Mapping the body in diagonal

Start on the left foot:

1 vibrate and press the v-spot arc of mystery under the ball of the foot below and at base of big toe above.
The following all start with the little toe and end with big toe.

2 separate the toes and 'tease' the web (gently messaging and pinching) in between with the thumb and forefinger. Finish by gently pinching as if pulling something from between your toes. I feel a definite itching feeling emanating from the area and sometimes all the way to the crouch.

3 message between each toe 'tunnel' (bones and tendons) starting as far up the foot as possible and gently separating the bones of the feet working your way up to the same toe web as above.

4 work the toes in contrary motion back and forth.

5. take both hands and squeeze the leg starting at the ankle and ending at the knee, 2 or 3 times.

6. Straighten the leg and point the toes exhaling and extend the heel inhaling a few times.

7 Exhaling drop the head over the leg. Continue the pointing the foot and extending the heel.

8 Using the thumb and 2 fingers like pincers pinch the outside of the calf starting at the ankle and ending at the knee.

Now move to the right hand and right side of the body:

9 vibrate and press the arc of mystery in the palm of the hand and back.

10 tease the web between the fingers as done with the toes.

11 message between finger bones and tendons starting at the base of the hands same as toes.

12 squeeze the forearm, moving upwards from the wrist to the elbow. shake the hand. Do that a few times.

13 Squeeze the forearm starting at the wrist up to the mid-tricep and vibrate and press the spot of mystery - that tender tendon spot on the outside of the arm. Repeat at least once.

14 Gently pinch and pull the eyebrow from bridge of the nose and moving out.

End by flicking something away.

15 Gently squeeze and pull the right ear down to the ear lobe.

16 Cup the ear with the hand, fingers pressing the skull with thumb against the bone behind the ear and vibrate for several seconds.

17 Release the hand and slowly move the hand out away from the ear feeling a connection and warmth between hand and ear. Eventually hand extends all the way out and to the ground.
Repeat above starting on the right foot and moving to the left hand etc...

This was done usually first thing in the morning as a kind of warm up.


Erasing personal history

I far as I was taught second hand, this pass is practically identical to what was taught in Hanover, Germany.

Lift the hands inhaling, exhaling lower the hands palms facing the body to the lower disk as if putting them in frontal pockets.
Inhaling raise the toes of the left foot, exhale lower. Do on the right. repeat.
Inhaling arch the base of the toes on the left, exhale lower. Do on the right.
Sway or lean from left to right a few times and finally come to center.
Do 'Playing out the A and B type energy' from the Westwood Dreaming series right side only.
Do 'Stirring energy around the center for decisions with a bent wrist' from Westwood center for decisions series.
Do the faning motion left and right 5 times then strike with the right with the back of the wrist in front the the V spot while stepping forward with the left, then strike with the left step with the right and strike with the right step with the left.
Keep stepping forward but bring the left hand overhead slapping down as the right leg kicks straight up, they meet but don't touch. Repeat with the right hand left leg, left hand right leg.
Turn the body on. Retreat to where you started by stepping backward while concurrently fending the opposite hand accross the body.
Assume horse stance and strike to the lower disk with the right heal of the hand fingers pointing right. Strike the V spot with back of the left wrist.
Then strike the same area with the right fist. Repeat starting with the right.
Step forward with the left and pivot to the right, strike forward (to the original position) with the left elbow, right palm over left fist an inch or 2 away at the same time taking a little hop moving the whole body with the strike. Feet are kept parrallel.
Step behind with the right foot and turn the whole body 180 to the left and strike with the right elbow mirror of above.
Pivot left facing front again and strike with the heals of both hands at the lower disk.
Step forward with the left and hook with the left fist while kicking laterally with the right causing a compression in the mid-section. Kick with the outside of the foot like a side-kick. Repeat right fist left kick, left hook right kick.
Retreat scraping off the mud of energy to original position.

