The workshop was a great one. Very well put together with a lot of relevant material presented and discussed. If you didn't happen to make it, try to go to the seminars and weeklong classes in Germany and Spain or the one in Anaheim in Febuary. Cleargreen's presentations on Stalking have given the collective a stronger and more constructive platform to act in regards to being a practitioner, I feel. How the practitioner goes about "practicing" the Warriors Way has always been an issue of some confusion if you don't mind me saying--with all of the contradictions and discipline inherent in the art. I think it will be especially appreciated of Cleargreen, and appropriate now for them to be presenting these various fundamentals. It's exciting.

I'm going to share just one note at the moment--something that requires particular attention--hopefully somebody will want to discuss it? :-) Other items can get raised later. Anyone else have notes?

Shifting mood and perception

One practice was described at length, and the instructors came back to it again and again. It is a simple and well known cognitive technique, used by almost every meditative or spiritual tradition around the globe. What it involves is bringing to awareness a mood or remembrance of something and aligning it with the practitioners current state. For instance, one could induce a remembrance or feeling of strength--wether it be awe, happiness, love, aptitude, security, etc. aligning this awareness with whatever mood one already has--like depression, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, laziness, narrow mindedness, etc. Aligning the two allows the practitioner more choice, it is an application of will.

I'd love to hear and share of experiences where practitioners have applied this kind of concentration. It might be necessary for people to induce more discussion about the particularities of meditative actions like these and share experiences, so to help bring on this new venture into Stalking.


Max Miles

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