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Pomona, Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity Seminars, 7 February 1998

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Bulletin - April 5, 1998

Information for New Participants

On May 2, 1998, Cleargreen Incorporated will be giving a one-day intensive seminar and workshop at the Pavilion of Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California. The seminar will take place from 2 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Santa Monica Schedule Information) This seminar and workshop will deal with the most mysterious aspect of the series of magical passes for not-doing: the second series, called On the Run. This series is the most mysterious for reasons that are impossible to explain, not only from our point of view, but also from within the framework of the world of the shamans of ancient Mexico.
The nagual Juan Matus told his disciples that this series has remained untouched throughout the millennia. All the other series have changed. Change was the primary drive behind everything the shamans of old Mexico did. Among them, there was a continuous flux of ideas, conclusions and practices. This flux continues to this day, and can be best judged in Tensegrity: the magical passes which are taught and practiced nowadays.
It has already been stated that Tensegrity is the modernization of the magical passes, movements discovered hundreds of years ago by the shamans of ancient Mexico. Tensegrity, because of the mood in which it was created - a mood of freedom and inquiry - has been regarded as the most fertile ground for the practical application of everything those shamans did.
For a long time, it was assumed that it was the newness of Tensegrity which lent itself to this quality of change, but that is not true. Change was an inherent part of the world view of the shamans of antiquity. Everything was in constant flux for them, everything except the second set of magical passes for not-doing. Shamans have speculated, throughout the centuries, about what kept that second set unchanged.
The nagual Juan Matus proposed that it was thoroughly accidental, that there was no premeditation behind all this on the shamans' part. He explained that a code existed, which was applied to all the magical passes of all the series for not-doing. This code was a new sequence appended to the natural sequence in which those magical passes were taught. It altered the order in such a fashion that it produced a spectacular result, felt instantaneously by all the practitioners: an enhancement of perceptual possibilities. The effect was so remarkable that the code became a total secret, something dealt with only by the most advanced initiates.
A tremendous upheaval seemed to have rocked the foundations of the shamans' world at that time. The aftermath of such an upheaval was a disruption of the shamans' way of life. Before the upheaval, male and female shaman practitioners had worked together, in unison, for the total enhancement of perception. After the upheaval, motives of personal origin made their appearance and broke those shamans' order and purpose.
They reacted violently, burning the code. The nagual Juan Matus assured his disciples that the only piece left was the one that applied to the second set of magical passes for not-doing.
The second possible cause that the nagual Juan Matus gave for the second series to remain unchanged was more speculative. It had to do with a premeditated drive of those shamans to maintain an element of a certain order that used to be prevalent among them, but which was no longer in function. The nagual Juan Matus made it sound like an attempt to maintain a survivor unit that would attest to something that once was, but which was no longer.
Be that as it may, the code was lost, and the only thing that remains is a fraction of it. The nagual added a warning that such a code could not be practiced. In order to put it in function, the practitioners needed to reach a level of profound amenity, affinity for each other. The practitioners had to be a male and a female who had no desire whatsoever to set up standards or to establish any preconceived scenarios of priority or superiority. They had to be a pair of practitioners who were abandoned and free from the encumbering imposition of egomania or self-importance about their personal place in history and time.
The two practitioners who fit the bill are Zaia Alexander and Miles Reid. It has fallen upon them - thoroughly independent of their volition - to be the spokesmen of a new era. The best way of expressing this era of newness is through the execution of the magical passes of the second series for not-doing. They will be the ones conducting this seminar, and they will be the ones who will help the participants to arrive at a moment of profound egolessness. Even if it's only for a fraction of a second, that fraction is enough.
Cleargreen is very proud to announce another intensive one-day seminar and workshop that will take place on June 6 in the city of Mountain View, California. This seminar and workshop will be taught by a team of Energy Trackers: the team that teaches the last series of magical passes for not-doing: The Wheel of Time.
It was the belief of the shamans of ancient Mexico that The Running Man introduces the practitioners to the realm of enhanced awareness. The three remaining series, On the Run, Unbending Purpose, and The Legs Rule Vitality, guide the practitioners across a state of enhanced awareness, but it is the fifth series, the most complex and sophisticated of them all, which will allow them to cement all their gains.
As its name indicates, The Wheel of Time has to do with what modern man calls, "the manipulation of time and space," and which the shamans of ancient Mexico called intending forward and intending backward. To do this with the properness it deserves, a practitioner must learn to handle the wheel of time, which is a small wheel in our case, made out of foam rubber. The wheel of time was originally made of wood, with a smooth metal rim, but wood is too heavy to handle until a total expertise is gained.
The instructors of Tensegrity will conduct this seminar with the idea of compressing time-in a psychological manner, so to speak-and render time into a unit adapted for maximum use by the practitioners.
The limited time of the seminar will be employed by the instructors in a most functional manner, bringing participants the deep possibility of collapsing time in order to elongate it.
As an integral part of the seminar and workshop, on Friday, June 5, Florinda Donner-Grau is going to deliver a lecture entitled, "The Transcendental Importance of the Magical Passes of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico."
The framework that she will follow to organize the lecture is that, more than ever in our history, we need a unifying factor, an idea that would infuse us with the desire to act. This action must be inspired by the impersonality of that idea, and by its undeniable pragmatic value.
The shamans of ancient Mexico found that format in their practice of the magical passes. The practice of the magical passes is impersonal, and so is the effect that it produces. It has to do only with the individual practitioner.
On May 23 and 24, 1998, Cleargreen will sponsor a seminar and workshop in Munich, taught and conducted by our German team. Only German will be spoken. This seminar and workshop will consist of a review of the Westwood and the Heat Series, and a team of male and female practitioners will teach and direct the performance of the second series of magical passes for not-doing: On the Run.
On July 31 and August 1 and 2, 1998, Cleargreen will sponsor its yearly seminar. It will be a most intensive three-day seminar, in which all the series of magical passes for not-doing will be reviewed, along with all the other series in their fluid, long forms.
More information will be given in due time about this seminar and workshop. It is the most important of them all for the shamanistic practitioners involved in teaching, because of its scope and the depth of perceptual possibilities that the shamanistic practitioners want to reach.


Seminar and Workshop
May 23 & 24, 1998, Munich, Germany

Information for New Participants

Cleargreen, Incorporated, in conjunction with CLAIR, is involved in the production of a seminar and workshop in the city of Munich, Germany, which will take place on May 23 and 24 of this year. The disciples of the nagual Juan Matus - Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs - are deeply interested in disseminating the concept and practice of some ancient movements discovered and developed by the shamans who lived in Mexico in ancient times, movements which they themselves called magical passes for their staggering effect on the well-being, plenitude and physical and mental balance of human beings.
Such a group of movements were the ultimate heirlooms, so to speak, which don Juan Matus left to his disciples. The most staggering effect produced by such magical passes is the effect of the magical passes for not-doing. Not-doing has been defined by the old shamans of Mexico as: the condition in which an innate flow of energy, which is the force that holds us together as energy fields, is momentarily interrupted, giving in such a fashion a millisecond's time for the entire body to change directions in terms of behavior and deep-set ideas which human beings practice from the moment they are born.
All the seminars produced by Cleargreen from here on will be concerned with some aspect of the magical passes for not-doing. The one to be given in Munich, Germany will consist of two parts. The first part is the careful explanation of all the intricacies of an entire series of magical passes, called the Series of the Five Concerns, nicknamed The Westwood Series. This series is the one chosen by Carlos Castaneda to depict in his book Magical Passes, which was just published this week.
His choice was not arbitrary, but obeys the mandates of shamanistic tradition. The shamans of ancient Mexico consider this series the golden vehicle for bringing to the surface all the hidden resources of perception and awareness stored in the body and never used.
The second part of this seminar and workshop will consist of a detailed demonstration, by a team of two practitioners called Awareness Through Harmony, of the series of magical passes for not-doing entitled On the Run.
This is the proposed schedule for the seminar and workshop of Munich. This schedule is subject to change:


9 to Introductory lecture entitled "The Nature of the Magical 9:45 am Passes of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico and How They Were Adapted to Modern-Day Tensegrity." This lecture is going to be delivered by one of the male practitioners of Tensegrity, a member of a group of practitioners called the Elements. There are eight Elements, and all of them are guided directly by Carlos Castaneda.
There are eight female practitioners called The Energy Trackers, and every one of them is directly attached to one of the three female apprentices of don Juan Matus.

9:45 am A group of three Elements will teach and demonstrate The to 12 Series of the Five Concerns. noon As previously stated, The Series of the Five Concerns had already been selected generations ago as the most inclusive for awakening all the resources of the body: physical, mental, emotional and perceptual resources which never come to the surface under normal conditions.
As the final touch of this session, every one of these magical passes will be grouped together by the three Elements, who will teach how they are used today in what is called The Westwood Long Series.

12 to 2 Lunch

2 to An explanatory lecture called, "The Different Principles of 2:30 PM Bodily Dynamics Used by the Shamans of Ancient Mexico" will be delivered by one of the female disciples of Juan Matus.

2:30 to A process of movement saturation which started with The 4 pm Series of the Five Concerns will continue, and include one more long series presented in the book Magical Passes - The Separation of the Left Body and the Right Body: The Heat Series - as a unified and homogeneous block of movement.

4 to Short Break
4:15 pm

4:15 to A team of two Tensegrity instructors, a male and a female, 6 pm will introduce the participants to the magical passes for not-doing. This team is a team of unique value. They, when they work together, are called Awareness Through Harmony, because they have succeeded in erasing the natural barriers and boundaries between the sexes. Their homogeneity is so extraordinary that none of don Juan's disciples has words to explain it or describe it.
The story says that there was a primeval time, when women shamans and men shamans were in a state of such harmony, in a very natural way. But then, the women shamans took the reins of power, and ruled the shamans' world for hundreds of years with such a heavy hand that in the end,
they were ousted bodily, creating in this fashion the deepest rift imaginable between the males and the females; a rift which persists to this day.
To overcome such a barrier is a triumph of the discipline and imagination which is proper to the spirit of man. This team of practitioners has succeeded in doing this. In this fashion, together, they are capable of exploring, in terms of awareness and perception, areas thoroughly veiled to a normal practitioner. In order to enter into those areas, a normal practitioner would need a boost of energy that cannot be obtained under the shamans' normal conditions of life, which are, by an enormous measure, more exigent and harder than the conditions of life for an average person.

6 to 8 Dinner Break

8 to A lecture entitled "The Essence of Not-Doing," delivered by 8:30 pm one of the Energy Trackers.

8:30 to The team of Awareness Through Harmony will guide the 10 pm participants through the intricacies of the second series of magical passes for not-doing, called On the Run.
This series has kept its original form for reasons that were a mystery to all the shamans of don Juan's lineage, because it has no logical, mystical, or mythical explanation. It appears to obey reasons beyond the scope of shamans' comprehension. All the movements that the participants will learn are the original ones discovered and used by the shamans of Mexican antiquity. Another strange feature of the second series of magical passes for not-doing is an unusual, and by all indications, accidental feature. The shamans' story is that prior to the rift between male and female practitioners, there existed a code for all the five series that comprise the total group of magical passes for not-doing. The five series are Running Man, On the Run, Unbending Purpose, The Legs Rule Vitality, and The Wheel of Time.
This mysterious code is a sequential order in which the shamans of ancient Mexico rearranged the magical passes for not-doing. All the series are taught following what seems to be a traditional pattern. All the magical passes for not-doing, when they are taught, follow a natural order. For example, from 1 to 12, 1 to 26, and so forth and so on. This original order seemed to have been their ultimate secret. They appended a new, rearranged sequence to the original one; they scrambled the numbers to fit another order, because this new order gave them instantaneous and staggering results in terms of enhancing their perception.
When the tragic rift occurred between the male and female practitioners, the code apparently was purposefully destroyed. Don Juan believed that destroying the code was the equivalent of cutting off your arm to show your father-in-law that you were very displeased with him.
However, the only fragment of the code that remains is the code of the second set, which the team of practitioners Awareness Through Harmony will teach and demonstrate in all its intricacies.


9 to Concluding lecture delivered by one of the female disciples 9:30 am of don Juan Matus.

9:30 to The Elements will review the long series demonstrated and 10:45 taught in this seminar and workshop.

10:45 Awareness Through Harmony will review all the movements of to 12 the second series.

All the lectures and explanations will be given in German.

Translation to English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish will be available.

Cost of the workshop is $375 USD, or DM 680. Payment is due by May 1.

The performance of the magical passes for not-doing will require the use of a mat. Mats are going to be used in two ways: to perform the movements while lying down on the back with the mat completely stretched out, or rolled to sit on; for this reason mats must be at least 1.25 cm (about 1/2") thick. A thin towel will not suffice. They should be no longer than 2 meters (72") and no wider than .6 meters (19").
Participants may bring their own mat, or order one in advance and pick it up at the workshop. Cost is $11 or 20DM, and may be paid in advance. There will be a limited supply available for purchase at the workshop, but it is highly recommended that participants purchasing mats reserve one in advance, as this is the only means to guarantee availability.

Participants should wear shoes during the portion of the instruction in which they are sitting on their mats. In that position, rubbing the skin of the feet, especially the heel, against the floor is not recommended. This sitting-down position is the precursor to more agile possibilities of performing the magical passes for not-doing which will be discussed and taught in the future. For this reason, it is extremely important that the magical passes performed in a sitting-down position be executed as accurately and as forcefully as possible, something that cannot be done without shoes.

The Tensegrity instructors recommend that women wear light slacks or shorts, rather than skirts, since part of the instruction will be carried out with practitioners lying on their backs.

It is also recommended that participants bring a jacket, in case they feel cold during or after the practice of the magical passes for not-doing which will be carried out in a lying-down position.

To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:05:24 EST

Pomona Not-Doing Workshop
February 7th & 8th, 1998

by Fred Turnbuckle and Bab Lynn Inanities


The Fairplex Convention Center, located in the rolling hills of Pomona, California, east of  Los Angeles, was the site of an intensive two day seminar and workshop on Tensegrity organized by Cleargreen, Incorporated. Early the Friday before, another in a series of El Niño storms dropped buckets of rain on the LA area, closing down freeways for a while  and making the hour drive from LAX an adventure for some of the attendees who flew in.

Fortunately, Pomona is located on higher ground and didn't suffer the flooding some of the lower lying areas to the west and north did. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, the bulk of the storm had blown inland leaving the air refreshingly clear. The lush  greenery and flowers surrounding the convention center complex stood out with rain- washed clarity, and the colors of sunset were in eye-popping contrast to the previous  grayness of the day.

