I have been asked to share what happened in the recent Barcelona seminar. I would bring forth what I know, yet although intending brings me the voice of the seer within, I do not have it’s speech, which can only be registered by the ears of our ears.

Miles spoke of the main centers of energy that we would be dealing with during the workshop – all except that of the mind, of which nothing could be launched because our attention was not really here.

We circled the hall with light steps of nature, this way then that. We defied gravity, turning the body on. There was some grinding energy on the heals of the feet for balance and the axis breath was an importantly used pass, followed with a few backward shoulder rolls wherein the whole arm is used in pushing down to aid the exhale. The hips were  used in sways/thrusts; forw/back/sidew/diag to find our

center of balance for pending postural purposes. Feet were tilted to outer, then inner sides (knees apart then together), then were made to grip the floor with toes and ALL the muscles under the foot, awakening important centers of energy around the ankles and up the leg in doing so.

We had a good shake - there were some  young children doing this on stage with the instructors  at one moment -. Warming of hands, unmasking the face; pincers along brows, ears. A squeeze up the arms to the shoulders and an activation of the highest centre there for a bit, plus a shake again if desired.


1} Weight is on right foot. An Inscription of energy, a back to front s, is made with the Lfoot starting at 10 o'clock and finishing the tail behind, reverse direction; then right, l, r, l, r.

2} Rapid  flip forward of balls of feet, alt  to the front; like a soccer a pass.

3} Flick of knives of energy from the floor with base of feet onto opposing ankles, shins. A disc of energy is felt between the knees - actually a cone whose tip is at the perineum, That disc should be held up in place through the following passes and through life in general. There is one disc here and one at the waist.
The back of  the hands are facing in front, arms outstretched; they are swung back, outwardly, so the palms face up. Repeat.


1} A  left hand slide across the liver area diagonally, then right over pancreas.

2} Basically the first pass of dreaming in Westwood series; “loosening the AP with the arms” - but with more hip use, as in all these passes.

3} Left arm first from above the left shoulder to shoulder level of the energy body - like slapping a buddies shoulder.

4} From the same height but inward to decision center level; the arm twists inward until the palm is outward, thumb down.

5} Flat upward palm strikes from chest level up to slightly below shoulder level.

This upper wheel set is repeated in a slow fashion, or fast, or with a partner facing, or dancing


This pass never ends.

Horse stance - by feeling a cone of energy between the legs the practitioner activates unused muscles at the back of the thighs.

Inhale, exhale.

The left arm moves with shimmering hand across the horizon L to R; Right,

left, Right  - using the hips, one swivels all the way. The right hand is now on the extreme left but is quickly shot over to grab, from above shoulder height on the right, a  selection of energy from the inner crust of the luminous sphere we are, the left foot executes a strike across the right shin at the same moment. Facing the front again, the energy is applied to the liver.

What follows are six strikes to the right at decision level. Both feet are pivoted 90 degrees right, the back of the left wrist strikes, then the right repeats; similarly the base of the palms strike, and then a claw strike with the palm down follows in the same alternating fashion.

The left foot may swivel on the ball during the strikes for greater ease.

While facing right still a step left is made, then;  right and  left - moving the opposite arm with it’s hand shimmering  across the horizon, like skating. Bringing the right foot parallel, energy is grabbed at waist/chest  level  from the far left, on the outside of the body, with both  hands; the left is furthest left with the palm up and the right palm is facing down. There is a pivot 180 right while the arms circle around and above, counter clockwise, so that they land - as fists contract and close with force, palms up- in nearly the same place as they started out - but with the right arm out in front 90 degrees from the left arm.

The same movement of the arms is repeated but this time with a slide left of the feet, and this time in a gentle landing of the  forearms and closing of the fists. Another R, L, R, searching, tracking set of steps forward. Bring the left leg parallel and grab the energy as before, with open grasps,  from the left; this time quite a bit higher  -  above shoulder level. The energy is slammed like a bar diagonally onto the stagnant pile of energy that exists by the right thigh.

A pivot 180 to the right and the bashed energy is hauled around counterclockwise between the arms and hands, gathered up to above the left shoulder with the right hand, palm down, and to about  left hip level with the left hand, also palm down. The energy gathered is then broken with a quick exchange thrust of both arms and flipping of the wrists. The arms come above the head and the fingers, facing, gently patter the air downward, floating over  the facade we call  the body with a golden rain – our amber awareness.

The hands grab the sole of the right foot and pulls energy up to the waist level centers as the leg steps ahead. The left repeats. Kick step with the right a little kick straight ahead. strike ahead with both fists at shoulder/chest level..180 turn to the left, the left foot should now be ahead; circle wrists 3 times outwardly at solar plexus then push with the palms downward to abdomen level as the right foot is

brought level. Fists are circled again they and strike at shoulder height with the palms, this is with a step of the left. Strike again with a right step. Kicking high with the left leg - to the right slightly - and, using an inward arm swing,  the right hand slams over the toes as the foot reaches it’s zenith. This step/kick is repeated with the right. Step ahead with the left leg and another strike with the palms ahead.

