Video Long Form 1

passes from the three videos, culminating with "The Butterfly"

1. Perform "Helping The Flow Of Immunity", but after both hands have vibrated beneath the chin, do not return the hands to the lower back.  Instead, inhale and perform "Two Prongs On The Face" for a count of 3.
2. The hands immediately go into position to perform "The Lobster's Strike", right hand in front. Do three sets.
3. The hands strike immediately into position for "The Ball Of Energy".  Omit the initial adjustment of the hands--that is, the left begins above the right and ready to form the ball. Complete the movement, with three twists of the hands each time you form an energy ball.
4. Perform "Teasing The Web", with each part of the movement done in sets of three. The left thumb is initially on top as you get rid of the excess energy at the end.
5. Perform "Rolling Energy", three small circles (l-r-l), three large (r-l-r), and three outward sweeps of the arms to end the movement. Immediately perform "Massaging The Glands Around The Shoulder Blades", three times.
6. The wrists cross at waist level, left on top, palms up. Perform "The Axis Breath"--instead of taking three breaths as the forearms rest on the knees, pause a moment then inhale as the hands are retrieved to the midsection. At the end of the movement, the palms drop to face the floor by the hips.
7. Perform "The Infinity Breath".
8. With the hands still overhead from 7., they sweep out and then are pulled up tight next to the ribcage as you inhale to begin "A Structure Made Out Of Energy". Immediately bring the edges of the palms together to perform "The Seer's Window". Arm with "Intent!" Take a step backwards, and perform "Rallying Dispersed Energy".
9. With the hands still at the end of 8., continue to extend the left hand and pull back the right shoulder as you inhale for "Bringing Energy Down From Above The Head".
10. Step forward with the left and bring up the right as the right palm strikes for "Transferring Energy To The Assemblage Point". Do not hold the hand in the back for a count of three, only pause momentarily. Complete on the left without stepping. With the palms still extended to the front face up, begin "Opening Oneself To Intent"--arm as usual with "Intent!"
11. Perform "Pouring Intent Into Two Pouches Of The Body".
12. As you walk away to the left at the end of 11., begin "The Butterfly". After the three circles with each foot, turn to face the front before completing the movement.

The Being From The Ground

1. From horse stance, sweep hands as though flattening a rolled up chart on a table.
2. Hop hands 3 times inwards, ending with paws (all fingers together pointing to the ground from bent wrists, forearms pointing ahead) on each hop.
3. Turn paws so that fingers are parallel to the ground, and strike out with left paw (DON'T fully extend elbow); hand returns to position and right hand strikes; do 3 sets quickly.
4. Leading with left, do 3 sets of quick upward strikes to about shoulder level and back.
5. Leading with left, inhale as you bring paw more slowly up to head level, holding elbow in position, until the paw points to front; exhale on return. Mirror with right.
6. Take 2 diagonal steps left, bringing up the right foot behind the left to form a T. With each step, the paws dig together at the right side of the body as though digging in the direction of the step. Mirror for right.
7. Leading with the left foot, scratch backwards by stepping slightly forward, lifting knee and bringing it in to center of torso before setting foot down, then kicking backwards from the hip. Mirror right.
8. Bring left foot over so heels are on a parallel line, then pivot on the heels to face 180 degrees from the starting point.
9. Hop forward. Scratch air furiously with paws for quick count of 10. Repeat twice more.
10. Make ground being face by putting upper lip over bitten lower lip, and smiling.  (Maintain this face for the rest of the pass!)
11. Hop paws upwards in 3 steps as though climbing, making your best ground being bark at each hop.
12. With paws at head level, lean the torso left, then right, twice. Remain leaning on last.
13. With eyes closed, do 3 side digs back towards the center, by sweeping the outer paw around in a full loop, immediately followed by the inner paw in a tighter loop, both paws ending up together in position of step 2. Open eyes.
14. Repeat 11 and mirror 12 and 13 for the right.
15. Repeat 11 and lunge paws forward and down 3 times as if digging furiously; try not to move the knees. Eyes are closed while digging.
16. Repeat 11. Lean the torso back slightly, holding paws in position as you look overhead and make the final ground being cry.

