Gazing With Ears

1. With a slight rotation from the waist, bring the right arm, lax, to the left hip. At the same time, left arm, equally loose, goes behind the back to the right hip. The forearms and hands touch the body at the end of each turn.Then repeat on the right body. Repeat these swings two more times on each side. The movements are the same as in Olinda's pass and are commonly used to warm the body at the beginning of most tensegrity sessions.

2. Next we place our palms on our knees, wrapping them. The finger tips softly press right below the joint. Then we pull them along the tighs, with hands in claws, while start inhaling. Hands go all the way upon the abdomen, chest and so on, until the arms are completely stretched and the fingers point to the zenith. Arms go down slowly while you exhale.

3. Bring the left foot a bit forward. Place your right hand behind your right ear, in claws. The thumb is placed over a hole between the right tendon of the nape of the neck and the skull's edge, at the earlobe level. Let the remaining fingers evenly spread above the ear. Elbow points to the right. Finally extend your left arm to the front, perpendicular to the body. Fingers firmly extended and palm facing to the left (some folks bend the wrist inward and spread fingers apart. I've made it both ways, but feel much better with the first extended. It's up to you).

Thus prepared the stance, start inhaling and slowly rotate the waist 180 degrees to the left, sweeping the air with the arm. Eyes follow hand, gazing Infinity. When we reach the rear point, we rotate the trunk again to the right. In the meantime the left arm return to its normal position at the flank, very slowly, and with your exhalation imitate the howling wind all the way 'till face front again. Right ear gazes infinity at the same time. Then the left foot rotate to the right, resting on its heel, until the tip points 90 degrees to the right. We drag the right foot backwards along the right flank, drawing a semicircle on the floor (like the 2nd pass for Inner Silence). The right hand's always on the head. We're now facing "east", with right foot frontwards. Extend left arm again and repeat the movements mentioned above (sweeping backwards and howling wind). When you're finished, pivote 90 degrees same way as before and face "south". Repeat the ga! zing thing. And so on, until you're facing the original direction. Then you reflect movements with the other body.

4. When you're finally facing "north" again, place hands on the head, like before, but both. Slowly tilt trunk to the left (like the 9th pass for Decisions), with an inhalation. Return to balance exhaling. Then tilt to the right, inhaling and return exhaling.

5. Without descending your arms, start inhaling and crouch, with your chin on the chest. Keep crouching a bit more, bending your waist until you face your stomach. Then, without stopping, raise a little while turning your face to the left. It's just one movement since you start crouching and finishes leaving left elbow pointing the zenith and the right one to nadir. There you stop inhaling. You're still semibowed. Freeze for a few seconds without breathing and then, with an exhalation, return in "reverse camera". When you're vertical again, mirror movements, that is to say, repeat on the right side.Hands are always on head.

6. Next, with hands still on the head, bow down again, but this time both elbows point forehead, palms upon ears. Inhale. At the same time, with a squat, drag the left foot frontwards. Then the right one and stand up. To do this particular movement, imagine you have snow skis on and have to cross below a low tree branch. Drag left foot, then right, then stand, wrapping your ears and skull sides. Stop inhaling when you stand. But, uh-oh, you have to go back again, 'cause you're at an abyss edge. The skis difficult your turn, so you have to crouch again in "reverse camera", right foot first and exhaling. This last one stops when you're vertical again.

7. Don't descend arms. The right hand shakes head with the finger tips(like in Olinda's), then left. Two more times on each side. finally start separating extremely slowly your hands, like if you're head were inflating. Feel your hearing expanding to infinity. Slow, very, very slowly, drawing up an arch. Palms face ears, then the sky, then forehead, and finally, after months, arms are at the flanks. Stay still for a moment. You can close now.

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