A step ahead with the right foot is taken as energy is scooped from floor level with both hands/arms and a 180 turn to portside [left] is made with a pour from above the head.

Steps to the  R,L,R,L are made in another tracking walk with opposite arms, but this time leading with the left body in a sideways gait.

Right arm and leg should be to the fore now. One straightens up in combining a jump forward of the right leg and a left fist strike straight ahead. The move is reversed [l leg, r fist]...thats, two more jump/strikes. 180 to port . This is navigation. - The right foot (should be ahead) kicks back and lands, the left foot does the same but with the elbow striking back as well, right, elbow/foot repeats.

Left leg steps around and ahead 180 to starboard [right] as the right arm swings over, at almost full extension, grabbing a clump of energy at mid level. The entire arm with the fist maintained is then contracted up against the chest as the left palm strikes to the abdomen.

The move is accompanied with a pivot on the left heel.  Both feet swivel on their heels as the left hand, which is forward, makes a 180 starboard-side  grab at shoulder/chest height, the left leg and right hand then kicks and slaps in tandem

the energy you just isolated with the left hand. The left leg falls back behind the body after that high kick and the torso finds it's center of balance while the energy centers are absorbing some delicious energy.

Turn 90 degrees to starboard  as the arms rise overhead, palms facing, gathering the amber tide. Release the cloud/bundle and let it rain down amber, with  himmering hands towards you.

The pass can be done very low - crouching even, with the trousers rolled up to activate the calf and other lower leg energy centers; or it can be down very high; using the tiptoes at one or two obvious points.

In this pass one is dealing with the lines of the energy of the Earth. These lines coagulate and connect events if we are one with their intent; global Tensegrity practices, for example, can be enhanced through their intent.

On mat, sitting- activate soles- squeeze along toe bases- extract between toes- activate soles- fingers between toes- legs out, the buttocks and thighs are utterly flat- open toes-  toe and foot dips (toes dip down then foot; toes back up, then foot)- LRL, bend down (no force), breath- tap L to knee- up, repeat right- squeeze from feet to groin activating centers at ankles, shins, knees, thighs and pancreas/liver- tap to inner thigh- apply to Pancreas, pause; to liver, pause- on all fours, soles and palms fully engaged with the ground- nasal breaths- stand inhaling, grab ankles, exhale- to knees, vitals- fully up with 3 backward shoulder rolls- Move into the wheel of the feet, arms....if desired.

Raising Amber.

Sit on mat, soles close together- brushing  the arms for intending- hands up, down to mat, face down- gaze at hands , see; cleargreen, blue/violet, then amber- moving toes and feet gently in the amber liquid, it is felt like waves-  that amber is pulled like socks over toes to ankles, activate and inhale- repeat to shins, inner base of knees, stomach (feel the amber expand here to the periphery of the luminous sphere quaquaversally, that is; in all directions) and chest- the arms are raised overhead carrying amber/gold and  lowered  to the ground, feeling amber suffusing the entirety of the arms- hands face up on mat- gaze- gently gather  energy toward the body with both arms together, from behind and in front, 3 times,

rocking easily with the golden waves. The inhalation comes when the  arms are behind, and the exhalation when they are gathering inward.

The right body has a center of energy around 40degees to right of center at stomach level, about a foot and a half out. This can be manipulated using gentle movements of the fingers. Try it whilst waking up, said Nyei, instead of grumbling about the day’s coming problems. Explore with it, it is an instrument.

Pisses, pukes, and farts were elaborated on over and over again. My lack of satisfactionin details with what is accomplished may be, to some, recognizably pissweak; if I may be allowed an Aussie expression.


Perform; “Awakening the center of feeling”, then: The right hand is still on top of the left hand at pancreatic level after the final strike of the above move (from the first video); circle the whole right arm backwards with a forward left step, leaving the hand palm up next to the left hand. Full right step ahead with a large left arm inward circle (back and down) to the same position, palm facing down. Reverse

that last move and then the one before it [except that the left leg goes back behind, not to parallel]. The left palm should now be found next to the right hand, which is palm down.

The left leg comes up parallel as the hands come up in front of the face, palms forward; one then floats shimmering fingers down as low as possible to the ground, using a squat.

The left foot steps forward with the right arm going to the top left hand side of the energy body’s head, which is facing the practitioner. The right foot comes parallel with the left hand  moving in a mirroring of the right hand’s action; so that the top of the energy head is protected. With the right hand, form it’s left side down to the base of the neck, left. Acting in tandem the hands trace to the shoulders and round

the shoulders with wrist movements; inward, outward. The extended arms of the double are traced out, (here is Icarus); over and under to the armpits. The hands adjust so they trace down the trunk to waist level where the hips are formed using by using theleft hand to go around and form the buttocks as the right hand forms the groin, mirror. This is like twisting a horizontal disc, which it actually is, around and back. Palms are facing again as they trace the outsides of the legs only to the knees, where another in and out  rounding motion of the hands moulds the knees. The right arm swings back and comes soaring over the shoulder with the hand twisting inward, palm out. It strikes at the mid level of the energy body.