The Being From The Sea

These passes require the use of two seven-inch sticks of wood similar to a broom handle.
1. The hands begin at the sides, then the arms go into the claw position:  knuckles facing near V-spot, elbows up and back at shoulder level.  The sticks make 5 clicks at V-spot level; the sticks are pointed forward at arm's width (like an air traffic controller), then make 5 more clicks.  The arms are in the claw position.  The elbows, starting with the right, tilt up and down 5 times, as you make a "crab hiss" between clenched teeth; the arms return to claw position.
2. Take one "crab step" forward with the right by swinging the whole body around toward the center as you step, then a left crab step. Take one step/kick with the right foot by kicking towards the ground ahead but rebounding lightly before setting down the foot, then one left step/kick. Turn 90 degrees to the left.
3. Make 5 clicks, and 5 elbow tilts. Make another right-left step/kick in the new direction.  Pivot 180 degrees right, pivot 180 degrees left, make 5 clicks, 5 elbow tilts. Take three crab steps backward right-left-right (leaving you at a 45 degree angle).  Take two large scoop steps to the left by bringing the inside of the left foot up the inside of the right calf before stepping, then sliding the right foot over. The stick in the right hand is swung up to the right as if carrying a torch; pivot 180 degrees right and the left stick swings up. Along the same line you've been traveling, take a step with the right foot as the right stick stabs straight ahead from the right hip, then the left foot and stick. Turn to the left and strike with the right elbow in the direction you've been traveling, then pivot 180 degrees right and strike with the left elbow. Make 5 clicks, then make three crab hops to the right to face 90 degrees left of the original direction (same as end of 2.).
4. Make a scoop step to the right, then back to the left.  Make 5 clicks, then three more crab hops right 180 degrees to face the rear. Strike with the right elbow as you make a scoop step right, repeat, then the stick in the right hand comes over to the left shoulder, back to the right side, left shoulder, up to the right torch position. Pivot right as the left stick simultaneously makes the first of the four mirroring stick movements.
5. Make 5 clicks, then take a large crab step with the left foot so that the head is now looking in the original direction of step 1.; that is, the body is in the same position as after the left crab step in step 1. The right foot makes two sliding steps in the original direction of step 1 by stepping out, the left foot brought up behind it--on each step the stick held horizontally in the right hand strikes in the direction of travel to head level at arm's length.  The body turns to face the direction of travel as the left foot steps forward along the same line (the original direction!) and the left stick stabs forward from the hip, then the right steps forward along the same line as the right stick stabs up in an arc from the right hip to stick pointing up at arm's length at shoulder level.
6. Step back with the right foot to reset the feet. Make 5 clicks, 5 elbows, arms go to claw position, then are stretched straight ahead from the V-spot. Take 5 crab hops straight back.  Make 5 clicks, 5 elbows, arms go to claw position, the arms are stretched forward, then make 5 crab hops to the right for a complete 360 degree circle. Make 5 final clicks, with emphasis on the last.

The Winged Being

First the story:

1. Two beings stand side by side, preparing for their flight into infinity.
2. Gathering energy for their journey.
3. They project it to the left...
4.   ....together they go into dream...
5.   ...assemblage points beginning to shift...
6.   ...with greater and greater shifts...
7.   ....until (assemblage points are) displaced to the ground...
8.   ....crossing phylum....
9.   ....they emerge as two seperate beings of sky, launched in flight...
10. They merge beginning to form an abstract female/male winged being.
11.  First the female form takes shape...
12.  then it forms it's male aspect.
13.  The winged beings eyes bring enhanced perception onto it's body...
14.  United by it's intent...
15.  ....the winged being soars into infinity...
16.  ....propelled by lines of abstract affection.

