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Dear Fellow Practitioners,

The Berlin seminar was, as they all are, beautiful.
Even though the linear time that we were together was brief, we learned so many movements, had many insightful lectures, and acheived a powerful, silencing consensus of movement.

The Nagual held a place in his heart for Berlin because it was a place that had been split -- a place with a broken intent. And yet it has become unified. He said we can use this intent to unify ourselves, to bring our energy bodies to us.

Gavin talked about how we go through life feeling incomplete, with a nagging sensation that something is missing, and we search for things to make us feel whole. We think another person can do it, but this longing is really the longing for the energy body, which is pushed away at birth and gets further and further away as we age. Nyei later described us as having been litterally halved.

When Nyei talked about Tensegrity, she referred to tensegrity structures and said that if one small piece of the structure changes then the entire structure changes. She described how, on the accute level of our bodies, this is how the magical passes change us: by altering a small aspect or aspects of our structure, the entire organism is changed or re-calibrated. When we recapitulate we redeploy the dispersed energy, and we repair and change our energetic structure. And on the other level, as a mass of practitioners, when one person or a few people change energetically, the entire mass is effected.

She also talked about assuming responsibility for our actions, and how we have a tendency to think, "Oh, I4ve heard this. I understand this." She said assuming responsibility seems simple but its implications are vast and powerful. We must assume responsibility for how we use the extra energy that the passes bring; sorcerers, she said, use this energy for dreaming. And we should assume responsibility for being part of the mass, for sharing this group dream. She encouraged interaction and communication between the practice groups. She said that an integral part of assuming responsibility for our actions is assuming responsibility for the consequences of our actions. But not only must we assume responsibility for our actions, we must assume responsibility for our own link with infinity. Our link with intent, which it was said, is all that matters. And in this vein, they taught a short form of the Tiger of Intent. They said with this pass we can move through time and space, to move to the position of these magical tigers that would breathe with their entire being. The tigers' purpose was unwavering, nothing could stop them or change their course. This is the mood we intend to embody.

Nyei guided us lucidly through the purpose of the Navigators' Log. She emphasized the conciseness of the entries, because energy is concise. It is a chronicle of the perceptions of the energy body, and we use it as a tool of calibration, and to uphold awe in our daily life. We write for 10 minutes (or for however long we want, but being concise), and we set the clear intent to hear the seer within. Questions we can use are: Where is my attention?; What am I perceiving?; What do I want to say in front of infinity? With the log we become aware of, and trap in a corner, the aspects of ourselves we want to change. The log is a map of our internal dialog and our tricks; it reveals how we put ourselves in the pit, or shanty town, or self-pity. And we see how, she reiterrated, we put ourselves in the pit. And we've been given the tools to get out of the pit. She said we write in the log the moments when something else comes in, realizations that aren't our normal thoughts, this is poetry, a new view. They want our next concise report before December 11th.

Miles said that the magical passes were discovered in dreaming, and in dreaming we are not bound by certain laws of the world of everyday life. For instance, we don't need to breathe in dreaming, and there is no gravity. Sorcerers who discovered the passes could have been floating upside down, and when they replicated the movements while awake, they had to calibrate them to this world and their organic bodies.

This concept of calibrating was much explored. They said we calibrate the passes according to our own body and to what it needs at the moment. Running Man was presented in five formats as examples of different intensities of calibration. It was presented as a most important unit. The old shamans were in a constant state of physical vigor. They could shift at a moments notice. Running Man replicates their perceptual fluidity. It is very important because it beckons and helps the fringe of awareness to grow. The fringe of awareness is our cloak of confidence; we bring our cloak up from our feet. The five formats, or intensities, were: sitting, lying down, against a wall, standing, and dancing. While doing Running Man, Miles said we need to suspend the judgement that our bodies are composed of seperate units. We are, naturally, integrated -- foot connected to calf to hip to lower disc. He led us also through some preliminary passes to Running Man that affect our energetic connection to the earth. He said we come from earlier beings, from amphibians who had a more conscious link with earth. We possess inside us their phyllum, and we can use the earth's boost to cross over. It was also said of Running Man that, even though it is the feet and legs that are moving, it stirs the energy of the entire luminous sphere.

Miles also talked about the recapitulation. He said if you're unable to unhook yourself from the pull or
charge of certain emotions -- anger, desire, etc -- then leave those events or memories for now and come back to it later. He addressed getting stuck in things while recapping, where our attention gets caught. He told the story of an apprentice who was caught up in time and looking at his watch. He said the question is not just "Where is your attention?", but, as Taisha asked this apprentice, "Where is your spirit?" She advised this apprentice to go buy a beautiful golden watch. If your attention is caught, then you turn it into an art.