Saturday morning

The next morning broke sunny blue and warm as workshop participants made their way to  Building 5 on the Fairplex grounds. It was a short walk for those in the Sheraton, which was a stone's throw away, and a drive of several miles for those in surrounding hotels.  Building 5 was a large rectangular structure with a round Quonset hut looking roof and a  tan facade. Along the top, running the length of the building, was a row of those whirly  bulb-like exhaust fans spinning merrily in the morning breeze.

Almost a thousand attendees filed past the security folks and their metal-detecting paddles  into the huge cavernous space where tables were set up immediately inside to check  people in. Plastic reddish-pink-orange ID badges were issued along with yarn strings to hang them around the neck. The concrete floor past the tables was marked off with white tape in rectangles for attendees to lay down on their mats in while practicing the not-doing  passes. As at the previous LA workshop, large, slightly concave projection screens were set up -- three evenly spaced along each of the two long walls -- and three platforms had  been positioned down the middle of the hall.

On the center platform a podium had been set up facing the entrance to the southeast.  Attendees milled about, checking out the bookstore tables to the right of the entrance,  greeting friends, and generally settling in for an hour or two. Eventually Lorenzo Drake went up to the podium, welcomed us to the workshop, and made a few announcements. He said a workshop was being planned for the beginning of August this year which would  cover The Wheel of Time series. He also mentioned the availability of the 30th  anniversary edition of Castaneda's first book, The Teachings of don Juan, which contained a new section called Author's Commentaries.

He told a little story about the editor at Washington Square Press that was responsible for  the new commentary. Apparently this woman spent days and days reading and re-reading what Castaneda had written but couldn't understand any of the concepts. She sent it back  to Castaneda's literary agent saying that the type of thing she wanted to have in the new commentary were things like, 'What have you been doing in the last 30 years?' and, 'Do you have any children?', etc.

The manuscript sat on the editor's desk until the publication date became imminent.  Carlos did not submit another commentary. The editor's boss pressed her to take what  Castaneda had already written, which is what the publisher finally did. Lorenzo concluded  his story by mentioning that the editor has since had a nervous breakdown.

Shortly after Lorenzo's announcements, around 10am, Florinda walked in from a side entrance beaming happily at the crowd as she strolled over and stepped up on the platform to the podium. Most everyone was now either to one side or in front of the platform.  Those sitting on the floor stood up and there was a warm round of applause.

"I am Florinda Donner-Grau," Florinda said as the applause died down.

She welcomed us to the 33rd Tensegrity seminar and workshop, the first of which was  held in 1994. Before that they had met with people in informal groups but hadn't gotten  anywhere, so they decided to teach in a more formal, regimented fashion. She went on to  give a short history of how the teaching of Tensegrity had come about.

It all started when Carol came back and changed everything. Her return was an  unprecedented occurrence in the lineage of the sorcerers up to that point. She had apparently left with don Juan's party ten years before, thus fulfilling her role as the Nagual woman of Castaneda's party.

Carol's sudden reappearance was quite a shock and threw open doors energetically for all of them as far as what was possible. It also confirmed once and for all that the four of them -- Florinda, Taisha, Carlos and Carol -- were in fact the end of don Juan's lineage.

Carol's return is what gave them the energy and motivation to publicly open up and reveal  the secrets of the sorcerers' world which they had been so meticulously taught by don Juan and his party of warriors. Carol's return meant there was no longer reason to keep their knowledge of the magical passes veiled in secrecy.

The challenge for them had been to take the four separate individualized lines of passes they had been taught and render them usable to anyone, while removing a certain morbid  aspect that lingered from the mood of the sorcerers of ancient Mexico who had originally discovered the passes in their dreaming practices.

This is where the Energy Trackers and Elements came in. Their work over several years is what enabled a transformation of the passes into what we now know as Tensegrity, and  allows them to be taught to anyone who is interested.

There's currently a new configuration of two instructors that will be teaching the not- doing passes, in addition to Miles and Zaia. Their names are Nuri Alexander and Haley  Alexander Van Austin. These two are the same, not because they look alike but because  their energy is exactly the same. The team of Miles and Zaia are referred to as 'Awareness through Harmony'. The team of Nuri and Haley are referred to as 'Awareness through Sameness'.

"We believe the ancient sorcerers knew of such an occurrence, but don't think that don Juan or the 27 generations of sorcerers before him ever saw it," Florinda said concerning  Nuri and Haley. "The effect of these two is so powerful that we guarantee that everyone  will feel the effects of the not-doing passes because of them. If not today, then after you leave the workshop."

Even Carlos feels the impact of Nuri and Haley leading the not-doing passes. When he is  with them they apparently have a dramatic effect on his awareness. He says they take him  and smash his head into the ceiling again and again until it goes into the attic and he  reaches a new level of awareness. He has gone into fits of rage over their effect on him  because he's too old to be affected by these young people! Florinda thinks what Carlos is really mad about is change, though. None of us really like to change.

She went on to say that they had thought the not-doing passes taught in August were the  final versions but, as happened to don Juan and Julian before him, the more they focused on remembering the not-doing passes in order to teach them, the more complete versions  of the forms slowly emerged. In the past, the not-doing passes were taught to disciples in  order for them to reach a new level of awareness. After this enhanced level of awareness  was achieved, the not-doing passes were immediately forgotten until the need arose for them to be recalled and taught to others in turn by the next generation.

Florinda commented that The Series of the Five Concerns which we were about to learn,  nicknamed the Westwood Series for where it was originally taught, was a very important series, one which was extremely complementary to the practice of the not-doing passes. It  stirred up energy in all directions. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico, and those who came  after, all considered the unique saturation engendered by the Westwood Series to be vital in performing the passes for not-doing.

After Florinda concluded her short lecture, which she read primarily from notes (much to all the translators' relief -- they only had to ask her to slow down once :-), she departed  through the side entrance to enthusiastic applause.

The almost one thousand attendees then spread out across the huge room after a short break and took their places around the three platforms. Three Elements -- Brandon, Jules and Gavin -- walked out and took their places. Brandon, on the center platform with the live mic, then led in the instruction of the individual Westwood Series passes as portrayed  in the book, Magical Passes.

Before completing the series, there was a two hour lunch break, at which point attendees filed out into the bright sunshine of a beautiful southern California day in search of food.

Saturday afternoon

After lunch and a few words from Lorenzo, some of which were about the availability of a Vivaldi CD at the bookstore tables in back that participants would really appreciate after this evening, Taisha came out to speak.

She introduced herself by saying, "I am Taisha Abelar."

She went on to explain that for the last six months, since the August workshop, she's been Ann Marie Carter, one of three stalking personalities. The other two are Anna Maria  Cordova and Sheila Walters. Taisha wanted to give us an example of the all inclusive  world that is created when a stalker enters into another persona. She told a story of what  had happened to her recently.

Anne Marie promised a friend of hers that she would put up some kitchen cabinets. She  got involved in the measuring, figuring of angles (few of which were 90 degrees), figuring the height of the cabinets, collecting and computing a long list of numbers. She then went to a giant cabinet wholesaler and worked through the dizzying array of cabinets they had  available. After all this was done, Ann Marie wanted to treat herself to lunch.

