A St.-Petersburg Tensegrity workshop was in the sports hall of the Military Space Academy.

June, 23 and 24 were the days when the ex-students convereted into the officers. The drunk young lieutenants-pilots have walking around the Academy as the khaki ghosts.
300-350 practitioners took part.
Reni opened the workshop:"We are here!".
Nyei said that the Nagual's mother was a revolutionary, but we need the inner revolution.
Aerin told the story about Taisha Abelar.
Miles told the magical story happened in the mountains of Patagonia.
The participants practiced the Series for Preparing Intent, the Tiger Form, the Warrior's Mood Forms ("Usted") for 1 and 2 practitioners.
The new form was presented ("specially for the Russian workshop") - a Series with the sharp choping movements of the arms.
Helly van Osten told about the Nagual and presented the Series for Not-Doing with the Wheel of Time (for 5 participants). All the plastic Wheels was presented to the practitioners as a Cleargreen gift.
There were many very long lectures (maybe 10 or 12, each lecture was 30-40 min.) After these long lectures the practitioners'buttocks were hard and flat as a wooden floor, and all the practitioners practiced the passes with pleasure.

An exercise for attention was proposed: to close the eyes and imagine this hall.
In the finish of the workshop was the Magical Theatre: a "gipsy musical grop" performed the work of Brams. The instruments were the guitars and flutes. "We are here one moment only, - Serafina Donner said, - and we will go into infinity".

practitioners from the St. Petersburg seminar write that this magical pass was shown in slightly different way by each instructor and the differences reflected the different energetic nuances of each person thus the movement would suit and fit the particular character and inner nature of each
practitioner. however the intent of the magical pass is that its a pass in the mood of stalking and
all the transitions from one position to another should be done in fluid and elegant way with each segment morfing into the other with unsevered flow of continuity
practitioners from Spain, Russia, France and USA have attended the seminar and are currently practicing this pass and the premisses brought to attention durring this, as well as Barcelona's seminar. they will probably take it as a task and challenge to Recollect what transpired there and bring you a clearer view, or even several clear views.

The Stalking Form
horse stance
left palm is on right vital center, right palm covers left.
both palms are flat - like sword in a scabbard.

INHALE and EXHALE looking straight ahead.

with next INHALING left arm is slowly lifted to a level slightly above the face (probably bent a little at elbow), as the right arm relaxes freely to right side.
with slow EXHALATION the left arm is brought down to left vital center and pushes slightly with exhaling completely while the flat left palm is lightly pressed against left vital center - fingers pointing to right, and elbow pivots to face towards front of the body.

slowly INHALING the flat left palm from pressed against the left vital center moves in a cutting diagonal upwards to a place somewhere around the right ear.
from there, with either slow or sharp EXHALATION it cuts flat as a knife an outward and down diagonal from right side of face to about infront of left vital center - with the edge of the palm.

from infront of left center flat left palm cuts again the same diagonal to right ear with slow INHALATION. when the pic of this diagonal is reached however, palm continues moving - arking infront of face and toward somewhere infront of left shoulder while EXHALING and there, by the left shoulder, without interrupting, palm smacks the left side of the energy body - its shoulders, chest
and waist, and thus completing the exhalation.

left arm bent at elbow 90 degrees infront of body about foot away.
palm flat and straight, facing ground, fingers pointing to right.
right arm bent at elbow 90 degrees, flat palm straight, facing floor and fingers pointing straight ahead - so that fingers are an inch from the base of left hand's thumb. edge of left palm faces front and edge of right palm faces right.

with step ahead of the right foot, a sharp strike without the hands changing position is delivered on the flat plane that they describe with the edge of the left palm.

left foot takes a step back as body turns to face 90 degrees left from original direction.
with this step the swordlike left arm cuts with the edge of the palm outward on the level of the shoulders.
left foot steps again back this time slightly more on a back-left- diagonal from the body as the body pivots again 90 degrees to left while straight left arm as a sword circles from relaxed position, towards right shoulder, in front of face, towards left from the body, slushing verticaly down - cutting edge of palm is leading all the time.

body turns 90 to the right, left foot joining a line with the right while right palm cuts with its edge a horisontal plane in an outward circle, away from body, on level of shoulders.

as right arm relaxes a slow INHALATION starts and arm is lifted to about face level and then with slow EXHALATION it is pressed against right vital center - flat palm, fingers pointing left.
flat, knife-like right palm, cuts a small X infront of right vital center - about foot away. from upper left to lower right and then crossed with upper right to lower left.

as left foot steps forward, straight right arm cuts as a sword with the edge of palm - it circles from relaxed position, towards the right side, above the head, and strikes down infront of the right side of body.
body without steps pivots on heels and toes 181 degrees to the right while the right arm, in a similar circle strikes down infront the right side of the turned body, however this time circle naturaly came from relaxed arm, through infront of left shoulder, above the head and hits infront of right side.

right foot after this pivot isnaturally leading. flat palm of left hand is brought close to the left shoulder - facing up, fingers potinting to front, and flat right palm is layed on the left. as step forward with the left foot is taken, the two flat palms slide on an invisible horisontal plane from infront of left to infront of right shoulders, this time left palm is on top. palms don't separate.
a step is taken with the right foot and palms glide again infront of left shoulder.

left foot starts a step but then describes swiftly a circle 90 degrees to the right, turning the whole body at this new position using the right foot which is a bit behind as pivot. durring this step/circle the palms dont shift from where they last were (in front of left shoulder), however as the body stops rotating a cutting strike towards the right is delivered with the edge of the right palm which follows a flat horisontal plane on level of the shoulders. after the strike the right palm immediately returns to
lay over flat left palm that waits in front of left shoulder.

another pivot in the same way is made turning the body 180 degrees to the right.
as this pivot ends the hands continue with the momentum and from their previous position in front of left shoulder they describe a small circle above the head - counterclockwise, and this circle's last stroke is a sharp horisontal cutting movement with the unseparated hands, cutting the head of the enemy - routine, habit, selfimportance, or whatever thing that the incoded abstract purpouse of this magical pass can be applyed to...

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