It gathers energy into its palm by turning the palm to face up at the heart level of the energy body which faces you. The heart is moulded with a little inward twist, then the right forearm swivels inward and down, close in to the right side of the torso; articulating with the elbow in a scooping action. The right hand should now be pointing down and facing out, next to the liver. It reverses back up and doesn't stop at the zenith but continues all the way down, making a full outward circle; it momentums on, but twisting the hand outwardly and finally stopping edge-on with the pinky finger before the eyes. The left mirrors this windmill-like pass. Wrists cross, and one gazes between the backs of the hands; they uncross, separating to a bit past shoulder width when, with a step forward of the left  leg, the practitioner forges the energy body in a waist level strike with the hands.

In a moment, the right leg simply steps up parallel and the body steps into, and absorbs, the energy body, or the energetic wake of the energy body.


One is seated on the mat as one’s link with intent is cleared with a brushing for intent on the arms. The second and third toes from the thumb are squeezed out from their bases and the energy thus extracted is flung aside. A spot is vibrated on both feet; about an inch down from the base of the little toes. Similar movements are repeated with the fingers, as in the last pass of Carol Tiggs passes for the womb in the book "Magical Passes" by Carlos Castaneda.

Kneeling and sitting on the feet, or with the legs to one side, facing the new moon; the practitioner’s index fingers and thumbs touch, completing an energy circuit of outward facing hands which are overhead. One spys the new moon through the triangle thus created and gazes thereupon. The arms in unison swing down  behind and complete the first of Taisha Abelar’s pass for the womb. The arms continue from the finishing position of that pass and lift to the original posture of gazing through the hands. The sequence is repeated twice more and then  completed by applying energy to the vital centers around the torso.

The seating position is conscientiously adjusted to the left at 90 degrees and the arms rise overhead wherein the first quarter moon is witnessed through lose open hands. The womb pass of Florinda Donner Grau, “Sphinx Paws” is accomplished on both sides but with a slight difference; that when the hands move across together (after the downward palm strikes) they don't return together and instead the figure eight is drawn with only one hand whilst the other is placed on it’s home-side hip; therefore the active hand will finish the eight on the opposite’s side and a  horizontal swoop returns it back home to apply energy over the womb or vital center.

Another re-orientation 90 degrees left and, after sitting, the aspirant stands and performs the last pass of Carlos’ second video, with exceptional differences: The full moon is gazed upon  in the reflecting surface of the shallow stream of awareness at the feet, where energy is raised to the chin. The hatch is opened and the energy led, with a movement of the chin away, toward the full moon and beyond it to the stars. That now laden energy is retrieved to the base of the neck.

There is an inhalation and exhalation and then comes the first of Carol Tigg’s womb passes; “Packing Energy on the Womb”. The reflection of the moon is beheld with awe again. And the move is finished text book style. One then sits, still facing the same way. Notable to this sequence is that the hatch is not replaced.

A final adjustment then to face the 3rd quarter moon where the arms move in tandem, soaring gently from behind to go over the shoulders with an inward twist and a strike with the backs of the wrists facing and the fingers almost touching at about, or below, the decision centre level. A gap is forced upon there, between the wrists, a foot wide. Scenes for recapitulating are gazed upon then captured in the palms of the hand and offered high to the waning orb through the use of the first part of Carol’s second pass; “Stirring and Guiding Energy Directly into the Womb”. Retrieval of the hands to waist level allows the practitioner as much time as is utilizable to recapitulate whilst beholding the hands through closed eyes - although three sweeps is probably best to start with, just as we did it in the Palau st Jordi upon the hill  in Barcelona. The remaining sequences of Carol’s second pass are done and the energy applied.

Sitting to face again the new moon, it is gazed at through the triangulation of the fingers.(This is the Blue Scout’s pass, and is begun with the new moon, I believe, because She is a southerly woman, as Taisha is). Those fingers in that triangle shape are brought straight down to rest flat on the forehead.

The spine bends down until the fingers are on the ground, supporting the forehead. Three breaths, and on the  final exhale the fingers separate; earthing the forehead. The aspirant slowly stands up, dragging energy to above the head whilst doing so and using the eleventh pass from Carlos’ first video. By the time they have got to the top in the finalizing of that pass the fingers are triangulated again; they are slowly and slightly separated and the stars beheld. The arms come back around to perform the Scout’s first womb pass, using three strikes forward instead of one. Following go:

The second pass of Her series, but with three snips sideward; the fourth and fifth passes as are; the third pass with three strikes left and accompanied with slight foot slides, same on the right, and the left again.

The Navigator finally walks to the left making a full circle, as perfect as a moon.

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