Taisha at this point explained that Ann Marie treats herself very, very well. She used to  go out and Carlos would wonder what Ann Marie was treating herself to now.

"If he only knew!" Taisha exclaimed.

Ann Marie went to a very nice restaurant down by the ocean, and was seated at a table. The harried waitress ran over, gave Ann Marie a menu and said, "It doesn't matter how  bad my day is, a sorcerer walks in and I'm walking on a cloud."

The waitress was gone in a flash to wait on another table. Ann Marie thought to herself, 'What? Who is she talking about?' She looks around and sees a man behind her and  wonders if that is the sorcerer the waitress is talking about, but decides, 'No, he doesn't have the lean look of a sorcerer.' As Taisha related this part of the story she gestured around her lower midsection to indicate a paunch or a big ass.

When the waitress comes by again, Ann Marie says, "Excuse me, what was it you said to  me before?"

The waitress again says, "It doesn't matter how bad my day is, a sorcerer walks in and I'm walking on a cloud."

All of a sudden, as if through a haze, Ann Marie remembers something. She remembers  Taisha Abelar as if Taisha is a dream. Ann Marie asks the waitress if she has ever been to  a seminar (not mentioning what type of seminar she is talking about).

The waitress says, "Oh yes, I've been to two of them."

The waitress then starts asking Ann Marie questions about recapitulation, but Ann Marie  is clueless to help her. She knows that Taisha knows all about it and is desperately trying to bring Taisha back but because she is so deeply 'in' Ann Marie, she can hardly remember anything, and ends up being of little help to the waitress.

She doesn't want to disappoint the waitress and tries to be Taisha. She skips desert because Taisha never eats sugar, and even ends up picking at some lettuce and a  hamburger patty when what she really wanted, and the whole reason she had gone to that  restaurant, was the hazelnut torte.

Taisha went on to explain that what we need to move the assemblage point from one  persona to the other is FLUIDITY, ENERGY and DETACHMENT.

She said the reason they all called don Juan the old Nagual is that he had four separate personas, one of which was unique to each disciple. Taisha believed that he could live an  entire lifetime in one of those personas, but he was fluid and switched between them as he  saw fit. For Taisha he was John Michael Abelar, for Carol he was Melchior Yowkeeskay, for Carlos he was Juan Matus, and for Florinda he was Mariano Aureliano.

Taisha went on to talk about our names, how we learn to identify with them, how they pin us down. She pointed out that many of us are named after someone else, and with that  name often come expectations to be like the person we're named after. She said that we  are stuck in the persona we create for ourselves, that we are attached to our names and family history. We will go to great lengths to explore our family tree and talk proudly of  great uncle Omar, the pioneer. Taisha told us that there is a company that will for a fee guarantee finding royalty in your family tree.

'Dona Perfecta' by Benito Perez Galdos is a novel Taisha went on to talk about. It's been  translated into English, but the Spanish version is better. Cleargreen wanted to get it to offer at the bookstore but it's out of print. They're looking at re-publishing it so they can have it available in the future.

It's the story of a 'perfect woman'. A woman who in her own eyes can do nothing wrong. Everyone around her makes mistakes and it is dona Perfecta's self-appointed responsibility  to 'help' these people, trying to get them to behave in her 'perfect' way. Taisha says she keeps a copy of the book by her bedside and reads it every night (sparingly, of course,  because it's painful to see oneself).

Taisha also read from notes during her short lecture, but not quite as much as Florinda had  (which Florinda mainly did for the benefit of the translators). Her notes were more of an outline which she glanced at from time to time while pacing around behind the podium telling stories. Florinda had started things out on a somewhat concrete level, then Taisha launched off from her foundation into the abstract.

Taisha concluded her short lecture and left through the side entrance.

After her talk, the three Elements completed showing the individual Westwood passes, then led us in the long form version, which had been changed slightly since it was last shown at Omega in October and LA in August.

After repeating the long form several times we took a break, after which a serious spreading out of the participants began. It was dim-the-lights, roll-out-the-mats, time!  The six huge video projection screens came alive, and shortly thereafter Nuri and Haley  walked out to the center platform. When everyone was settled in, like a bunch of extras  on some strange movie set, the lights in the arched ceiling dimmed and light shown on the center platform revealing on-screen the image of Nuri and Haley laying down wearing dark sunglasses.

Nuri gave a short talk. She spoke eloquently and passionately, in a calm sort of way,  about what had become the Elements and Energy Tracker's primary motivation -- the enhancement of awareness. Everything else in their daily lives was secondary to this  single-minded pursuit. It was their purpose.

"This is how we live. We don't do one thing and say another. This is our life."

She then led instruction of The Legs Rule Vitality.

The next not-doing series to be taught, Unbending Purpose, was led by Haley. Before doing so she spoke briefly about vitality and awareness and how enhanced awareness  heralds true behavioral change. She also spoke of the explosive, eruptive nature of the revised versions of the passes, saying they were more appropriate to our time.

As participants filed out for the dinner break, there was little doubt that this was going to  be an 'intensive' seminar/workshop. People walked off in different directions looking for  food; some to the van pulled up on the right side of the building, some to the Sheraton for  its restaurant, or Cleargreen sponsored buffet set up in nearby rooms, others drove off to  points unknown as the sun slowly set on a graying southern California sky.

Saturday evening

During the dinner break it began to rain. The Los Angeles area was catching the southern part of yet another El Nino inspired storm. Workshop attendees walked and trotted back into Building 5 with umbrellas, coats and other things over their heads, or in some cases, nothing at all. The sound of rain on the roof from inside the large hall was soothing.

As participants settled down on their mats, mostly thin blue ones, Nuri and Haley came out and got situated on the center platform, which was being projected onto the six video  screens. After a few minutes, the lights were dimmed.

On the handout attendees had been given, there were three series of not-doing passes listed. Nuri and Haley had been teaching them in reverse order from the list, so the first  one on the list was now being taught -- The Running Man.

Nuri made a few comments about the series before beginning. She said The Running Man series was sufficient in and of itself, that of the different not-doing series it was the most  important and could be practiced by itself. She said the shamans of ancient Mexico had discovered that what they considered 'filler' passes, ones that were done in between the  others, like the 'back' pass where one pulled one's feet back and held them tense to a count  of 20, were actually the most powerful. The ancient sorcerers had hence collected them together in The Running Man series.

Nuri said that performing The Running Man series delivered a weird, mysterious punch.  She went on to make a few comments about coveting awareness and vitality, then she and  Haley, wearing sunglasses as before, lay down and began instruction.

Very few words were used and very few questions were asked, perhaps two or three. The  mood was amazingly quiet for as many people as there were, all laying down moving their legs and feet to the sound of rain in the dimly lit hall. Looking up into the three-story high bowed ceiling, there was a certain tensegrity-like feel to its construction. The technique of using horizontal rods with turnbuckles had been employed to make the ceiling bow out, and on its inner surface there were offset braces which formed a diamond pattern painted black.

After going through The Running Man series a few times, Nuri sat up and explained that in ancient times The Running Man would sometimes be performed to sounds, whether  sounds of nature, such as wind or rain, or the sound of music. The speed and rhythm at which the passes were executed would be determined by the sound. The execution of the  passes would then become non-volitional, she said, and dictated by the sounds of nature or  whatever music was being played.