From:  "z" <byron.zlts@v...>

The Coyote Form

1.Crouch on ground , kneeling on left knee while the right sole of foot is flat on the ground. Both palms lie flat on the ground, elbows slightly bent; rock back and forth from tale.

Look around and behind you

2.On all fours. Hollow back and look around, arch back and look behind on the horizon between legs.

3.Crawl, opposite hand and knee. After a 2,3 steps stop, hands and feet are level, look around and behind.

4.Scratch ground 3 times with left hand. Repeat on right side.

5.Stand low, soles of both feet on the ground, crouching. Again scratch 3 times left and 3 times on right side.Continue the pawing motion gradually standing up to an upright position.

Additional comments to 5: On all fours, pawing the ground 3 times with left, 3 times with right.

Come up on your hind legs (feet) with hands still on the ground, paw the ground alternating L-R three times. Now hands leave the ground and do alternate circular motion away from the body as you slowly rise. This movement is the rolling energy movement from the first video. The coyote 'dreams' a man.

6. Inhale as in the lateral breath (heat series). Then do 3 strikes as in the video pass 'rolling energy'

7. Looking left and right do 'drawing energy from adrenals and transferring It to the front' 6 times

Additional comments to 7: It is in Westwood series in book. One hand claws accross the bottom of the back (adrenals) then places accross the front mid-section while the other claws the adrenals, etc...

8.'hurl AP like a knife from back of waist' 3 times stepping forward (opposite hand and leg starting with left hand)

9.'Hurl AP like knife over shoulder 4 times stepping forward (opposite hand and leg starting with right hand)

10.'Lifting energy from soles of feet 4 times stepping forward (starting with left foot)

11.Pushing energy stirred with knees into the trunk 6 times stepping forward 12.Pushing down a wall of energy 6 times, stepping forward.

(Now your back where you were at the beginning because you've been stepping in a circle since no 8).

13.Looking left and right do 'drawing energy from adrenals and transferring It to the front' 6 times

14. choose a direction left or right. Stepping forward with right leg do getting assemblage point loose with left hand. Take 3 steps in total. Then turn to the opposite direction and repeat for another 3 steps. So moving in a zig zag fashion do this pass in groups of 3 as many times as you feel necessary.
Additional comments to 7: The direction set at is about 45 degree angle to create a zig zag trail (you are advancing to original spot).

15.'reach for energy stirred below the knees left and then right.

16. Zig zag backwards covering your tracks (the ones you made whilst doing the dreaming pass). The hands make a covering gesture. Palms move in horizontal inward circles facing the ground.

17.Now you should be standing in the same place as where you were at no 14

18.Gather energy as if tracing a ball of energy in front of you using both hands (similar to gesture made in the first C.Tiggs pass). (Imagine you have a ball of energy in front of you.)

19.Using 4 up and down strikes L,R,L,R form the energy.

Additional comments to 19: Palms facing inward, along side of ball. I remember sequences of 3s but no matter.

20.Then both hands palms facing each other at waist level -fingers face the front- do 6 vertical circles giving the energy forward motion.

21.Jump forwards.

22. Repeat no 20

23. Bend at the waist and gather energy from underneath the ball of energy; scoop the energy upwards in a forward rolling motion

24. suddenly STOP...look around left and right

25. continue no 23 scooping and rolling the energy up from feet to the chest.

Additional comments to 25: The ball is from mid-section to feet. You form the bottom of the egg in a rolling fashion at your feet then 'embrace' it like 'gathering leaves' in Tai Chi and smash it on your body, placing where needed.

26. Bend low, both hands grab the ball from underneath and lift it up high and place it on the chest (arms fold on to the chest). Smear the energy from the ball on to the whole body as necessary.

27.Go back to the first posture of this pass, kneeling on left knee while the right sole of foot is flat on the ground. Both palms lie flat on the ground, elbows slightly bent. Take a deep breath and..HOWWWWWWWWL !

z, tomas person, steve ralph

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