In An Instant

stand lost in space, alone, in front of infinity.
with no awareness of each other, another being stands also alone at the side.
begin moving backward, moving opposite leg and arm in circular motion, making a V shape relative to each other as move backwards towards impact.
bump into one another and begin the first engagement.

turn to face being. fan arms in a circular motion several times ending with the right arm in front, palm flat, thumb tucked, hand faces fingers pointing up on a diagonal.
one being raises left arm to strike a blow at shoulder height and advances with the right leg leading for 3 blows and 3 steps alternating left and right. the other being parries the blows and retreats in synchronization. pause. begin the encounter again with the partner striking and advancing, other parrying and retreating until at place where the movement started.

scrape mud off/animal step with left foot first while each moves backward l,r,l,r for a total of 4 steps away from each other. on the 5th move, left leg kicks a lateral gate as pivot on right foot 90 degrees turning to the right so left shoulder faces partner. left foot is slightly behind the right. fibers drop.
failure. fall forward from the waist as pause and hang.

something happens and a second chance becomes available. scissor legs in a jump, once in place as rise up to stand up, left leg forward.
scissor jump (legs switch forward to back position) 3 more times as move to again face the other being with the left legs slightly in front. begin the second advance with more awareness of the other being in front.
do a clockwise circle small and fast with the right arm in front of the body then with the left arm move counter-clockwise wide and slow as bring up the left leg bent at the knee to the chest with a pivot to the right on the right leg. arms are at the right side as unwind from the crouch and place the left leg back on the earth in the stand facing the partner. swing the arms out in an arc in front and across the body and as they reach the left side, kick forward with the right straight leg on a diagonal to the left and step forward. swing arms back toward the right and advance with a left leg in the diagonal kick and step. end up left shoulder to shoulder from other being and pause to inhale, bringing up the left forearm to meet the same move by partner so arms cross and touch.

pull down a rope with the left hand with a tiny jump back and reaching down to knee level. jump back in crouching position twice still pulling on the rope link between in the left hand.

kick up the right leg in a straight leg swing to the front and then place on earth slightly back. left leg slightly in front now. raise both arms up along the sides of the body, circle up and front, back to the hips and thrust forward and up with the palms facing up, flat and open ending at solar plexus level.

circle parry with the right arm then swing left arm around to the left side in sync with left leg coming up into bent knee crouch, pivot to the right and return to stand again facing one another.

bring both arms up again along the sides of the body to shoulder level and thrust forward in new dream position with wrists together, hands facing outward. thrust again from the solar plexus level as jump forward.

move diagonally back to the right two steps starting with right leg and right arm circling down and up around then step back and arm circle with the left, slight pause as right arm is in the front and right leg in front on the heel.
step forward with the left leg and circling left arm and when left leg lands, adjust to move diagonally back over and across back with the right leg and circling arm. same back diagonal with the left leg and circling arm to the left back diagonal. pause again with the left leg in front on the heel with toes pointing up.
for the third encounter make a sliding diagonal step with the left leg while drag/pull the right leg along the earth and then take a second sliding step leading with the left leg again. end up back to back with the partner.

stand there and absorb the awareness of this other being in this back to back position. bring arms up to the left side overhead and pull down a pole of energy on a diagonal to the right. arms up to right side and pull energy diagonally to the left. do a total of 6 pulling diagonals (3 sets of l/r sequence).

sit back to back for a recapitulation.

Lujan's long form

These movements are reminiscent of Chinese sword exercises, especially towards end when palms are  together. I don't remember the name given exactly. I'm not good with names.

Stand in horse stance with left hand over right side vital centers and right hand on top, inhale.
Unsheathe left hand striking down to the left, exhaling.
Slash hand diagonally up to the right inhaling.
Slash down and up along same diagonal  exhaling.
Continue with left hand over top inhaling and strike at head , chest and waist like energy body pass exhaling.
Bring left hand across waist palm facing down on right side of body, right hand behind left, palm facing forward, step forward with the left and then right and push both hands forward inhaling.
Step and pivot 90 degrees backward to the left, the right hand fends to the right, palm facing the right, at shoulder level and left hand strikes to the left at shoulder level palm facing down. like karate chop. Eyes follow hand to the left.
Pivot another 45 degrees back to the left and the left hand strikes down and right hand follows in a fending role. Exhaling during both these moves.
Step forward with the left so the left foot is along side the right, hands come up and right takes over coming straight up and down with an exhale.
This is slower than other moves.
Strike an X with right hand (like predilection of the right-side movement).
Bring right hand over head and strike down while stepping forward with left inhaling.
Do 180 and do same overhead strike stepping forward with the right inhaling.
Put palms together on left side at waist level, right over left, and slash to the right,
Step forward with the left and slash back to the left flipping the hands over.
Step forward with the right and slash back the right.
Step pivot backward to the right 90 degrees but keeping hands in same position, side step to right and right hand separates from left and strikes toward the right at shoulder height. Eyes follow strike.
Right hand comes back to join left again.
Slash with both hands towards the right pivoting 180 degrees all way around then hands come up over head as if wielding a sword and strike to the right.
Retreat one step, left foot first, and right hand is placed over left vital
area and left on top.

I lost track of breathing didn't I. You inhale and exhale each subsequent

Movement can be done with tendon energy (abruptly) , smoothly or slowly with
breathing depending on your mood.

Breaking The Solidity Of Oneself

Stand in basic Tensegrity stance. Make sure the lower disk is active, buttocks tense. Knees bent over the toes.