He told the story of a practioner who told the Nagual, "This is what I do: I follow Carlos Castaneda." And
the Nagual said, "Great! But what else?" And the practitioner replied, "I do magical passes and recapitulate." The Nagual said, "Great! But what else do you do?" Miles explained that the Nagual urged them endlessly to engage in the doings of the world. He encouraged them to explore lines of action, threads of thought, paths of heart. Miles said, "Each warrior has to follow his own path." He said, "'It' will manifest itself to each of us differently." Miles said we should use our skills of organization and precision we learned from daily world, and to apply this organization and precision to our perception. But whatever we perceive, we perceive with affection and without judgement, so that our energy fibers are warmed by this affection.

Nyei addressed the infamous rumor of Cleargreen ending the seminars. She asked us, "Are you going to listen to the doubters or to your energy bodies?" She said that the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda will never stop; this is their path; they are infected with the bug of freedom. But whether there are more seminars depends entirely on us, the mass. They announced another seminar in February in Anahiem, California. She reiterrated that the seminars are entirely up to us. She said, "But if you take them for granted. . ." and then she shrugged.

She said that just because the seminar is over we don't need to say goodbye because we will communicate through e-mail, for we are navigating together. And Miles closed with, "We will see you in your dreams."

Until next time,
Chris Nelson

Post Script: Another point of interest was Nyei's definition of impeccability: It is being functional; it is the wise use of energy. . . .But, my friends, I'm out of time. Outside my door is a dream called Berlin.

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Date:  Mon Dec 4, 2000 2:58 am
Subject: Practice: Running Man -Berlin

Here are some passes we did in Berlin.
(I have used the text of a previous post on Tango as the basis for these descriptions)
These passes can also be done with tips of the toes touching a wall.
We also did 'Running Man' standing up and as a dance while listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, and also to a piece of South American music. (Anyone know the title?)

Running man

1. Legs outstretched on mat, begin outward circle with right foot. When about half of the right leg's circle is completed, begin an outward circle with left foot. Keep on the independent rotations.

2.'playing piano' Extend right foot while flexing left one, then alternate in a continuous
movement. Legs keep straight on the mat. Alternating.

2A Dip tips of feet in stream and like a bicycle start propelling the awareness higher and higher by cycling upwards till legs are vertical.
Then grab the awareness with the hands from the tips of the toes and rub onto vital centres. Finally hug both knees with the hands bring awareness to the chest and gently rock side to side.

3. Legs outstretched on mat, both feet perform inward rotations. Unison.

4. Legs outstretched on mat, both feet perform outward rotations.  Unison.

5. Legs outstretched on mat, each foot situated at the edge of the mat (meaning there is more distance between them than in the other passes). Drop the tips of the toes by moving the feet inwards from the ankle and contracting the muscles of the thighs. Unison.

6. Legs outstretched on mat close together. Begin by dropping both feet to the right from the ankle, then to the left. Unison.

7. 'dog tail' Legs slightly retracted, knees slightly bent so that the outer edge of the legs and feet are in contact with the mat. Vertically raise both feet from the ankle using a sudden contraction of the muscles of the thighs. Unison.

8. Legs outstretched on mat. Flex both feet, toes pulled backwards and move legs laterally, first to the outer sides the to the centre of the mat.

9. Legs outstretched on mat, flex first one foot at a time then both feet together, pulling toes backwards, for a short time then release. Unison.

9A. Lift left hip of the ground and with the tips of the outstretched toes draw ovals over the right foot (clockwise). Repeat on the other side 10. 'bicycle'. Begin with legs outstretched on mat, then retract one leg at about knee level, the sole always pointing forward (not on the mat).  Straighten the leg while the other one is retracted.  Alternating.

11. Legs outstretched on mat. Very slightly raise right foot and with a jerking motion splash energy over the left foot (up to ankle level) using the sole of the right one. Alternating.

11A Scoop energy 3 times with the left leg onto the right (as in the previous pass), then using the tips of the left foot smear the awareness the length of the right shin-bone.
You don't touch the shin. rub up and down. Repeat other side.
Again scoop energy 3 times with the left leg onto the right (as in the previous pass), then using the tips of the left foot smear the awareness on to the inside of the calves up to the knees .Don't touch.
Rub up and down 3 times.Repeat other side
Finally scoop energy 3 times with the left leg onto the right (as in the previous pass),
then lift the right leg of the ground and using the tips of the left foot smear the awareness on to the underside of the calves up to the knees .Don't touch.Rub up and down 3 times.Repeat other side

12. 'rubber feet'.
Start with both legs outstretched on mat, the feet slightly pointing to the sides. Both feet flip out to the sides while they are retracted by bending the knees. I think the outer sides of the legs and feet are always on the mat.Unison.

