Erasing personal history

Stand in basic Tensegrity stance.
Lift shoulders up and then sink into low stance bending knees.
Shift weight to left and right a couple of times, locate your centre of balance.
Right hand comes up vertical, left arm horizontal. Form window (energies A and B from 'dreaming' in Westwood series).
Arms come down to your sides.
Fan the V spot bring energy with both arms 5 times.
Hit with back of left wrist and at the same time step forward with the right leg, two more hits and steps;
Hit downwards towards V spot with open right palm whilst at the same time kicking with the left leg forwards. Repeat twice each time alternating the hand that hits and kicking with the opposite leg.
Starting with the right hand and left leg take 6 steps backwards till you end up in starting position.(left leg is forward, right leg back right hand is by the right hip)
Strike with heel of right hand to right vital centre, then strike to the V spot of double in front of you,with back of the left wrist (don't step forwards), and then punch with the right fist to V spot in front of your double.
Take step forward so that both feet are parallel.
Right leg comes forward as the whole body rotates 090 degrees to the left so that both feet are parallel and with the elbow of the right hand strike sideways. The palm of the left hand supports the right hand fist. As you strike the whole body shifts to the right.
Left leg comes all the way behind the right leg, and while keeping your centre of gravity low and back straight, pivot 180 degrees to your left and repeat elbow strike with the left hand, then turn 90 degrees to left, feet parallel and strike with the heels of both palms low in front of you at height of midsection.
Take a small step with the left foot forward and from there do a 'round house kick' with the right leg striking the left vital centre whilst at the same time striking with a left 'roundhouse punch' in front of you at the height of the face. Repeat twice more each time kicking and punching simultaneously.
Starting with the right leg do 'scraping the mud of energy' 6 times stepping backwards till you end at your original position.
[ignacio: A little addition to your description. After the pass for the enegies A & B left side, we take a step forward to left behind our personal history. Then continue with the passes for de V spot from Westwood series as you describe.]

The next series of passes are from the last three passes from the first part of Westwood series to do with the centre for decisions.
Step forwards with the left leg and at the same time the right hand does the first pass from moving the AP from back to front.
Step forwards with the right leg and at the same time the left hand does the second pass from moving the AP from back to front.
Step forwards with the left leg and at the same time the right hand does the 3d and last pass from moving the AP from back to front.
Take 3 steps back so that you're back in the position where you started.

second part of this pass --> the five point connection pass

Hannover, November 17-18, 2001
described by AandB and commented by x

The Five Point Connection pass goes like:

Standing posture
Left arm bent 90 palm forw and fingers to sky above head.
Drop forearm inward like smoothly wiping something; then up and down again.
(3 times)
(left leg steps back, weight on the left foot, pivot 180 degrees weight is transferred to the right leg -'cat stance')
Step around 180 until R foot is in front by half a proverbial foot, left arm still up.
Repeat wipes (x3), then bring left palm to side of leg, facing forw, right arm comes over hand (inhaling) and right palm slaps onto left.
-Bringing palms together again at solar plexus,-
(No, from what I recall hands do not come to the solar plexus, both hands just slide down together to the out left ankle and rub)
back of left hand runs down outside the leg, it reaches hollow behind the ankle and rubs.(exhaling)
Draw hands back up side of leg, but continue to the solar plexus; the fingers point forward, both wrists tight together against solar plexus.
Relax hands to sides.
(with right hand do wiping/ -waving bye-bye motion three times)
Step around 180 again until left (Right )foot is ahead.
Repeat smooth wipes with right forearm, followed by hands clasp, drop, and rub on (Right)ankle.
When returned to SPlexus, keep raising prayer hands above the head and behind, rubbing with the knuckles of the thumbs at about the centre of the back of the neck.
The hands return to above the head (inhale) and then slide all the way down along the side of the body (exhale) to the mystery spot on the outer calf of the left leg (knee). It rubs there and returns back via the solar plexus again (inhale) to rub the same point on the neck (exhale)
Repeat on right (knee), but when back at the neck separate the thumb knuckles slightly and rub in hollows on either side of the spine where it enters beneath the base of the cranium.
>From solar plexus again, run back of L hand down to back inside (of the left) ankle hollow, rub, and return path via Splexus to rub on base of skull hollows.
Repeat last ankle rub on right then return to solar plexus for the last time with the hands.
Then raise them above the head like an Egyptian priestess, and keeping them together, step up with the left foot, right foot steps up even with it, and intend to join the connections by saying aloud...join 'em!

