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Date:  Mon Jun 25, 2001  8:30 pm
Subject: Re: ... from Barcelona workshop

Very briefly, the Barcelona workshop was very energising for me and itsignified a turning point.

The main passes that were explored were: Steps in Nature, Mapping the feet, the hands and arms, the recapitulation passes form Westwood series and a few from Inner silence. These were done fast, slow, with partners sitting on a chair . They were explored in various combinations and at various speeds. One new pass that we learnt entailed using the Wheel of time in groups of five while lying down.

The theme that was repeatedly touched upon was that of the warrior who is capable of handling the world with care and attention. Also the respectful term 'usted' that in Spanish means 'you' was used to describe the relationship with the energy body and it was also used as the name for the recapitulation form that we did.

The quote from the wheel of time was mentioned-to paraphrase- "At the beginning a warrior has an iron grip but with time his touch is no heavier than that of a hand made of gossamer".

The workshop was not strenuous at all. With the exception of the steps in nature one never had to catch one's breath. But all the passes were executed with a great deal of attention to detail. A lot of energy was raised in this workshop. For a week afterwards I felt like I was floating on air!

One exercise that we did which was very revealing was to simply close your eyes and to try and be aware of all the elements in the space that you are in. Try and reconstruct everything including sounds and the context in which the building is placed. Then you open your eyes and check out the items that you could remember, the items that you missed.Pay attention. Repeat. You can also keep a diary of your observations.

Comparing perceptions it was evident that different people placed emphasis on different items. So some could remember where all the exits were located, others where the food machines were others were aware of the nearby sea.

The 'Navigantes' practitioners sang in the traditional 'cante flamenco' style for us. They sang about the pain of yearning for the energy body. Everyone present was moved including the instructors.

(I remember once Carol Tiggs mentioned in a workshop in LA that when your are dealing with energy fields always proceed very slowly and with great care and attention.) That was the spirit in which this workshop was conducted.

There were lots of kids there too. Towards the end of the workshop they all went up on stage and demonstrated the passes together with the instructors!
Great fun.

That's all for now......

This is what I remember.
All other versions are welcome!

At Barcelona we  did the 'Usted' form -from the recapitulation series in many different orders and speeds-.
One order is as found in the book. Fast and slow.
Also the feet are in in forward stance for quite a few of the passes. So for example in the first pass right foot is forward while the left hand forges the shoulders, chest and hips of the energy body. After a number of repetitions (say six) you swap the hand and legs and repeat the pass the same number of times.
A different order was also used ( I didn't take any notes but I remember). It mixed  the passes done with the feet with those done with the hands. So for instance you start by

1.forging the energy body's trunk as described above then you do

2.'slapping the energy body while in forward stance. If  you do this with a partner you form the hands by sliding /brushing energy upwards along partner's hands.

3.Then you do tapping the heel on the ground and listening to response from the earth while breathing.

4.Spread the energy body laterally. With tension while you spread and tension while you contract the hands. Use the breath as you think is right.

5.Next you establish the core of the energy body by flicking the wrists back and forth from the height of the solar plexus.

6.Then you do the Silvio Manuel dance steps of raising energy up from the ground up the inner leg with small flicks or by rotating on the ball of the foot and exposing the heel 90 degrees. (A bit like kicking a football!). (You'd normally do the first pass if sitting on a chair and the last pass if

7.Then do the knee circles clockwise and anticlockwise starting with the sole of foot very close to the ground and then let it rise higher and higher.

8. Next forge the ankles of the energy body,

9.Then bring up energy from the areas of mystery in the knees up to the vital centres. Also bring energy up to VC from side of the knees and back of the knees. Finally one arm extends to the ground while the torso bends laterally Left or right. At the same time the other hand rolls in to the same side armpit.
Exhale while extending and inhale while straightening up. (The first two of these were also done on the chair by lifting the knees up high towards the chest. )

10.Next do the pass where you begin by scrapping the mud of energy as in the Intent series and as you gain momentum you kick your bum with the heel of the foot.(making personal history flexible) -When this pass was done sitting a lot of chairs were kicked to the floor!-

11.Next do 'the wings of recapitulation breathing as in the book.