1. The two partners stand side by side an arm's length apart. The feet are together, then each takes a side step left. Each steps forward with the right foot as the right palm comes up to face the left at V-spot level, wrist pulled back, as the left arm makes an energy gathering motion similar to "The Half Circle of Energy", the eyes following the hand. The left foot steps forward as the left arm repeats the move, then steps back as the arm repeats the move a final time. The right foot steps to a spot beside the left as the body stoops slightly to the right and both hands go to palms facing a foot apart at the right knee, as if gently holding the gathered energy there.
2. The left foot swings around the back and to the right of the right foot, and the body pivots to face 180 degrees from the original direction. The hands, maintaining the same relative position and distance, are circled by the arms clockwise, ending up as though gracefully tossing the gathered energy to the left. The outer arm parries, then the inner arm as the partners turn to face one another, fisted forearms crossed at chin level, palms to face. The fists are then forcefully separated to shoulder width, then the arms immediately go to the "A and B Energies", right side, left.
3. The hands perform a modified "Getting The Assemblage Point Loose"--the right foot steps back behind the left as the right palm comes before the eyes, while the left palm faces the floor, fingers to the front, wrist pulled back, just behind the left hip. The feet come back side by side and the hands drop momentarily. Mirror on the left. Mirror again right, but the feet remain side by side.
4. For the next series of moves, one partner steps back as the other steps forward, and then reverse. The partner going forward steps with the right foot as the left hand "Hurls the Assemblage Point Like A Knife", then left foot, right hand; finally left hand, right foot.  The other partner uses the same hand order, but the feet are opposite.  The forward going partner's right hand "Hurls the Assemblage Point From The Waist" as the right foot steps in the reverse direction; left hand, left foot; right hand, right foot.  Again, the other partner uses the opposite feet.
5. The right hand reaches back and "Hurls the Assemblage Point Like A Ball" as the left foot steps back. The left hand repeats the movement as the left foot steps up, and the partners' palms meet briefly.
6. The hands drop to perform "Transferring Energy From the Adrenals", right in front, left in front, step back left, right in front, step back right. Step back left and perform "Forcing the Assemblage Point To Drop Down" on the left, step back right and perform on the right.

The Being From The Sky:

7. Step forward with the right foot, wave upward facing palms up body and turn over and drop gracefully down the front 3 times. Step with the left foot and repeat.
8. Bring the arms back into wing position, then while inhaling and ducking head slightly, bring the wings up, with palms facing out and about 4 inches apart. Look through the opening between the wing tips. Exhale and look slightly down as the arms sweep back. Do 3 flaps.
9. Straighten and bring right foot up. Wings go straight out to sides from the shoulders, palms face down. Flap arms forward in 3 medium circles.
10. Bring the left arm in slightly toward the chest and slice around to left as, gracefully as if flying, twist torso to left from buttocks and ruffle feathers of wing in direction of turn by rubbing chin along it 3 times. Mirror right. In front, rub chin on chest. Flap arms forward in 3 medium circles.
11. Repeat 10., but gaze at ground with left eye only, right eye only, and both eyes, respectively. Look forward.
12. Sweep arms back while remaining erect. Look at a point on the ground directly in front of right toe, then step left heel to right toe, right heel to left toe, left heel to right toe in a straight line. Exhale and lean weight back onto the right foot as the wings sweep into folded position, one partner's inside the other's.

The female:

13. The  partners turn to face the original direction and inhale as the arms go to the front, wrists on the vital centers, palms flat and facing, fingers pointing forward.
14. Exhale as wrists slide to hip bones, palms as near to parallel with the ground as possible. Leaning forward, in one motion palms travel to the kidneys on the back, then the arms sweep straight out to the sides, palms facing backwards, the partners' wings overlapping.
15. Both partners turn 90 degrees to stand back to back, but not touching. The palms return to the position of 13., then sweep up and out to form wings, then return to starting position.
16. Hands still on hip bones, shrug the left shoulder, then the right, 3 times.
17. Both partners raise the same foot (the one towards the original back direction) and shake it three times, then curl the foot in a scooping movement as it returns to the floor. Mirror.
18. Fold left palms flat on torsos under right breasts, then right palms under left breasts.
19. Strike palms straight out facing each other, elbows held against the body at the sides.  Strike forward for count of 3, up and down for count of 3, in and out for count of 3, and flip palms over (flat to ground and facing up) for count of 3.
20. Keeping arms in place, lean backwards and inhale, lean forward on exhale.