One can really feel the solar plexus come into its own with this pass.

The Butterfly

This version was taught by Darien, and has several parts that are different than the version Miles showed us in Cordoba, Argentina. There are also some differences in this versus my previous written version that are no doubt due to my incomplete recollection of the Argentina pass. This time there were two of us, and I think we got it right, but we’re open to suggestions!

Nyei recounted a story about how she, Darien, Aerin and Reni were invited to visit the witches. When they arrived, they were told wait in the living room. As time passed, they became more and more agitated, although they tried not to show it. When the witches came into the room, they told the apprentices that they weren’t ready for anything, and that all four of them had to recapitulate back to back. Nyei was paired with Reni, and their initial recapitulation was very aggressive and effortful. Gradually, however, the mood became lighter and they both fell into a coordinated rhythmic breathing. After a while, the witches came back into the room, and saw the change in the apprentices. In addition, a moth was flying amongst them as they recapitulated. This was an omen that it was time to teach them the night butterfly.

As Nyei was telling this story, a moth started flying between her and the instructor who was translating into German. It started flying around them just before she mentioned the night butterfly, and when she got to that part she said “just like this” and pointed to the moth flying about! The skeptical among us might say that this was a prop, but I had noticed the moth descending from the ceiling as the talk began. When we got home, we were greeted by a moth in our hallway. Not so unusual, I guess, but maybe an omen to write the pass up.

It was suggested that we lead-in to the form by mapping the body. Although it was not directly stated, it was my impression that the initial phase has no set number of repetitions, as with the Cordoba version.

1. Start sitting, gently rocking back and forth, inhaling back and exhaling front. Hands are on front vital centers.

2. Slide hands down over knees to gently rub tendons at front of ankle. At the same time, pull toes of feet back.

3. Similar to “Cloak of Confidence”- Rub feet, calves, especially behind and in front of knees, thighs, back vital centers, then front vital centers.

4. Wrap arms around legs, knees up, head resting on knees-whatever seated position is most comfortable. Take a deep inhalation, exhale, then stay in silence for a moment. Begin breathing in short pants (similar to “Tiger of Intent” long form), then take another deep breath.

5. Awaken from cocoon: slowly raise head; then paw air gently with left foot still on ground, raising into air as you paw. Repeat right.

6. Roll to right, lying down on right side with right arm extended over head, right palm flat on floor; legs slightly bent.

7. a. Paw air with left foot, gently exploring
b. Vigorously shake left foot
c. Gently begin opening left shoulder by rolling it forward. Movement should be minimal at first.
d. Open more until elbow protrudes away from body. Move elbow forward, then backward.
e. Extend left arm above head. Flap “wing” up and down, with knees rising slightly towards chest as wing drops down. Movement is initiated from lower disk.

8. With both arms still extended above head, roll over onto back and take a deep breath, stretch arms and legs in opposite directions.

9. Roll onto left side and repeat 7a to 7e with right leg and arm.

10. Gently return to sitting, knees bent. Arms go to back, hands clasped with two fingers extended on each hand (“antennae position”). Paw fingers gently at ground, while feet paw ground in front.

11. Inhaling, bring arms to sides with palms facing backward. The elbows begin to move laterally and upward from the body, bending at the elbows (like bent wings) forming almost 90 degree angles. Exhaling, arms continue facing backward, as the torso begins to curl and the elbows shift forward, opening the wings and shoulder blades. Several movements back and forth.

12. Inhale, then exhale as hands meet in front of body in prayer position, and continue in a smooth movement rises up above head, then circles outward and to back, palms facing.