1.Start with palms on ground, knees bent but buttocks active.
(head hangs low throughout but pulled away from the ears),
Feel fingers and toes grabbing the ground. Press with palms and heels on the ground strongly.
Breath in and out deeply.
Inhale and place palms on insteps, fingers on toes. Breath deeply in and out.
Inhaling drag hands up feet, (head hangs low throughout but pulled away from the ears), and with fingers as pincers massage calves as you come up to the knees.
Place palms on kneecaps and breath in and out.
Then rub the crook of the knees, and buttocks vigorously, with palms of both hands activating back of the legs.
Slowly come to standing position. (Centre of gravity low, knees bent so you can't see your toes,knees pushing slightly outwards, be aware of cone between thighs & lower disc, shoulders down relaxed, aware of slight pressure under the armpits, back of neck elongated, chin tucked in, feel that there space between shoulders and ears.)
[a: first point in this description is more like this combination what was before Saber Toothed Tiger Short form. In our group we do beginning of this pass in this way:
first you inhale holding fingers like down aimed triangle around the navel. Then exhale sliding hands down (fingertips not touching legs) and place them on feet. Inhaling you try to rise your sheen of awareness with short upward motions around legs up to waist level (one deep inhaling). And then you exhale bringing hands back to stomach.]

2. (3d video pass no2. 'Pouring Intent Into Two Pouches of the Body' (first part only) Tap with tip of left toe once then twice with heel of left foot and jump. Repeat on Right side.
Rest hands on lower abdomen and lift let leg , thigh 90 degrees to floor, knee bent.
Circle outwards like a reverse 'stepping over a barrier of energy' pass. (on the spot)
Repeat on Right side.
Step over barrier with left leg, then the right.

3.Do 'bringing energy down from above)-video 2, pass no 6 -

4.Do 'rallying dispersed energy' (video 2, pass no 3).
It is the left hand that leads, guiding the right hand.

5. Stoop slightly forward , back straight mooring back of the wrists on the adrenals.
From there bring both hands in front of you in upward circular motion and then reverse palms so that they face upwards, as you pull the elbows back till fingers are touching the ribs at your side
from there do 'the seer's window' (first part only up to where you form a square. i.e. not the sides and ledge!)

6.You should now have the hands in front of you with both palms facing the floor.
Turn hands into fists (rotate hands 90 degrees) and do from 'pulling and wrapping the internal fibres of energy' (from video 2 pass no 7) only the last section where you tie around the ankles and knees.
Finish by breathing in through the fists.


7. Quickly turn to face the right, pivoting on left heel. Weight on the left leg.
Right leg in front touches the ground lightly, hands up on guard position, right palm in front of left protecting oneself, in ready posture.
With right foot in front scoop energy onto the left foot by pawing the ground backwards.
Bring right leg behind the left by stepping backwards;
weight is now on the right leg. You should be in similar posture as before.
Paw the ground backwards again 3 times this time with the opposite leg.

8. Eyes look at the floor in front of left leg, and visualise a loop of energy;
Suddenly you step with the right foot that is behind you into that energy loop by rotating the whole body so you now face 90 degrees to the left. It is like a sliding kick with the right foot. You hardly lift the leg at all.
Both feet should now be parallel in 'standard' Tensegrity posture.
From here pivot on the right heel to the right so body turns to the right and follow with a left foot front kick (kicking down a barrier of energy)
Then the right leg performs 'stepping over a barrier of energy' moving in the same direction. -put the foot down s-lo-w-l-y (feet parallel) and then again with the right leg do another 'stepping over a barrier of energy' but 180 degrees to your left moving in the opposite direction. (Now you should be facing 180 degrees to the original stance in No 6.

9. (From here the form is almost identical to the 'Nagual Lujan short form' taught last year in Pomona.)
(Description with help from previous tango post description)
Mesmerize left hand fast right slow twice.
First time hands circle chest height, second time bend the both knees as much as possible and circle hands, mesmerising, about pelvis height.(if you can!)
Look to energy on ground to the right of you.
Grab it with both hands and step through it with the left leg, (it crosses the right)
bringing energy up to VC with both hands and straight away place the energy down again by pushing it down to the ground with both hands.
Pivot to the right. Right leg should be forward.
Step with the right foot and kick straight up with the left foot right hand simultaneously comes down over the head, palm almost touching the kicking toe.
Left foot lands back parallel with the right.
Step with the left foot and kick a round house kick with the right foot.
Left hand simultaneously arcs diagonally over the head, palm almost slapping the side of the kicking foot.
Right foot lands back parallel with the left as right elbow strikes back, supported with the left hand.
Wrist strike high with the left.
Punch high with the right.
Pivot on left heel as Right foot goes back and turn 90 degrees to the left for a back fist at face level.

The cloak of confidence rises up from the ground up to the navel area.
We did this pass wrapping a warm jumper or scarf around the waist.
Then we did the pass without the 'belt' but had to remember to be aware of that area.

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