Nuri went on to say that we were now going to do The Running Man series one last time  to the music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons*. She made comments about the feet not often having a chance to experience joy and freedom, and that they would be ending The Running Man series on the next to the last piece so that we could listen to the end in silence and let our feet exult!

Or something like that . . .

She also sang a bit of verse from the song, 'Tomorrow'.

Some participants later commented that they weren't into classical music, or that it was too loud, but the sound quality in that cavernous space was superb. The music mixing with the steady down-pour of rain pounding on the roof was mesmerizing. A certain non- volitional movement indeed seemed to take over, and during the motionlessness of the last  movement almost a thousand pairs of feet exulted in the beauty of it all.

And old Lang died . . .

Sometime during the evening, a thousand-year-old oak tree in Encino fell over in the pouring rain.

Подпись автора

The Power of Silence



Sunday morning

The next day dawned mostly clear and fair. A podium was set up on the center platform  when attendees arrived, so they settled in on the floor in front and to the side of it. Lorenzo came out and made a few brief announcements, then left abruptly. One  participant was heard asking, "What the hell did he say?"

Shortly thereafter, Carol walked in to an enthusiastic standing ovation. She introduced  herself then said, "You brought the roof down last night!"

She explained that she was standing against the wall in back by the entrance watching us practice The Running Man series when suddenly a chunk of the ceiling fell on one of the  participants. He jumped up and started brushing himself off. Someone next to him turned  and said, "Wow, what kind of omen was THAT?"

Carol quickly and mischievously said to the audience, "I'm not going to go into that."

(Wonder if old Lang might have fallen around that time?)

Carol commented that it was weird to see people she loved up on the screens looking so strange and foreign, as if they were floating in the air with their dark sunglasses. (The not- doing pass instructors wore dark sunglasses because of the strong spotlights that were  trained on them.)

She went on to talk about Miles and Zaia, and the energetic configuration that they shared which made it possible for them to present the 'On the Run' series as a harmonious team. She called them Mila and Zaio and said that it was rare that a man and a woman could  work together with no underlying need for one to assert themselves over the other.

To illustrate her point she performed a quick skit where she played both the man and the woman talking to one another. She said that as soon as a man and woman are put in a  room together, something like the following takes place.

Woman: "Does he like me?"

Man: "I wonder if she notices me? Hey baby, you going with anyone?"

Woman: "No . . ."

Man: "Oh yeah? Really?"

Woman: "Yes, I've been saving myself for you."

On and on. Such deep-seated roles leave little room for getting away from a social competitiveness that always seems to lurk just below the surface. What Miles and Zaia  represent are a team that has done just that. They don't try to out-do each other or take  control, that's why they're referred to as 'Awareness through Harmony'. Carol said, as Florinda had regarding Nuri and Haley, that what Miles and Zaia were going to teach us later, the On the Run series of not-doing passes, would have a long lasting and powerful effect -- if not now, later.

Carol went on to say that it was amazing to see the participants learn the passes so quickly. Talk about mass!

"The four of us could never remember what don Juan showed us," she said. "He said that we were incapable of not only remembering but also of even thinking. The old Nagual  would show us a long pass and then say, 'Okay, now you do it.' We four would hem and  haw and one of us who was very articulate, I'm not going to mention names, but HE  would try to save us by buying time asking questions about the pass. He would say, 'Don  Juan, when you did that last movement, were you using your forearm or your wrist?' Don  Juan would look at him and say, 'I was using my arm, my wrist and my dick. Now do it!'"

Carol said that all she used to remember were don Juan's insults.

Don Juan's contention was that they couldn't remember anything. They couldn't conceive a complete thought or hold anything in their minds. Not only couldn't they remember the  passes, they couldn't concentrate long enough to think.

This state of scattered attention is due to a lack of energy, which is what the magical  passes help restore.

At one point Carol said, "You people must be sore."

She said it was okay to smile at your muscles. After that you could even smile at your liver, your adrenals, etc.

[Here are some interesting comments, after-the-event:
"It's called the Inner Smile meditation. Begin by getting a smiling feeling around the eyes, then the mouth, then let it spread down through the body -- first down the front line,  through the thyroid, thymus, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys/adrenals, spleen/pancreas, bladder  and genitals (there are a couple of alternate sequences that could be done -- slightly different order of organs). Then the middle line through the entire alimentary tract, then  down the back line through the brain and spine.

"The purpose is to cultivate the positive virtues associated with those organs according to  five-element theory. Also, it's to cultivate health in all the organs by sending them positive thoughts, i.e. to focus one's intent on health and feeling good rather than on sickness, as a  way of changing unconscious negative internal dialogue. Also consider -- 'The qi follows  the yi' (classical saying) -- the energy goes wherever you focus your attention and intent, so you can bring healing energy to any of your organs."]

Carol said they live minute-to-minute and see each day with awe and wonder; each moment is precious.

"Even if it is a bad day," she said, "it is a splendid day, and we love it."

Carol said they always thank those who are important to them.

"Because each day is so precious," she said, "we thank those around us who we may never  see again. Thank you. Sorcerers also say good bye. Another corny saying -- Aufwiedersehn."

With this sentiment, Carol concluded her short lecture and walked out the side entrance.

When the applause died down and attendees had spread out once again, the three Elements returned and reviewed the Westwood series passes. Following that, Nuri and Haley came out and reviewed The Legs Rule Vitality and Unbending Purpose till the lunch break.

Sunday afternoon

After lunch, the remaining part of the afternoon which concluded the workshop, consisted of Miles and Zaia teaching the 18 unnamed On the Run series, or Run of the Running Man  passes. These passes would later be broken up into groups of three, each of which would  be book-ended by a set of 'opening and closing' passes. The twelve 'opening and closing'  passes were taught at once, as were the 18.

In the end, the 18 were performed not in the order they were taught, but in the order of the Sorcerers' Code with the 'opening and closing' passes bracketing them into groups of three. This series of 30 passes was then performed four times through, vocal cues  alternating in each round between Miles and Zaia, till 4pm or so rolled around.

On this focused and silent note, the workshop came to a close.

* Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra with Claudio Abbado Conducting and  Gidon Kermer on Violin, copyright 1981, #431 172-2.

[NOTE: Our recollections of this workshop are far from complete and not necessarily  accurate. We did not take notes during the lectures, and few were taken afterwards.  What we have striven to do is bring back as much as possible energetically. We have had  some success in doing this, but have a long way to go. We both feel there's a fair amount  of stuff missing, and further, that there was a lot more going on than met the eye.]

To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 17:17:21 +0100

I just want to share some of my notes on last seminar.

Feb. 7th - Morning:  Lecture by Florinda Donner-Grau

Florinda was smiling, she seemed to be in her best mood. She was reading written notes. A translator asked her to talk slowly and she commented: "Now I will be even more boring" (Or something like that). When she stated that they are the last link of Don Juan's lineage I felt that it's true and that there are energetic reasons for that (although I don't know them). She said that this was their 33rd workshop; they started on 1994. As soon as CT returned, they started to teach the movements in small groups, but then they realized that it wasn't the right move, so they continued to teach them in formal seminars.  The team of instructors that teach the first three series of not-doings is called: "Awareness through the same". These two beings are not similar, they are the same being (although they don't even look similar). Don Juan told Carlos about this kind of beings, but C. forgot about it because he had never met anyone like that. 

