The main pass performed at the NY Sunday workshop is a variation for two partners of a previous pass (whoever knows/recognizes it, may simply adjust it to the following). This pass aids stalking and reflects our daily interactions with others.

The pass contains three segments:

1. (meeting the other and first interaction - confrontation)

The entire pass starts with the two partners standing side by side. Then they slowly turn away from each other as they fan the space in front (as described below)

Horse stance, back loosely to the partner, hand perpendicular to forearm, arms bent at elbow - push lightly with palm of hand from left to right in front of the body/face (as if pushing a sliding door or curtain) with left hand/arm; right to left with right hand/arm. Alternate hands/arms a few times as you turn slightly clockwise with entire body. Jump lightly to face your partner (moment of encounter). Continue hand/arm movement.

Strike toward partner with left fist at shoulder level, arm slightly bent at elbow. The partner blocks the blow by striking the same way, from below until the arms of the two touch in an x-like cross. Step forward while striking/attacking - partner step backward when responding/defending. Repeat with right fist, then once again left-right (a sequence of 4).

Disengage by retreating scrapping the mud of energy 2,3 times(L,R), pivot 90 degrees to the right kick a lateral gate to the right (with left foot) then slump.

Disengage. Kick with left foot to the right. Turn about 45 degrees to the right and relax whole body, dropping head to chest and loosening arms down by the sides of the body.

2. (second encounter/interaction - confrontation)

From the last position of complete loosening, jump on the spot (scissors-like) left foot forward. Then jump three times (right-left-right foot), slightly moving leftward (counterclockwise) jump three times once again and repeat one more time as you face your partner (for a total of 3 sets of 3 jumps each).

Lift left leg, knee bent, and bring to the right by twisting hips (torso remains facing forward). Repeat three times. Then, hit to the left with both hands fisted and arms swinging at about shoulder level, kick with left foot to the right as you make a step forward. Repeat with opposite side/leg as you approach partner. Stand close to each other, bring left arms up, fisted hands, from around waist level/right side to the level of the chin/left side in a semi-circle until your arms cross. Repeat three times.

Grab a rope at just about knee level. One partner pulls, making 3-4 backward sliding/jumping steps (always the same leg leading) while holding the rope. The other partner follows (pushes) by making forward steps in the same manner. Repeat in the other direction (the one who pulled now pushes and vice versa). Then both partners retrieve, by repeating the same movement backwards simultaneously, thus moving away from each other.

kick up with the right leg towards your partner. then pivot 90 degrees to right as before.

Kick to the right with left leg. Relax by bending head forward and turning away from partner (clockwise). This time the position is more composed, not as loose as at the end of the first sequence. Take a deep breath, drawing energy from the sun, palms facing slightly up. Exhale.

3. (final encounter - cooperation)

Turn slowly toward partner. Hands on knees, looking at partner, slide hands upward, inhaling; turn hands out in a circular motion in front of face and end the circle with the hands turned up at the level of the hips (horse stance, slightly more bent body) in an "offering" position (as though you brushed energy from your front body and are now offering it to your partner).

At the end of the 'offering' breath, as you are facing the partner (palms facing up) bring the palms about 10 cm upwards with a brisk and defined movement, as if lifting something.

Place wrists at the sides of the chest, hands facing each other and thrust hands forward as if expelling energy from the chest to the front of the energy body. Repeat the movement, but this time wrists/hands are at the level of the lower rib cage. Place wrists at hips and jump lightly forward (with a step) then thrust hands forward. You are now closer to your partner.

Hand facing outward, toward your partner, wrist bent, hand flat - make a circle in front of your body clockwise, as if wiping a window. The circle is small and the movement brisk. Repeat the movement with the left hand, making a larger counterclockwise circle with a slower motion. Repeat five times (here I'm not sure about the number).

Step slightly back and to the right, as you rotate arms along each other in front of the chest (elbows bent) in an inward (toward the body) cycle, until your right foot and right arm are in front. Right toes touch the ground (heel lifted), knee bent; elbow bent and forearm pointing up, hand straight up. Repeat movement (light, dance-like steps and arm movement) to the left, ending with left arm/leg forward.

Left foot forward, make side steps toward your partner until your backs face each other. Backs should not touch. Grab a thick rope/pole from your left, just above the shoulder, on the side of the head and pull it down to the right side of the hip. Repeat the same from right-up to left-down. Do 5 sets. Aim at synchrony with your partner.

Stop and feel the space between your backs.

Step to the side to face each other (as initially) and bow in gratitude.

Jona Pelovska

Подпись автора

The Power of Silence