Both hands come up and bend 90 degrees at elbows; palms face up; wiggle fingertips as if tickling.(count of 5)

Then stop the wiggle and flick fingers outwards getting rid of excess energy.(x5)

Turn wrists upside down and repeat the wiggling movement with fingers facing the floor.(x5). Again flick fingers outwards getting rid of excess energy.(x5)

Wrist face up again. This time crunch fingers into a fist and then open fingers forcefully releasing the tension.(x5). Again flick fingers outwards getting rid of excess energy.(x5)

Wrist face down and crunch fingers into a fist and then open fingers forcefully releasing the tension as in precious pass.(x5). Again flick fingers outwards getting rid of excess energy.(x5)

(The next two passes are from the 'tension relaxation series shown in Ontario about 3 years ago)
Left arm straight up, above the shoulders, fingers in fist position facing floor, Right arm straight down, by the hip, fingers in fist position facing floor.
Keeping both arms straight alternate them going up and down as if pumping something. (So that when one arm is up the other is down.) (x10). - While doing this pass be aware of the area around the belly button working - After the ten repetitions keep the same position (one arm up, one down)
hold the breath and TENSE the whole body(to a slow count of 10)...TENSE
everything almost to the max. (The backs of your legs, shoulders, arms, torso, hairs on your head ... everything)
then RELAX, exhale (out loud if you want) and let whole body go, bend over and let the head hang lose, arms hang.
Slowly come up and repeat the same pass but this time right arm is up and left arm is down.
As you slowly come up after having repeated the pass, go into the basic tensegrity stance; both hands come up together with fingers open backs of palms touching then they separate and breathing in you scoop in everything in the horizon in front of you and to the sides.(as if you're doing breaststroke in the sea). From there the hands become fists as they come to your sides. They are facing upwards and come to rest at the sides of the body by the lower ribs. Elbows are bent 90 degrees and tight next to the body. Shoulders are down away from the ears. Hold the breath and TENSE the whole body to a count of 10.... Then RELAX everything, exhale and let go, bend over and let the head hangs lose, arms hang.(repeat this pass twice -optional-)
Slowly the body comes up.

Shake left leg, shake right leg, shake left hand, let the tremor spread throughout the left side, then right hand joins in, and the vibration spreads to the rest of the body till all of you is shaking.

Turn the body ON.

Go into forward stance, left leg forward. Then with a jump change foot positions so that the right leg is in front. Do this 5 times quickly.

Then standing up straight as if jogging on the spot to a count of 5 bringing knees high up to the chest. After count of 5 freeze with the left knee high up near the chest. Hold position for a moment and balance. Then do another set to the count of 5 and then freeze holding up the right knee near the chest. Balance.

Then do 3 large leaps into the air to the left. (both feet come off the ground, knees almost touch the chest if you can!). Another 3 leaps back to the right.

Both hand grab excess energy from the vital centres (left and right) and then shake it off with a flick of the hands towards the ground.(x3).

Body straightens up. Stand still and let the wave of silence envelop you.

The left hand comes up and gently taps the right side under the ribcage 5 times. (This beckons the intent to be silent.) Then the hand returns to the left side.

The final two passes are from the Heat series. They are done in succession.

No 33 " Moving Energy with the breath from the top of the head to the VC (minor variation - in the second part of the pass exhale only after you do the hand circles as you are pushing the breath out)

No 37 "The Lateral Breath"

Finish by rubbing the energy onto the vital centres.

Stalking the Self

1. Standing in Tensegrity position, L hand covers the R vital center, R hand covers L hand.

2. L hand pulls out and strikes down to the L side of the body leaving R hand covering the vital center.

3. L hand moves diagonally head high, to the R side of the body, then back down to L side of the body.

4. L hand moves diagonally to the R side of the body, head high, then moves laterally in front of the face to the L side.

5. L hand strikes laterally towards R, 3X - shoulder width, chest width, waist width.

6. L hand moves out in front of R vital center, palm down. R hand moves just behind L hand, wrist pulled back 90 degrees, palm facing the L hand.

7. Take one step forward with both feet, L-R, maintaining hands position.

8. Pivoting on R foot, turn L 90 degrees, extending arms laterally at shoulder height while maintaining palm-facing positions (L palm down, R palm vertical).

9. L foot takes one step back, the body bends slightly at the waist, L hand strikes down beside L knee and R hand strikes down in front of L knee - all in one smooth motion.

10. Standing up, bring L foot even with R foot.

11. Edge of R hand strikes down vertically from head level; R hand strikes diagonally down to R at 45 degrees from in front of face; R hand strikes diagonally down to L at 45 degrees from R front of body;

12. L foot takes one step forward, the L hand circles back over the head and strikes vertically downward.

13. Pivoting on both feet, body turns R 180 degrees as edge of R hand strikes down vertically from head level.

14. Extend arms 45 degrees L at shoulder height, L palm up, R hand palm down covers L hand. Both arms strike laterally to the R. Wrists rotate to flip hands, L over R.

15. L foot takes a step forward, ahead of the R foot. Both arms strike laterally to the L. Wrists rotate to flip hands, R over L.

16. R foot takes a step forward, ahead of the L foot. Both arms strike laterally to the R.

17. Pivoting on L foot, turn R 90 degrees, extending arms laterally at shoulder height while maintaining palm-facing positions (L palm up, R palm down).

18. R hand, palm down, moves laterally to cover L hand. Both arms strike laterally to the R, palms together. The arms continue moving R and rotate over the head as the body pivots on the R foot turning 180 degrees. Both arms strike laterally to the R.

19. Take one step back, R-L, as R hand covers the L vital center and L hand covers R hand.

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