They call them: "Double blast". She wasn't supposed to tell us, she said, but our attention forced her to. When Carlos gets in touch with the two girls performing the not-doings, he gets angry because he's moved. He said that he's too old for that. Carlos still gets angry, and his rage is terrible, being a nagual.. but he can detach himself from it very easily. This team affects deeply all of them, and it will affects us too. She said that we may feel that during the seminar of after the seminar, but we will surely feel it. Florinda said that Carlos is rearranging his world, he's busy doing something else. She is sure that he will make it (to do what he has to), because now he is only a being that he's going to die... he doesn't have anything else. Florinda also told us that our luminous egg should be covered by a sheen of luminosity but it is not because of the wear and tear of everyday life. Our daily turmoil is due to our nasty behavioral patterns. She wasn't going to talk us about it, because her lectures are supposed to be very abstract. Taisha and Carol will talk about it. But, she said, an example of a nasty behavior is: "Do you like me?".

Feb. 7th - Nuri and Hailey:  (Awareness through the same)

They spoke in an alternative fashion during this day. They said that the ancient sorcerers had a pattern of behavior: what is the best thing to do for a being that is going to die. They said that the purpose in life is to allow individual awareness to expand itself. The Blue Scout said that it took her a long time to realize that vitality and awareness are the only things that matter. She said that the only thing that sustain the people who are teaching tensegrity is tensegrity. When she was teaching the series: "The running man" she stated that these passes are to be done as if there is no tomorrow: She sang a little song: "There is no tomorrow (3) today".

I found that they were exactly as Don Juan's party members would be today. For instance, they had the same mood: light and joking but stern and cutting at the same time.

Feb. 7th - Afternoon: Lecture by Taisha Abelar

She said that the not-doings will have a beneficial effect on us and it will continue after the seminar, it will be a permanent change. Don Juan had 4 different personalities, for his 4 disciples. T.A. also has different personalities, she talked about multiple personality. During the last 6 months she entered a different personality, until yesterday. Yesterday (Friday) she was in a big store, where they sell cabinets, iron and wooden materials, and so on. In that personality she's a woman who enjoys working, she doesn't like to spend money, she chooses the cheapest things. Then she went to the restaurant next to the store and a girl (the waitress?) exclaimed: "I could be on my worst day, but when I see a sorcerer I walk on clouds." T. looked around, there was only a man in the restaurant, but he didn't look like a sorcerer. So, she realized that she was talking about Taisha, and she vaguely remembered to be Taisha.

She asked the girl if she had attended some seminar, and the girls replied yes, she was very enthusiastic about it, and she asked something about recapitulation. But Taisha at the moment was not Taisha and she didn't know anything about recapitulation. So she changed subject and she started to talk about the cabinets in the store. The girl looked very disappointed. T. said that it's very important to change our name, in order to be fluid. When we were born our parents chose our names, filling us with expectations. In order to free ourselves from the weight of our names we should use different names, different personalities. She also talked about a book, "Dona Perfecta" (does anyone remember the author's name?) It's about a woman who thinks she's perfect, she's beyond any criticism. We are all like that, especially women.

Feb. 8th - Morning: Lecture by Carol Tiggs

CT was very warm during her lecture and she seemed to be moved. She talked about the team "awareness through harmony" formed by Zaia and Miles ( but now their names are Zaio and Maila??). They are like two acrobats; they perform the movements to perfection and they risk to die any moment. She ended up saying that she, CC, TA and FD are at a stage of the game which Carlos defines as: "I live moment by moment" (or something like that). Any moment is wonderful, no matter what happens, because you can't waste your last moment on anger, worry, etc...

Feb. 8th - Zaia and Miles:

Zaia said that this series never changed because it's the cornerstone of not-doings. Miles said that "awareness through harmony" means that awareness takes on a special value when you are with someone with whom their is only harmony, no need of competition. Then awareness flows. He said that this awareness will flow through us as well. I was fascinated by Miles and Zaia's dramatic mood. They were extremely concentrated, as two acrobats risking their life, indeed.  I guess it's because there is too much power flowing through them, so they cannot afford any mistake. I was very surprised by the fact that during their performance there were people walking around, going to the toilette, etc.. The energy that was flowing at that moment was so intense and pure.. Probably not everyone was feeling what I was feeling.


To: The Ixtlan Mailing List
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 23:46:30 PST

How fluid are you Pomona? (HFAYP)
#1 in a series

Hello Warriors, I am Juan Jose Yera. This is a narrative of what I saw at Pomona. Thanks to every one that has posted on this topic. I hope I  don't repeat too much of your stuff. I hope I can convey the impact it  had on me. Since It did have such a profound impact, I wanted to tell the whole story, what led up to It and immediately after. My notes consisted of six sentences so I hope I have it right. It's funny how Pomona was so many things to so many people. Thanks to all the fine warriors I met there. My heart soars. Welcome to all the newcomers on IML from the  Pomona workshop.

To start, I want to state that I think that New Nagual and his  cohorts, along with the staff at Cleargreen are participants in a warriors maneuver of great proportions. We, all of us on this journey, contrary to what some of us believe, are in fact members of a warrior party, apprentices on a journey. The quest for freedom. I have  understood that this group is being directly guided by a careful and  impeccable plan perpetrated by the "New Seers". The instrument of this  plan is of course Cleargreen. If you have the ears to hear then fine. I have stopped counting coincidence a long time ago.

I had been to other seminars and knew the mission of the Cleargreen staff. To saturate us with Tensegrity. I decided to take a different  approach this time. What I decided to do was to start my saturation the week before the seminar. I doubled my Tensegrity intake for the  week. It was indeed a very special time for me at an energetic level. The whole week went like clock work. Every single thing fell into place. With no exceptions. Everything flowed from one event to the next virtually with out seams. Even the a car I rented, to my surprise,  was the exact model of the car I drive.

The flow continued as I drove to LA. This flow of course was in the form of the most torrential down  pour imaginable. As I climbed the Grapevine over the mountains going  south on I-5 I was not deprived of anything on this trip up to and  including a giant port-a-potty laying on its side in the middle of the road. I could have died that day but some other thing awaited me. With all the wind and the rain buffeting my car I thought to my self, "Now  the shit has really hit the fan" I arrived in LA and made some stops  to pick up my room mates for Pomona. A veritable UN. That night we did Tensegrity. All the passes we all knew and of course it was a bit  strange as one can imagine the normal disagreement as to whether the circles go forward or  back. However, we managed and had a rip snoring time:)

The next day turned out to be a perfect day. We all went to the workshop. Five of us by now. The arrival was typical, the Number  Givers, registration, the stinking badges, the wand wavers, the bag searchers, and of course the same two Walmart greeters checking badges.  At the entrance, milling around, was a plethora of men women and  children(yes children) all of different races and nationalities. Something was different about the souvenir stand this time. It was mostly manned with the Tensegrity instruction staff. Doing normal work,  if you can imagine that formidable energy eater Kylie counting T-shirts  and Miles working the credit card machine. They were very preoccupied  with their tasks. Very detached.