13. Flap “wings” up and down several times, inhaling up, exhaling down.

14. Do one last repetition at a VERY slow speed.

15. Come up to knees, then to standing, hands remain on ground in “antennae” position.

16. With antennae on ground, rub ears with shoulders by rolling them forward.

17. Slowly rise to standing. As you do, draw two fingers on each hand up along sides of legs.

18. One deep, slow inhalation, turning palms to face forward, palms face sides on exhale. This movement and opening is initiated from the shoulder blades as they are drawn toward the spine.

19. Step left foot forward, same inhalation, then as you exhale raise arms to horizontal, palms still facing upward with exhalation. Inhale down and back, exhale up for a total of three repetitions. The pace was slower and more fluid than as shown in Cordoba.

20. Bend at the knees a bit, then gently practice flying for three repetitions. As in the sitting version, look at hands up in front of you. Heels remain firmly on the ground. As arms go up, knees bend a bit more and torso goes down. Inhale as arms go up, exhale down.

21. Step right foot forward, repeat.

22. Step right foot back so that feet are even. Arms at sides, slightly behind the torso, palms facing forward. Shift weight to right foot; gently paw ground with left foot. Shift left, paw right.

23. Turn palms to face backward, then inhale with an upward “elbow lift”, then exhale and straighten torso, arching back slightly, arms (wings) straightening to rear with palms facing each other. Three repetitions.

24. Inhale again into the “elbow lift”, but this time exhale with hands in front of body, palms together (as in prayer), and rise up to head level as knees bend more deeply.

25. Repeat.

26. The third repetition the hands shoot upward with an exhale, arms extended, two fingers together on each hand, remaining fingers clasped. The hands are a good distance apart. Both hands make three big outward circles.

27. Keep hands extended, and pivot or swoop to the left (left foot will now be in front). Three smaller inward circles.

28. Step forward with right foot; three more inward circles.

29. Pivot 180 degrees to left. Your left foot will again be in front. Repeat 3 circles.

30. Step forward with right foot, repeat circles.

31. Turn to left to original position; slowly lower arms.

32. Keeping two fingers of both hands in position, inhale into “shoulder shrug” again, then shoot upwards again. This time hands are much closer than in initial circles.

33. Make side to side sweeps with arms over head, left first, then right; three times.

34. Return to initial position (arms still raised in antennae position), and rub ears by rolling shoulders forward.

35. Slowly lower hands to sides with elbows protruding. Snap arms in back with two fingers down behind you, then snap hands again opening palms to flat (facing).

36. Step right foot backward. Fly for three wing strokes. As your hands come up, your knees should bend down more this time, heels can lift off ground. Inhale as hands go up; exhale down.

37. Shift weight to back (right) foot. A very small step with front (left) foot; then quickly hop right foot to forward. Three wing strokes.

38. Shift weight to left foot; repeat hopping and flying movements.

39. After last flying repetition (four total), step back so feet are together.

We then recapitulated back-to-back.

Mapping The Body

Sit down in the most comfortable position you can find.

( Left foot first then right )

1. Massage / Rub the area of mystery on the sole of foot. Right hand on left foot. Thumb on the sole and the index ontop.
( You can find the place by spreading you big  toe and little toe outwards making a V. The area of mystery is at the bottom of the V. )

2. Massage / Rub at the base of the toes

3. Spread the toes side to side starting with the little toe going outwards to the big. Then front to back

4. Drag energy out and snap it off, one toe at the time starting with the little toe.

Start by finding the root of the bone of your little toe. Then press with thumb and index finger. One finger one the sole the other ontop. Drag the energy out about 2 to 3 dm. then snap it off.
The same for the rest of your toes.

5. Massage the " vortex " under your little toe in a circular motion.

6. Massage  the " vortex " under your big toe in a circular motion.

Miles pointed out a few times that it wasn't necessary to press hard. The energybody only need a light touch. ( 5 and 6 )

7. Then place the fingers of the opposite hand between the toes and press. Little finger in between your little toe and the second toe. The other fingers follow one in between every toe. Press ontop of the foot. Bend your head down and stop thinking.

8. Then Massage your leg up to your knee with both your hands in and upward motion. Do it a few times.

9. Hit your leg with the back of your hands a few times.

Miles now asked us to stand up and check if we could feel any difference between the left and the right leg.

The feeling that the left leg was lighter then the right.

Now do 1 - 9 on your right foot

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