The male:

21. The  partners turn to face the original direction and inhale as the arms go to the front, wrists on the vital centers, palms flat and facing, fingers pointing forward, further apart than before.
22. Exhale as wrists slide to hip bones, palms as near to parallel with the ground as possible. Leaning forward, make larger wing, the partners' wings crossing at the forearm, palms returning to starting position.
23. With palms in place, the left toe taps 3 times to left, shift weight to left. Right foot taps 3 times to right, shift weight to right. Left toe taps 3 times to front, 3 times to back, 3 times to front, pivot to face back, tap 3 times to new front with right, 3 times to new back, 3 times to new front, pivot and bring feet back parallel.
24. Repeat 18. then the hands strike up and out to sides--hands form eyes by making OK sign--index finger and thumb make circle, other 3 fingers extended.  Eyes are facing sides, then face front.
25. Hands circle down and in for 3 large loops, ending with eyes close together but facing front. The eyes face each other. Hands circle up and out for 3 smaller loops.
26. Eyes return to starting hand position and facing body on exhale. Eyes make large outward loops on inhale, exhaling from zenith as they return to the body.
27. Left eye strikes up to left side, eyes in head following. Right eye strikes down to right side, eyes in head following. Swivel torso to left as eye looks to the left for a count of 3, eyes in head looking in direction of pointing fingers; swivel to right, bringing right hand up and left down; right eye looks to the right for count of 3. Face forward as the eyes wobble to regain equilibrium for count of 3, the partners' arms circling one another.
28. The eyes are brought to the starting position, then shoot out in front of the body with flat facing palms as before, but elbows are about 4-5 inches in front of the body; the new hand sequence is forward for 3, up and down for 3, in/out for 3, crossovers for 3, and palm flips for 3.
29. The arms sweep out and back while leaning forward and the facing palms strike straight ahead while inhaling.  Exhale as the torso twists to the left until the palms are parallel to ground. Inhale as you return to the front.  Exhale as the body twists to the right.
30. Inhale as the body straightens and the palms grab and squeeze the solar plexus for a count of 3. Exhale as the hands fall to the sides.

The Passes To Relieve Tension

With these passes we are to begin to listen to our own bodies concerning the duration and intensity of the movements.  All but the last three are released by letting the body completely relax and fold at the waist like a rag doll as one makes a sigh of release.

1. In horse stance, the flat palms face the floor and slowly shoot straight ahead as the torso leans forward; make fists and tense the entire body. Relax as the arms swing out and around in a breast stroke while the body straightens. The palms are again fisted palm up by each hip; tense the whole body, then release.
2. In horse stance, the hands are held in loose palm-down fists with the straight arms to the front in a scissors fashion, left below right. The arms switch position 11 times, so that the left ends up above the right. Tense the whole body, then release.
3. In horse stance, the facing palms go straight ahead to form an arrow as the body leans forward. The palms flip as the arms go around to the back, palms facing the floor. The wrists are pulled pack and the hands fisted as the whole body tenses, then is released.
4. In horse stance, the right palm is held face down below the right breast, fingers pointing left.  The left palm is held facing the floor by the left hip, fingers to the front. As the torso (not the knees!) turns left,the right arm points slightly up towards the left side as the left arm points behind to the right side--the palms are fisted as the whole body is tensed, then released. Mirror.
5. In horse stance, the right palm is held face down at the solar plexus, fingers pointing left. The left palm is held facing the ceiling behind the back at the same spot, fingers to the right. As the torso (not the knees!) turns left and the head looks straight back,the left arm point slightly up towards the back as the left arm points to the front--the palms are fisted as the whole body is tensed, then released. Mirror.
6. In horse stance, the body stoops over, shoulders slightly rounded and the palms held one over the other below the chest at knee level, left over right, fingers pointing to the opposite sides. The arms are pulled straight out to the sides at the shoulder, then the arms swing to the front to side-by-side as the head looks down and the knees lock--the hands are fisted as the body tenses. Unlock the knees back to the horse stance before releasing!

The next two passes are released by looking up and opening the arms to the ceiling, like saying "Hallelujah!" (or "Oy vey!", if you prefer.)