This brings to mind our continuing preoccupation with what is seen as the commercial nature of the Warriors Way. However, my questions and  conclusions about this are clear. As modern warriors engaged in an impeccable task, providing a service, the whole organization is acting as impeccable merchants and service providers. Where in this world can you go and get such a service for  free? No where! Salaries must be paid, rents are due, insurance,  utilities, travel, salaries of persons needed prior to, payment of time spent preparing for the work shop, security costs. I am sure the list  goes on. I can't imagine that anyone here could afford to dedicate the  time these people do and then not get paid. That is of course  not-doable. Can anyone here get along with out income in today's world? No, we can't. So I have vanquish my thoughts about these things. These activities are what sustain me. My life now  revolves around the sorcerers world, longing to be more and more a part of it each day. They (and I) see their world as a good bargain at any price.

Lets say any of us out there, an architect for example. Can he or she do his or her job without a calculator, rulers, paper drawing pads? No again. The tools that I need to bring me closer to my goals are sold at the store of infinity(cryptic  name isn't it). Books, Teflon balls, BB-bags for inner silence, even my recapitulation pen was something that I know was meant just for me.  Intended as warrior's tools. Where else can I get these tools?  Nowhere. How many of us don't wear a T-shirt a ball cap, most of us do. Why not spend my money to support that which I want to make grow? I love my TENSEGRITY HAT. I get silent when I wear it. An outward sign of my  practice. But then also an enigma to those that read it. My warriors uniform so to speak. So again I see all of this as an impeccable maneuver on the part of the Cleargreen organization to create a new  intent in the world. There primary mission is the warriors way, not  money. It would be like saying that the primary mission of the church in their, heart of hearts, is money (OK maybe wrong example) but you know what I mean.

So finally drifting past the souvenir stand and buying a book signed by the Nagual(seven dollars cheaper than at B. Dalton Booksellers). I find my spot. I, inadvertently, stopped right on it. I turned around and saw the now familiar sign that tells me I'm on track. I read it, right on the wall, a big red nine. I knew I had chosen right. So I marked it for the duration. Cause as we will see  later, it's a predatory universe in there.

Of course the announcer, Lorenzo Drake, came out and announced "the schedule as published had been change"... Duh. This is something that  seminar goers have seen every time. How fluid are you Pomona? Lorenzo  was attired all in black, in what seemed to be a wintering over parka. It's length, fell down below his knees.  Either he was engaged in some stalking maneuver, or he was making a hell  of a fashion statement. Not until now did I ever understand that these  changes in schedule were being used to jolt my immobility. To make me not so sure of what was going to happen next. This to me was the start of the message of fluidity.

We were all asked to gather around the podium for a lecture. My memory  is flawed and can only remember sporadic sayings, but my feelings and understanding of the impact of the statements and actions made during  the lectures is unmistakable. The three cohorts of the Nagual, in my  opinion, have changed dramatically. They have sort of gotten more homogenous. They are more like each other. They all seemed "Taisha Like". Florinda's "mask", if I can call it that, was now of a  patient, deliberate, and articulate person where before she had been as if spun up like a top. Her words were slow careful and droning. A totally new person not the Florinda that I had seen before at all. Taisha was more secure, more strong, her voice seemed more steady. And Carol was more emotional, not the sure thing that I  had seen before. Not Dona perfecta.

The morning lecture was by Florinda, she seemed more sober somehow. Her talk was about the same topics that are always enumerated. The  luminous ball, the assemblage point, the glow of awareness. Explanations of the terms that are so familiar but terms we all love hearing about again and again. She did not say "bored fuck" or talk  about condoms at all. Again I would say that she was very different than she normally had been. The extent of her fluidity was overwhelming. She in her presentation was some other person. The discipline and change she showed us was more significant than her  droning of the Castaneda litany. Her doing spoke louder than her words  to me and to others in the party.

The moment of truth finally came and we started our Tensegrity.  Between the two days we were taught the Westwood series individual  passes and the long forms. So how fluid are you Pomona? Yes, they have changed again. Resistance is futile. The Instruction staff again seemed to be carrying out a careful plan of constant change. They seem  to accept the changes as a mater of need. Change was essential and a matter of course. I will attempt to write the changes at a latter posting.
END #1

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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 11:29:59 PST

#2 HFAY Pomona JJY

It seemed that El Nino and the witches had gotten together to drive the  point home.

At about 1048, with out finishing the 5 concerns, we started with the  passes for not doing. These passes were taught by the blue scout and I believe the person known as the orange scout. Two beings, it is  reported, that the nagual thinks identical in every way. It is claimed that when he practices these movement with them his assemblage  point moves automatically. He ends up "going through the roof". And  apparently a lot of the practitioners did as well, as we will see. The  attraction that this being has for me is remarkable. She just does not seem human. One of the cohorts took the words right out of my mouth when she said they "looked like some exquisite, exotic creature" projected up on those screens. This is a reference to the fact that  through a series of movie cameras they project the images of the demonstrators on giant screens all around the room.

It was pouring rain out side. You could hear the water flowing through the pipes and on the curved surface of the building. The passes  for not doing are completely different than what was taught in LA last  summer. How fluid are you Pomona? I really can't remember the first set taught but I think it was The legs rule vitality (thanks Jo and Turnbuckle for clearing that up). However, like I said, same name -  different passes. Just a note about the passes they seem to get more  natural, more refined every time. More perfected and flowing. Simplicity it self. It seems that the big plan is being followed even in the doling out of passes. "We shall teach no pass before its time" seems to be the call.

The passes for not doing were truly magical. While doing these passes, at times, I actually felt like I was seeing my double sitting in front of me. I became conscious of this during The Legs Rule Vitality  #24 A strike to the clavicle... My kinesthetic memory seems to have improved from that awkward day at Westwood when they said OK form around the stages and give yourselves some room. When they demonstrated those  first movements, I was ecstatic. This whole new world of possibilities opened up to me and only now after two years of practicing them is the impact finally starting to sink in

Lunch the first day came and went. One of my roommates got a $99.00  refund from his hotel:) It did not seem as if there were as many people practicing the passes in groups as at other seminars.

The afternoon lecture was Taisha, She was marvelous. Her message to  me was again fluidity and in a round about way she let me know it is not an easy thing. She recounted, as some others have posted, her episode at the restaurant. In not so many words she let me know that she was not able to flow from one stalking character to the other with out some  difficulty. It was difficult to pull herself from her current stalking position back to Taisha when approached by the waitress.

Again her  demeanor was smoother than normal. A friend of mine says that It was  not her verbal message that was keeping him at the edge of his seat but her gesticulating which was a flowing movement. She seemed more in control some how rather unexplainable to me. Her basic message being  "fluidity, energy and detachment" After the lecture we continued with the blue scout. Again her hypnotic  voice was haunting. She sang us a song to the tune of "Yes We Have No Bananas" It said "Yes there is no tomorrow, there is no tomorrow today". This is curious in light of the recent thread on warrior songs and the  movement of the assemblage point. She also said that we will arrive at  awareness and vitality from these magical passes. We continued with Unbending Purpose. All the passes done by the blue scout were done both  in a sitting position and in a prone position. Some time during these  sessions with the blue scout my eyes crossed and seemed to stay that way.