12.Finally do gazing into Infinity through the seer's window. When you exhale you turn to the left while the knees still face the front (rotate at the waist) then Repeat and rotate to the right and finish by gazing straight ahead.

To these passes they added 3 from Inner silence (all from the Westwood Series)
Drawing half moons with the feet,
the scarecrow with arms up and
scarecrow with arms down.

All of these passes were done fast and dynamically or slow and flowingly.
Also they were done with partners.

At some point right at the beginning we also did calling Intent by tapping toes and heels with a little jump (from  pouring Intent into the pouches of energy-video)

Again a different order of selected passes was chosen for doing the passes to the music on the Sunday.

Now for the wheel of time:

7 passes in all were shown:
Sit cross legged or in any other comfortable sitting position.

1.First the wheel of time is raised with the left hand. Both hand lift up as if  describing the apex of a triangle. This is done while exhaling. There is throughout this pass a rocking motion to and fro from the lower disk where the wheel of time is moved/spun from.  As we inhale the hands lower along the sides of the imaginary equilateral triangle.Then they raise again , exhaling and the wheel is passed on to the right hand. If solo do this a number of repetitions if in a group of 5 at this point you pass thewheel on.

2.Grab left foot with right hand and extend up and bring down to groin level as if digging. Do this 4 times while inhaling. Then hug the same leg with both hands and exhale as you bring knee to the chest. Look straight ahead.
Repeat other side (once if in group of 5)

3.Left hand holds the wheel horizontal and right hand is touching the wheel on the opposite side with the palm -fingers point to the sky-.
From there exhaling rotate at the lower disk 90 degrees to the left. The wheel follows this rotation of the trunk. Eyes gaze over top of the wheel into Infinity.
Inhaling come back to starting position. If solo repeat on the right. If in a group of five pass the wheel on to the next person after doing the pass once only on the left.

4.The next leg pass sole of the left foot is on the ground and knee up close to the chest. Grab with both hands the ankle and knee and rotating the leg at the hip joint let the knee flip 90 degrees to the left until it touches the ground. Repeat this 4 times while inhaling (like a pump). Then hug the knee (as in the previous leg pass) and squeeze the knee against the chest while exhaling. At the same time rotate the torso and head to the left until you are gazing passed your left shoulder gazing into Infinity. Relax and come back to face the front. Repeat on the other side

5.In the next pass the left hand holds the wheel of time up 45 degrees to the horizon to the left side of the body. The right hand follows the wheel almost touching it. Exhaling flip the wheel to the left and rotating the hand at the wrist the wheel is now horizontal. At the same time the torso rotates from left to right as the gaze also looks past the wheel from Infinity to infinity. (At this point pass the wheel to the next person in group; if solo do a number of repetitions repeating with the right)

6.The left knee is near the ground, the left leg is horizontal and left heel is placed as close as possible to the groin.. Bend over the leg and exhale.
Relax and repeat on the other side.

7.Lye down on your back. the wheel is on the ground to your left. The ankles are interlocked with the left ankle on top the knees are  bent 90 degrees to the body.The right hand begins hovering over the solar plexus and then rises to the vertical, 90 degrees to body and the wrist is also bent at 90 degrees to the hand so that heel of the palm faces the sky. Pick up the wheel with left hand and pass it top the right hand.The fingers of the right hand grasp the wheel which is now horizontal to the chest. Now the whole body rocks on the small of the back forwards and backwards to the rhythm of your energy body while at the same time the right hand does a flick at the wrist almost touching the side of the wheel as if spinning it. This resembles a cutting ,flicking action.

After a number of spins the body stops rocking the left hand relaxes and drops to the ground and the whole body vibrates while the  right hand still holds the wheel which also vibrates. There is a buzzing sound that is made by the mouth in response to the vibration that is felt in the whole body and lower disk especially. Finally The left hand collects the wheel from the right hand and places it on the ground to the left of the body (ready to by collected passes by the next person in the group) The palm of the right hand glides in a circular fashion over the solar plexus and lets the vibrations be absorbed by the vital centres. At the same time the legs lower until both soles of the feet touch the ground. That is the last pass in this form`. from the lying position go into recapitulation. (lying or sitting)

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