First we did the foot passes: this time we performed all the passes for the L foot first, followed by the R foot (pressing the area of mystery on the bottom of the foot;
pressing at the base of the toes (or the areas between the toes);
spreading the toes two at a time - side to side, and front to back;
pressing/pinching the webs between the toes; pressing along the canals between the toes;
placing the fingers of the opposite hand between the toes).
We finished the foot sequence by pressing the areas of mystery on the bottoms of both feet at the same time.

Then we did the first leg pass (point the L toes forward, then the R, then the L, and then pull the R knee up and bend down over the L leg; alternately push the L heel forward, then toes; map the outside of the L calf; repeat R).
This time we used our index & middle fingers held together as antennae to tap the calves.
Miles mentioned that if you are in the habit of doing the mapping in a particular way, switch and explore other ways.  Also, as you bend forward over the leg, inhale deeply and feel the breath 360 degrees around the lower disk.

Then we did the pass where we turn facing to the L on our L hip with the L leg outstretched, supported by our L hand on the floor (in line with our torso & leg), and the R leg bent over the left with the R foot flat on the floor; the R hand is on the floor in front of the body for support. Draw up the awareness from the feet & calves by scooping the R foot up along the L leg several times. Then
plant the R foot flat on the floor up by the L thigh, lean the whole body forward slightly, and breathe deeply into the L ribcage area.
After several breaths, we leaned forward even more, transferring most ofthe weight onto the R foot, and took a few more deep breaths, feeling the stretch in the area of the ribs on the L side.  Repeat R.

Then we put the device for inner silence on the area of the solar plexus and laid on our backs for a short while, being aware of any sensations/perceptions. We then placed the weight to the R side and
slowly stood up and performed the mapping the energy body pass associated with the 4th gate:  reach down between the legs with the L hand, inhaling deeply; tap the inside of the L calf, then the R, then turn the hand palm to the back, curl the fingers slightly as if grabbing some energy, and exhaling, pull up to the chest; at the chest, let "something" pull your hand straight out to the front, hand open and palm to the R. We did this pass several times with the L hand, and then the R.  I recall Miles saying that what was pulling our hand was "us, out there" (at least that was the translation).

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The Power of Silence