It was actually a nuisance to have to stop one pass to start the other. Why? Because I and many other people in the hall were shadow gazing. The exquisite roof of the hall, the passes, and the scouts united to deliver several different effects on different people. I, was distinctly in two places, at once, on the ground and in the rafters. My awareness was in both places at the same time. I could feel the cold floor under my elbows and was so close to the rafters I could touch them. Latter on, my roommate, seeing that on several occasions I had reached up to grab something mentioned it and we both realized that we were both seeing the same thing. Except he felt like the roof had come down to him and I  thought I had gone up to the roof. There were announcements to the  effect that, some people had stood up and as they did had to brush some of the roof off of their clothes. This Indeed has had a profound and lasting effect on me. To this day I still have not turned into the complete asshole that is customary days after the seminars. Indeed the changes from the passes/experience have turned into a permanent effect. The flow from, here and here, was rather easy to sustain during the first day.

After supper we did The Running Man. They were indeed remarkable. One  period of these passes was done with abandon no counting just doing them  at different speeds and intensity chosen by the practitioner, and then we did them to Vivaldi. Lucky for me they were selling the sound track at the store cause I have no memory for music. Just a comment about the  music. I feel that the cohorts have always advocated no music in the  background because it calls you. It takes you away from what you are doing. I use ear plugs except when doing the passes specifically to  music. Like Silvio Manuel's Passes and The running Man. One thing I  recommend is don't learn the music. Leave it as something unknown and outside of your self. Don't learn the words to "You Only Live Twice, or  the Music from the LA not-doings. Let the sentiment take you fresh  every time. As has been mentioned, the last group of passes was done to  Vivaldi. Just as if they were made for each other. Who said you can't  dance to classical music! That night it rained cats and dogs. The  music and the water carried me away. END #2

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Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 15:43:00 PST

HFAYP # 3 Hi I am Juan Jose Yera. This is what I saw the last day of the seminar at Pomona

Sunday morning was a nice cloudy day. My predilection is for cloudy,  foggy days. Everything was on track. First thing in the morning we  finished the 5 concerns and learned the long form. At the end of the long forms is when I entered the dark sea of stupidity. As I mentioned in the first post it is a predatory universe  in there. Before I continue, I want to thank who ever it was that this  story is about for giving me this understanding. You were the Petty tyrant of my most fluid of days. Looking back this story it gets rather humorous so tighten your belt.  As soon as we finished the Westwood long forms it was going to be time  to do the "mat" thing again. One of my roommates had been next to me  the whole time. So you can imagine that I had found my niche, and all was fine with the world.

It just so happened that he went of to the bathroom. Being the new-bee seminar  goer that he was he left and did not mark his spot. I was fiddling with  the mats and when I turned around, there she was, the Angel of Death. She had just thrown her mat onto the spot where my friend had just been! How fluid are you Pomona? I courteously informed her that the spot was taken. She let me know "well that's too bad, there was no mark here". We amiably exchanged a few words. I tried my  most pleading voice. To no avail. I was in shock.

The only thing that I could think of doing was to scream "You fucking  bitch." and grab her little foam mat and fling it across the auditorium  and say with my best Scar Face accent "Oh yea, well how do you like that shit." I was devastated. The fluidity that had lasted me for over a  week had now finally and tragically come to an end. I was out of  control. Luckily Alex, on the other side of me, defused me, calmed me  down, with just a few words, enough for me to see straight (Thanks). But I was raging. I was "IN A SEPARATE REALITY". My  internal dialog was going a mile a minute. After what seemed an eternity, we finally started the last sets of the Not-Doing passes with Mila and Ziles(SP). I was still having problems concentrating. As we continued - I became less agitated. I was finally able to get a grip and determine a course of action. I decided, I would  point my ass in her direction and let go the smelliest, foulest, fart I  could muster. After the second or third one my internal dialogue was finally quieting down again. Eventually, I felt the joy of a mischievous child satisfied with a job well done. Then was I able to continue the passes with out any further interruption.  Again, if you are on these lists reading this, I thank you for shaking  up my smug little world and hope you got a laugh out of this one too  even If you did not smell my farts.

The passes of the Warriors code were fluid. They also had the ability  to continue my visions from the day prior. By the way most of the  passes were done with shoes on except The Running man. These passes were a bit more complicated and required more concentration. It seemed that the pass-leaders also drifted in and out as evidenced by their confused states on several occasions.

Lunch was light and we came back in early so that we could do some passes. I was relentless on those two days and tried to do Tensegrity  as much as I could with as much mass as I could persuade to do them with me. We did a bunch, and I sweat my but Off.

Carol Tiggs was the last speaker. She, also seemed more demure. But  the magic was obvious. Besides her making me see how critical and Don Perfecto I my self was, she showed me how impeccability could change a person as she herself had done. Two events happened almost sequentially were rather funny and mystifying to see. At one point in her speech she  was talking about having children. As she said "Have a Baby" or words  to that effect when her Microphone transmitter fell to the ground with a  thump. It was still attached to the mic, tucked into her shirt. It  gave the effect of giving birth to a dropping baby still attached by the umbilical cord. Quite a surprising effect. After she had her transmitter swapped out she approached the podium. As she put her hand out in a motion as if to pick up her water bottle the bottle moved along the top of the podium for what seemed to be almost a foot, apparently by  itself, pulled into her hand by some force. Illusion, freak event,  intent, I don't know. Just telling what I saw.

I think it was Carol Tiggs that said these The Running Man passes  along with the Five Concerns were all one really needed to reach  awareness and balance the body. Also alluding that If they do not, then  you must continue to do all the rest of the passes also. At her closing, she repeated a long quote by the Nagual having to do with the fact that all our undertakings should be accomplished with joy. That all our actions  should be undertaken in order to increase our joy. As she finished her quote one could hear the cracking in her voice.

After the lecture we went back to our mats and continued the Not-doing Passes the intricate, Code Of The Warriors of Ancient Mexico. We did those a bunch of times to the point of saturation. I must admit that I  can not in my everyday memory remember more that a few of them. But perhaps with time they will come. The  seminar ended on a quiet note with everyone(at least myself) walking out  in an exquisite state of inner silence.

Once we left we looked for one our roommates lost shoes to no avail and  departed on our rounds to drop them all off at their destinations. That accomplished, I started on my trip home.

One of the things that I love to do is to sing while I drive. I  sing my whole repertoire of world wide songs and catchy tunes. Most of  them have a sentiment that moves me to tears and laughter simultanously. I am filled with longing and the deep understanding that, I am alone.  The tears mirrored the torrential rains that fell outside. All of a  sudden flashing lights came speeding onto the freeway from the on ramp.  The only thing I could think of is "Oh my God I'm tripping" A Highway  Patrol car. It whizzed by and got in front of me. It slammed on the brakes and swerved in front of me. I was so far gone that I took me awhile to catch on. I thought perhaps "a crazed police man." I even  pulled over but he would have nothing to do with me. All the other cars followed behind me.

We all slowed down. I was at the head of the pack  with nothing in front except for the swerving police car. As those events unfolded in front of my eyes I heard a voice that said  "sobriety". All my tears instantly stopped and the rain slacked off.  The CHP Sped away on the off ramp. I fealt somehow detached, so I  pulled in and had the bigest meatyest hamburger I could get to center  me. It worked. Some of us might call the event the California Highway Patrol pacing the traffic or mere coincidence. I look back, and call  that - The Spirit

Again thank you to every one that I met and was able to interact with.  I owe you a debt of gratitude. This was a very personal view of the  events. If anyone can add to or remember something that they saw differently please write it and send it. "Just Do Them". YT Juan Jose.

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