The Intent Series Walking Form

Note: on any pass where you are grabbing energy, you place it on the front and back centers of vitality.

1. Perform "Grinding Energy With The Feet", left-right-left, etc.. a variation we did was where you did the slides on the balls of the feet.

2. Perform "Grinding Energy By A Sideways Slide Of The Feet" by moving the heels to the left, toes left, heels left, and heels right, toes right, etc.. in practise with my local group, we usually do it, say, 10 or 20 x to the left, then the same to the right. We do it in a circle.

3. Perform "Mixing Energy By Striking The Floor With The Heels", left, then right, etc.. Face left or right and walk as you strike the floor with your heels. One rep of left and right is a count of 1. Do whatever amount of times, then do in opposite direction.

4. Perform one set of "Mixing Energy By Striking With The Heels Three Times", left-right-left. Reset feet.

5. Perform one set of "Gathering Energy With The Soles Of The Feet And Moving It Up The Inner Legs", left, then right.

6. Perform one set of "Pushing The Energy Stirred With The Knees Into The Trunk", left, then right,left, right, then perform "Stirring Energy With The Knees", left, then right, left, right. We usually repeat these 5-10 times. Just to clarify, these two passes go together and are alternated.

8. Perform "Kicking Energy In Front And In Back Of The Body"; the left leg kicks up, the right back; as the right foot returns to the ground, slightly behind the left, pause as the body sets to perform the pass for the right side. The right leg kicks up, the left back. So to walk it you bring the left foot up and let the momentum of it swinging back propel the right foot back. As the leading foot comes down it advances forward a bit each time.

10. Perform "Pushing Down A Wall Of Energy", left, then right, left, right, then do "Lifting Energy From The Soles Of The Feet", left, right, left, right. As with all, do while walking in a circle.

11. Perform "Stepping Over A Barrier Of Energy", left, then right, etc, in a circle however many times.

12. Perform "Kicking A Lateral Gate", left, then right, left, right, then perform "Cracking A Nugget Of Energy", left, then right, left, right, while walking in a circle. A reminder that for all these passes we usually do them in the opposite direction as well.

14. Perform "Scraping Off The Mud Of Energy", left, then right, left right, etc...10 to 20 x. To walk this pass you have to pay attention that it really comes from the hip.

15. Perform the left side of "Stirring Up Energy With The Feet And Arms", then perform the left side of "Reaching For Energy Above The Head". As you jump up for the energy above your head, you jump forward at the same time. Do the same on the right side.Repeat as many times...

19. Perform "Piercing The Body With A Beam Of Energy", stepping forward with left foot first, while piercing with the front right hand, then opposite with the left. We usually do these counting left and right steps and pierces as combining to make one, two, three, etc, so it comes out as one one two two, etc.., Then in the same walk begin to do "Twisting Energy on the Solar Plexus And The Adrenals", in the same fashion as 'Piercing', while walking.

23. Perform "Kneading Energy With A Push Of The Shoulder Blades", left-right-left-right, etc, while walking in a circle, 10 or 20 x each side.

24. Perform "Stirring Energy Above The Head And Cracking It", left right, left right, while walking, as the hand comes down to crack each time, the opposite leg takes a step forward.

25. Hop to the left at a 45 degree angle for "Reaching For Energy Stirred Below The Knees", then hop to the right. Do this x amount of times. In NY we even grabbed below the knees twice as a variation, so, 2 hops before placing the energy on the front adrenals and sliding hands around to the back adrenals.

26. Turns back to the front, the left palm shoots out to begin "Transporting Front Energy To The Adrenals". Complete on the right. In NY we did this five times each side. You don't walk this pass.

30. Perform one set of "Stirring And Grabbing Energy From The Lower And The Upper Parts Of The Luminous Sphere": left strikes up to the right as right strikes back to the left, AS you take a step forward with the left, and then do the opposite on the right. Grab the energy each time and place it on both centers of vitality, front and back.

32. Perform a modified "Grabbing Energy From Above The Head For The Two Vital Centers": Left hand makes two circles to the front as you take two left steps forward at same time, then grab forward (on the spot, no step) for the energy(not upward), and place it on vital centers. Then do on the right. Etc..

34-36. Then do The three breaths:
"Dragging Energy From The Kneecaps Along The Front Of The Thighs";
"Dragging Energy From The Sides Of The Legs";
"Dragging Energy From The Front Of The Legs",
are performed as previously shown.

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