7. In horse stance, the left fist is held palm down, knuckles right at the forehead, the right fist mirrored behind the head. The fists exchange places 10 times, then the whole body is tensed, then
released. Mirror.
8. In horse stance, the right fist is held before the forehead as in 7., while the left is held palm down, knuckles right at the left ear.  The right fist makes ten small counterclockwise circles in front of the forehead, then the left fist makes ten small forward circles by the ear.  The whole body is tensed, then released. Mirror.
9. In horse stance, the hands begin as in 7., but with the right fist in front.  The torso (not the knees!) turns to the left as the right hand goes straight out and slightly up to the front, the left hand  straight back, as the head faces front. (This was described as a "Victory!" stance.) Tense the whole body, and turn back to the front before releasing. Mirror.

The Passes For The Face

These can be performed using either the teflon balls or the thumb, index and middle fingers.

1. Apply gentle pressure with either the balls or both sets of fingers on the chin under the lips. Massage slowly in small circles outward along the line of the jaw, until you reach the muscles which work the jawbone. The mouth can be opened slightly or closed, as feels most effective.
2. Place the thumb or ball under the left cheekbone, and the index and middle fingers on the outside of the temples. Bend at the knees and stoop to place the left elbow on the thigh just above  the knee, and let the weight of the body rest there. Hold, and release the hand before straightening. Mirror.
3. This is a modified "Two Prongs on the Face"--place either the balls or thumbs under the jawbones, and the index and middle fingers beside the eyesockets.  Bend to rest both elbows on the knees, letting the weight of the body rest there.  Hold, then release the hands before straightening.
4. The hands are crossed at the wrists. The thumb knuckles exert GENTLE pressure on the inner edge of the eyesockets by the nose, with the thumbnails resting on the irises of the closed eyes. Hold, then release.
5. These are the temple, brow, and crown of the head passes shown and discussed in "Magical Passes".
6. Rub the hands vigorously to generate heat, and place the palms flat on the face, fingers pointing up. Smooth to the sides as if removing a mask; release and shake the hands to discard the "mask".

The Recapitulation - Partners Long Form

These passes are performed with a facing partner, and precede the recapitulation.

1. Beginning with the right hands, each partner performs 1/2 of "Forging the Trunk of the Energy Body", 3 times.
2. Beginning with the right hands, each partner performs 1/2 of "Forging the Arms of the Energy Body", three times.
3. Each partner performs three staggered "Spreading the Energy Body Laterally" (one partner spreads, the other, the first, etc.), then they perform the pass three times simultaneously.
4. Beginning with the right hands only, then left only, each partner simultaneously performs 1/2 of "Forging the Core of the Energy Body", for three sets.
5. The partners perform "Forging The Heels and Calves of the Energy Body", three sets.
6. Each partner performs a simultaneous "Recapitulation Wings".
7. Each partner performs three "Recapitulation Windows" in the staggered fashion, then three simultaneous repetitions.
8. Staggering their inhales and stoops, both partners perform the "Five Deep Breaths".
9. Staggering their inhales and stoops, both partners perform "Gathering Energy From The Fringe Of Awareness", one breath only.

The partners stand so that their bodies form a right angle.

10. Staggering their inhales and stoops, both partners perform "Three Fingers On The Floor".
11. Staggering their inhales and stoops, both partners perform "Knuckles On The Toes".
12. Staggering their inhales and stoops, both partners perform "Drawing Energy From The Floor".
13. Watching the other's hands to keep exact rythm, the partners perform simultaneous "Moving Energy In A Ripple", 10 times with each hand, beginning with the right.

The partners recapitulate, then intend the assemblage points forward by performing these passes (not necessarily facing):

1. The arms swing back and forth loosely in the standard warm-up.
2. The partners perform "Forcing The Assemblage Point To Drop Down".
3. The partners perform "Transferring Energy From The Adrenals".
4. The partners perform "Hurling The Assemblage Point From The Side".
5. The partners perform "Hurling The Assemblage Point From The Shoulder".
6. The partners perform "Hurling The Assemblage Point Like A Knife".
7. The partners perform "Hurling The Assemblage Point Like A Ball".

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