sides and around to front and back (opposite of where they started), and back again. Repeat 10x, then hold and  release upward. Repeat other side.

7) Fist in front of forehead, other fist with knuckles facing ear, rotate around ear 10x, rotate other fist around forehead 10x, hold 5 count, release upward. Repeat other side.

The Fifth Series (nickname "The Left and Right Pairs")

Note: This is a set of two right side passes and two left side passes. Each pass contains exactly 10 movements, which are listed below,  however when performed they are a smooth, continous series of movements.

First pass for the right side:

1) Right arm goes up and back around, comes up in front so fingers point up with palm flat toward left side.

2) Right hand comes down near hip with palm facing floor.

3) Right hand strikes down in arc (as if blocking a low kick at thigh).

4) Right hand strikes in arc upward (as if blocking a high punch at face).

5) Right arm swing back, down and around and strikes forward with  palm open and fingers pointing down (as if striking an opponent's groin).

6) Right arm swings back, up and around and strikes forward with palm  open and fingers pointing up (as if striking an opponent's face).

7) Right hand strikes down with palm facing floor.

8) Right arm swings down, back and around, strikes forward with  fingers pointing to left side (another face strike).

9) Right hand chops in short arc to opponent's left side of neck.

10) Right hand chops in short arc to opponent's right side of neck.

Second pass for the right side:

1) Right hand strikes backward with back of flat hand.

2) Right hand strikes forward with flat hand.

3) Right hand strikes backward with palm of flat hand (elbow points  up a little).

4) Right hand comes up in front with fingers pointing upward.

5) Right hand makes short vertical cut forward.

6) Right hand makes short horizontal cut (the top of a "T")

7) Right fingers form a point and you "dot" the "T"

8) Right hand makes elegant arc down to left hip, pauses there.

9) Right hand makes a rapid series of counter-clockwise circles.

10) Right hand reaches back and grabs the AP and brings it forward to  rub on solar plexus.

First pass for the left side:

1) Left hand forms a claw with tight thumb which is held throughout  all subsequent moves. Starts with palm facing forward, claw down to shoulder level.

2) Claw moves left

3) Claw moves to right shoulder (palm still forward)

4) Claw moves down diagonally to left thigh

5) Claw moves to right thigh (completing a "Z" pattern)

6) Claw then moves in arc up and back past left shoulder.

7) Claw hand then goes back, down and around ending with a palm  strike forward (similar to move #5 in the first right hand series  above). 8) Â Claw then goes back, up and around to strike forward at opponent's  face.

9) With palm facing to the right, claw side of opponent's neck/face  with short pulling motion.

10) With palm facing the left, claw other side of opponent's neck/face with same pulling motion.

Second pass for the left side:

1) Start with knife hand forward at hip level, palm facing right.  With tension move hand left about 1 foot.

2) Keeping the tension move hand to the right about 2 feet.

3) Bring hand back a bit and then roll shoulder forward and scoop  over the top with forearm.

4) Pull hand (with fingers pointing up) back to hip with lots of tension.

5) Spread across abdomen to right hip.

6) Spread back across abdomen to left hip.

7) Use a sudden hooking motion with hand out to left about shoulder  height, fingers are gathered like bird's beak.

8) Bring the hooked energy behind back to right shoulder blade.

9) Lean forward and flip it onto shoulder blade.

10) Pluck it out and bring around to apply on solar plexus.

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 00:57:16 +6

Phoenix Workshop Passes, 8/9 - 8/10/97, part 2 of 2.

Video Long-Form Pass:

1) A Structure Made Out Of Energy
2) The Seer's Window
3) Rallying Dispersed Energy
4) Rolling Energy
5) Infinity Breath
6) Awakening the Center of Feeling
7) Separating Left and Right Bodies
8) Realigning Left and Right Bodies
9) Pulling and Wrapping the Internal Fibers of Energy
10) Opening Oneself to Intent
11) Pouring Intent into Two Pouches of the Body
12) Stabbing in Search of a New Position of the Assemblage Point
13) Preparing to Cross Over
14) The Butterfly
15) The Male and Female Winged Fighter

Two Part Long Form:

1) Turn sharply to the right into "cat's stance" (weight on left knee which is slightly bent, right knee out and right foot on point), left hand is up in guard position, right hand is lower.

2) Switch hands so right is up and left is down.

3) Step back with right foot.

4) Bring left arm and left leg up into blocking position.

5) Put left foot down and do "hook" step with right.

6) Hands strike/push to right.

7) Left leg swings around in blocking movement 180 and stomps down.

8) Right leg swings around 180 in low kick and stomps down. Turn to the right (face front) and crouch in ready position.

9) Put fists in front of chin with elbows out to side.

10) Five elbow strikes upward (left, right, left, right, left)

11) Five fist strikes upward (right, left, right, left, right)

12) Right fist goes back, down and around as you inhale, and then extends slowly forward as you exhale.

13) Jump up and land with right foot forward, left elbow strikes forward once to right, once back to left.

14) Two quick jumps switching feet left, right, ending with right foot forward again.

15) Strike twice with left elbow (once to right, once to left)

16) Right foot takes an extra step forward, turn to face left side, right elbow does four strikes back and forth (left, right, left right).

17) Right foot goes back, pivot 180, and step forward to left.

18) Four strikes with left elbow.

19) Right kicks down across in front of left.

20) Four large "kicking up dirt" steps backward (left, right, left, right).

21) Left foot kicks down across in front of right.

22) Pivot back around to face front, right hand parries as you turn. Follow with left parry.

23) Right fist strikes forward low.

24) Left strikes up and forward with back of hand.

25) Right fist strikes forward high.

26) Hands return to ready position, horse stance.

27) Parry left, parry right.

28) Left foot stomps forward.

29) Right foot stomps forward.

30) Parry left, right, pause, parry, left, right, pause.

31) Push down and to the right.

32) Grab low and to the side.

33) Pull up as left kicks down across right side. Land with weight on left foot.

34) Step forward with right.

35) Left kick up to opponent's groin as right hand comes down over top to opponent's shoulder.

36) Push with both hands down to left to move opponent aside.

37) Right kicks up to opponent's ribs as left strikes down and in. Feet are parallel.

38) Left elbow jabs backward at hip.

39) Left hand strikes forward with back of wrist.

40) Right hand strikes forward with punch.

41) Right foot swings 90 degrees back (pivot on left heel) with  right arm still up, strikes with back of fist.

42) Right steps back behind left foot.

43) Left foot steps up and left elbow strikes once forward in arc (to right).

44) Right foot steps up parallel to left foot and left elbow strikes back to left, followed by right elbow strike to left.

45) Right hand parries down across body.

46) Left foot steps forward.

47) Right foot kicks forward and body pivots 90 to side.

48) Right elbow strikes twice to right.

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