"Forging the Dreaming Attention" was taught at Pomona 2000 and was based on the left side practice of the masculinity series with sticks. At Anaheim 2001 Cleargreen taught something simply called "The Dreaming Form". Two video forms are performed in new orientations in order to afford the practitioner a "new view". Here is my reconstruction of the form. Comments/corrections are encouraged. Use at your own risk.

The Dreaming Form

(utilizes video passes "Stabbing Energy for a New Position of the Assemblage Point" and "Pouring Intent into Two Pouches of the Body")

1. Begin in sitting position; rub palms and soles of feet simultaneously; legs stretch out and rub heels.
2. Smear hands over face and back of head. Shake out both hands to side.
3. Thumb under cheek bones, index/middle fingers on temples. Gaze at space on earth in front of you allowing eyes to refocus as they will.
4. Opposite thumbs on eye sockets; exert light pressure. Knuckle fits into boney area of eyebrow in the corner of eye sockets close to the nose. Index fingers rest over outer eyebrows.
5. Lie on back (chin toward chest), L ankle over R, rock forward and back to find rhythm of the energy body. Prepare stabbing (index) fingers by inserting thumbs behind index finger joints.
6. Stab over abdominal area with fingers pointing inward and almost touching.
7. Stab over solar plexus area.
8. Open legs, stab behind L knee, R knee, then both knees simultaneously.
9. Roll hands forward alternately 2X, inhale, turn to R side and stab 2X to R with L hand while R finger inserts into shoulder/chest joint, back to center.
10. Roll 2X; inhale. Turn to L side and stab 2X to L with R hand while L finger inserts into shoulder/chest joint; back to center.
11. Lengthen legs on the flooor. Roll hands forward alternately 2X; inhale. Stab above head 2X with L hand and then once pointing to R.
12. Mirror the actions of (11) with the R hand.
13. Turn on belly (first extending arm above head.) Raise upper body off mat, and stab 3x forward, coming closer to body each time, then mirror actions behind back (stabbing further away from body each time.)
14. Roll onto back by lengthening one hand over head. Resume rocking position with crossed ankles.
15. Stab 3X inward with both hand in a V shape.
16. Stab with L hand in front of L knee, then behind L knee.
17. Mirror actions of (16) with R hand.
18. Both hands roll together in downward circles 2x while moving toward head. Raise arms above head, fingers facing each other. Jiggle AP down to earth. Pick up AP from between feet (which are now apart) with stabbing fingers and apply to solar plexus.
19. Roll onto belly by lengthening one hand over head.
20. Lay still on stomach with face turned to L. The L leg and arm are bent 90-deg., and R hand can rest along side. Gaze up to periphery with L eye.
21. Insert L hand in pouch and perform sweeping motion (just above the earth) on L side, re-insert into pouch.
22. Mirror actions in (21) with the R hand. Body position does not change.
23. Turn head to face straight and rest on chin. Perform sweeping motions again with L and then R hands.
24. Turn head/R leg to R briefly, then face L, inhale. Close eyes for a few moments.
25. Rise up, hands and knees on floor. Slight rocking motion, feel fibers brush ground.
26. Insert L hand into pouch; remove; perform sweeping motion, re-insert into pouch.
27. Mirror (26) with R hand.
28. Move from knees to feet, hands still on earth and head hanging down. Shift weight from one hand to other while twisting lower body; move hands a little further out and repeat shifting;move L hand forward and grab something, then apply to vital centers. Perform same movement with R hand.
29. Rise up slowly till the hands are on the knees. Perform "Stirring Up Energy For the Adrenals (No. 18 from the Series for Preparing Intent) 2X, stretching further 2nd time.
30. Stand up erect slowly.
31. Perform a set of sweeping motions with L,R hands and head turned to left as on video. Then perform another set of sweeping motions with head at center. Look to the R, then walk to L.

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