Dear abstract entities, here is a recount of the recent Seminar in La Falda,Cordoba, Argentina, by a traveling practitioner from La Plata.


During this seminar we were given a practice model in order to open a path with a heart, a path that does not require effort, to love and enjoy, and that starts with the feet (the first passes of the series for preparing Intent).

The magical passes originate from ancient times, thousands of years ago, a time when people did not have the amount of distractions we have nowadays and especially, they did not have the notion of a personal . When this appeared, the link with Silent Knowledge was lost and the internal dialogue started: the continuous feeding of our image with our thoughts.

Our goal is to reawaken this link. Silent Knowledge is inside us and not at a geographical location. On the other hand, a silent place like this one can help us recover it. There isn’t a specific practice that returns us to this state that ancient man held all the time. One arrives at it simply by intending it, and what is more, all practice goes towards that.

Lets leave aside the feeling of what is lacking and lets get to work. Thereare many possibilities, signs and calls from around us.

We all have our cubic centimeter of chance and a way of transforming something abstract into something pragmatic, such as the intent of coming to the seminar. We want to be aware of all the possibilities that we have ashumans on this Earth. We are all messengers sent out by the Universe itself.

The series of Passes for preparing Intent make us realize we are spheres of energy. In these times we live in now, awareness is at the lower part of the sphere. In other times human luminosity was much greater. This small base of awareness is what has built our modern world with its buildings, machines and computers.

But we are much more than that. The passes make our energy rise towards our vital centers. Daily wear and tear, doubts, internal dialogue and stress disperse our energy towards the periphery and then our routines form crusts that makes it inaccessible.

The luminous sphere is made up of lots and lots of filaments that are like hairs. With the first passes of this series we create an opening in the abdomen, the area with which we should really think with, instead of our head.

By practicing these passes we are sharing an agreement of awareness with the rest of the practitioners. The recognition that takes place between us involves our energy body.

The effects of the passes are here and now. What happens is that we are specially trained to hold expectations and thus lose what we have at every moment. Our thoughts are always aimed outside. Sometimes we don’t know what we want, but we know we want .

The passes are doors to infinity that can not be likened to physical exercises because with the passes, the aim is to reorganize our filaments.But it is important to have a body with agility and vitality.

One cannot be a master of passes. We have to let them come into our being and add to our practice impeccable acts, together with the intent of becoming aware and the intent of dreaming. All these are actions that lead us to a path with a heart. The path of a warrior is solitary; on the other hand, if someone shares this with us, there are more possibilities for learning. We shouldn’t exhaust our relations with others, it’s best that our interactions keep a soft and light touch.

We are at a time of open learning, without secrets. Humanity has come to a difficult point, where it is capable of doing much harm to itself. That is why the path of knowledge is open to whoever wishes to walk it.

The assemblage point is in the area of the heart and responds to subtle suggestions and to abstract affection. ABSTRACT AFFECTION (toward everything and all the beings that surround us) IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF INTELIIGENCE that comes accompanied with the soft voice of the spirit.


This pass is a way to throw a flash of awareness towards other forms of being and it also gives us a detached way of seeing the human form. Part of this pass appears in the video N 4. The one we are learning now is called The Night Butterfly or The Moth (considered the guardian of the second attention). It’s an ideal pass to recapitulate, reevaluate past times and interactions. Specially when we remember dark situations, difficult ones, ones that don’t let us see the meaning of things. For moments in which it seems as though we go into a dark room and there isn’t a trace of light.

The Moth flies in the darkness in the direction of the light of the stars.


This Group of passes prepares us for launching into a new direction. It is a series of lots of passes that act upon the areas of mystery and the doorways. The areas of mystery are energy vortices in and around the body that connect with the flow of tendon energy. The doorways are larger places, they are channels or passages that link the physical body with the energy body. They also prepare us for recapitulation, they give us a subtle soft touch.

We are used to perceiving from the heart upward. By mapping, we become friends with those beings that are our feet, to whom we can ask about things. To let go of self importance is to let go of the head so that it isn’t in charge, and let all limbs have a voice.

When we are aware of the two bodies, we start knowing how to act, eventhough our thoughts don’t understand it properly.

The energy body is like a faraway brother that is felt as silence, like an anticipation or excitement. Our lack of contact with it can fill us with sadness and nostalgia.


The warrior’s path should not separate us from others. The task is to polish our links, not to cut them. It’s true that we need to be alone to recapitulate, but one should not exaggerate or isolate oneself.

Recapitulation is the art of reclaiming the awareness of the events of our lives. While inhaling we stir the filaments. If we look at an interaction we really open up the way and we can start to go in a new direction.

Recapitulation is a journey of awareness in itself that slowly gives us confidence in direct perception from the filaments. From there we attain a new view of our situation, we give back to the sea of awareness those experiences, and in this manner we will be able to go from our lives with all our strength.

During the inhalation we bring back the judgments with which we imprisonothers as a way of freeing energy.

We worship and put down others as much as we do ourselves. Carlos Castaneda said about this: don’t look at anybody from above or from below. It is a precept of the art of stalking that a warrior is not superior or inferior to anything that surrounds him. .

Awareness has rules. One of them is that it has the ability to travelenormous distances in an instant.

There isn’t good or bad energy. There is only energy. We should become aware of this tour, of what affects us and what are our tricks from which we act. Usually we only have one (the example given was believing oneself to be a stupid person and spending ones life pretending not to be).

It isn’t good to get stuck in mea culpa (my fault), but it is more aquestion of balancing the accounts.

We seek to be aware of each lived experience and how we responded to each one; in this way we gather information and observe. What is it that makes us feel great, important or small and worthless? What traps you? What makes your filaments fall?

It might be the case for example that while practicing passes one starts having strange feelings and reacts with fear in front of this. If you recapitulate the scene, change your breathing pattern and change your point of view. Then one can say: Oh there I am going down that rut!

What one can do when there is a new feeling is to study it, see in which part of the body it’s located, how it manifests itself, how and when it started, etc. We should be scientists of perception, investigating to the last detail.

Sometimes, when we say we are afraid, we are only interpreting, looking fora familiar name and maybe we could call it excitement.

You can also enjoy your fear

When we are going through a confusing moment, we can instantly change our pattern of breathing and we will immediately have a new vision of what is happening.


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